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AAA Roundup: Scarlett Bordeaux debuts, Hijo del Fantasma likes pancakes

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This edition of the AAA Roundup features Scarlett Bordeaux in her AAA debut, Hijo del Fantasma having harsh words for Psycho Clown, Hijo del Fantasma with pancakes, and Part 1 of Gira de Conquista (pre-Triplemania) from Veracruz with a star-studded main event involving Psycho Clown, Pagano, LA Park, and Dr. Wagner Jr.

Cállate, cinco

Scarlett Bordeaux recently debuted for AAA in Cancun. AAA was promoting it like a ten-sized deal. I am not familiar with Scarlett Bordeaux, however, it seems she is a sexpot character based on the YouTube thumbnail. Let’s watch.

Unfortunately, Bordeaux didn’t make much of an impression in that bout. She was mostly getting beat on. The other luchadoras must have been jealous of her looks. On the plus side, her team was victorious, so Bordeaux is undefeated in AAA.

Bordeaux did seem to blend in nicely though. She worked well with her team and also taking moves from her opponents. I’ve always been curious how wrestlers put on a match when they don’t speak the same language. I suppose it could have been carefully planned, or maybe Bordeaux speaks Spanish.

In a different match, Bordeaux executed an aerial maneuver.

It is too bad that wasn’t in the bout provided. I was looking forward to seeing her fly.

What are your impressions of Scarlett Bordeaux? Do you think she fits in well with AAA? Could she be the surprise luchadora to challenge in the four-way Reina de Reinas Championship match at Héroes Inmortales XII?

If you want to see more of Scarlett Bordeaux, you can catch her on Impact.

Ugly Clown

El Hijo del Fantasma may have lost his mask, but his feud with Psycho Clown is far from over.

Fantasma more or less said that he won’t rest until he takes Psycho Clown’s filthy, ridiculous clown mask to show how horrendously ugly Psycho is to the people. I wonder if this feud will be a replacement hair vs mask main event in the case that Dr. Wagner Jr. and LA Park falls through for Triplemania XXVII. It would be a shame if Fantasma was forced to shave his luscious hair one year after losing his mask.

Here is an unrelated photo of a masked Fantasma that I came across. It makes me laugh. Enjoy.

Who wants a New Day collaboration with Hijo del Fantasma? I know I do.

Since we’re talking about Fantasma, here is more cool toy art from Astrid (@assui88).

Gira de Conquista

Part 1 from Veracruz is still pre-Triplemania. I believe it was filmed August 10, so that means 3 or 5 more episodes until Triplemania XXVI and then we finally get to watch the aftermath. So, maybe December? (Or do the $5 paid subscription on Twitch to watch all tapings on demand at your leisure.)

The show was all lucha libre and very little stories. Let’s get straight to the action.

Dinastia, Angelikal, & Vanilla Vargas defeated Villano III Jr., Draztick Boy, & La Hiedra

Lucha Libre AAA

The match (at 14:00) had a silly moment in the early going. Angelikal did a fancy flip to enter the ring. La Hiedra charged to boot him. I laughed at that. A little later, Angelikal pulled up his mask to plant a kiss on La Hiedra. La Hiedra also gave the boot treatment to Vanilla Vargas when she was busy shaking her rump. Kicking ass like that made me more of a fan of La Hiedra.

Trios action was trios action. Highlights include a handstand flip over the ropes by Angelikal, an overhead release German suplex by Villano III Jr., a front flip with a twist to the outside by Dinastia, and a springboard backflip with a twist by Angelikal.

The finish was a super Spanish Fly by Dinastia to Villano.

Niño Hamburguesa, Hijo del Vikingo, & Iron Kid defeated La Parka Negra, Low Rider, & Black Danger

The match (at 27:20 to see Hijo de Tirantes flex his muscles) began with Hijo del Vikingo and Black Danger having an upside down slap fight.

Lucha Libre AAA

Top highlights include a huge air leap to the outside by Low Rider, a double suicide dive by Vikingo and Iron Kid, and a bowling ball into the corner on all three rudos by Niño Hamburguesa.

Lucha Libre AAA

For the finish, Iron Kid hit a Mexican Destroyer on Black Danger, while Vikingo hit a springboard Codebreaker on La Parka Negra. Hamburguesa finished the job with a super splash onto poor Low Rider. I think this was his debut in AAA and probably got the short end of the stick backstage in planning. Vikingo and Iron Kid added springboard corkscrews to the outside during the pin to add insult to injury.

Psycho Clown & Pagano defeated LA Park & Dr. Wagner Jr.

Lucha Libre AAA

Before the chaotic match (at 49:20), LA Park grabbed a mic to insult Dr. Wagner Jr. about losing his mask and then threaten Psycho Clown about Poker de Ases.

I’m not entirely sure what type of match this was. I figured tag team, but the announcers mentioned four corners, whatever that was to mean. It took ten minutes into the fight until the four stood around like a proper tag match.

Bring on the trashcans, chairs, tables, a belt, a broom, ripped masks, and blood. LA Park mostly fought Psycho Clown, while Wagner and Pagano paired up for violence.

Highlights include a rope-hung DDT by Wagner, LA Park powerbombing Psycho through a table, Psycho back body dropping LA Park onto a table in the crowd, and a Psycho tope that knocked LA Park backward over the guardrail into the crowd.

There was a cool camera technique during a chop exchange between Wagner and Pagano. Production cut to a different angle for each chop. One side for Wagner, one side for Pagano, back and forth, back and forth.

The finish began with Psycho and LA Park punching each other. The action went into the corner. Psycho jumped up, LA Park grabbed his legs then swung his body into an unsuspecting referee, Hijo de Tirantes. LA Park went for a running elbow drop but Psycho moved. LA Park crashed down on Tirantes.

Psycho swiftly kicked LA Park in the balls. Two count. Psycho grabbed Tirantes, which allowed LA Park an opportunity for a low blow roll-up. Two count. If that sounds familiar, the exact same sequence occurred in Aguascalientes, except replace LA Park with Pentagon Jr.

Psycho Clown was setting up LA Park for an abdominal stretch when Hijo del Fantasma ran down to whack his Poker de Ases opponents with a chair. One head shot each to Psycho and LA Park. Another one for Psycho. Tirantes grabbed the chair, so Fantasma superkicked him.

Psycho clotheslined Fantasma out of the ring then cradled LA Park for the quick three count victory.


Part 1 from Veracruz was solid. There were no extended promos, but the action was worthwhile. As for match recommendations, both trios bouts were entertaining. I would give the edge to the one featuring Niño Hamburguesa, Hijo del Vikingo, and Iron Kid. The main event was what it was. If you’ve seen those four do their thing before, then you will know what to expect. If not, then give it a gander to see the main event style in AAA.

Niño Hamburguesa stuck out the most to me in this episode of Gira de Conquista. I’ve seen him rumble in multi-team matches and his high-flying was always enjoyable. He had more of a feature role than usual in this contest, which allowed him an opportunity to show off more moves. Hamburguesa is a swell fellow. Even Hijo de Tirantes likes him. That is saying something, since Tirantes is a scoundrel.

Who is your favorite luchador out of Psycho Clown, Pagano, LA Park, and Dr. Wagner Jr.? What is your opinion of Niño Hamburguesa? What is the most pancakes you have eaten in one sitting? Or hamburgers?