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Sure doesn’t sound like Cody Rhodes plans to go back to WWE any time soon

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In the above epilogue for ALL US, the YouTube series from Cody Rhodes which chronicled the journey Cody and The Young Bucks took to make ALL IN happen, Rhodes once again addresses the future.

Last week, the NWA Worlds champ said on Ten Pounds of Gold he planned to go with his gut when it came to next steps in his career. Based on what he says here (in a filming session which, based on his location and wardrobe, happened on the same day), his gut is telling him to stay the course... and maybe even aim toward a sequel for the independent wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) he and the Bucks promoted on Sept. 1 from Sears Centre:

“There is a question of whether we do it again. And the best answer I can give you is it could have just been a great night at the matches in Chicago, for sure. That’s all it could have been. But it felt like more. It felt like a revolution. And revolutions aren’t just one night.”

Seeing as I don’t know how/if they’d be able to pull off ALL IN 2 before his free agency kicks off in January 2019...

How do you take this post-script, Cagesiders?