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What’s for sale in the Lucha Underground market?

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During last week’s entrance into the Moth era of Lucha Underground, Vampiro noted that Marty Martinez had a different color t-shirt, from yellow to black, to reflect the darkness in his soul.

Lucha Underground

That got me thinking about what is available in the Lucha Underground merchandise department. It has been a while since I checked, so let’s take a gander.

Lucha Underground has three stores with varying items. One is connected to the Lucha Underground website, one is through eBay, and the other is Pro Wrestling Tees (for international shipping).

First up is the Lucha Underground website store. eBay seems to have the same products. There are the standard LU mask shirts, jackets, hoodies, and knickknacks we have seen for years. Some character shirts are for the Gauntlet of the Gods, Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, and Rey Mysterio. Pentagon has two shirts that stick out.

Cero Miedo claw cuts.

Lucha Underground store

Breaker of Bones with spooky-faced Pentagon.

Lucha Underground store

The Mack has a sweet purple on black shirt, which is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Lucha Underground store

Taya fans can rock Wera Loca shirts in a variety of colors. Too bad they don’t sell turquoise in men sizes. I like that look.

Lucha Underground store

One more shirt to point out. There is a samurai shirt with writing on one side. Does anyone know what that says? I have no clue how to type it into a translator gimmick. I hope I don’t come off like a doofus and the writing is actually in English.

Lucha Underground store

Over at Pro Wrestling Tees, they also have various LU general masked merch. That is the store where you can purchase both versions of Marty’s ‘Aztec Pride’ shirt in addition to the following characters.

Remember Dario Cueto in style.

Pro Wrestling Tees

Get frisky with the Rabbit Tribe.

Pro Wrestling Tees

Even though the design is killer, I would have been more inclined to wear a Killshot shirt last season before his character turned into an assface.

Pro Wrestling Tees

As cool as all those garments are, the one item I would want to purchase most comes courtesy of a photo from Matt Striker.

I don’t see that mug for sale anywhere. Lucha Underground should cop that style for themselves.

Which shirt do you like best? Which character would you like to see some merchandise for? If you own any Lucha Underground merch, which pieces?

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