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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (Sept. 12 & 19, 2018)

Beer hammer, Cangrejo Mexicano, White Rabbit, and a mystery lady. Our favorite GIFs, moves, and more from the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of the fourth season of a show which rewards multiple viewings and closer analysis.

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Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and more that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 comes in. This list shows appreciation for the moments that are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET on El Rey Network, buy all episodes to date on iTunes and Amazon, or watch seasons one and two on Netflix. See if El Rey Network is available in your area.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch episode fourteen (September 12) yet, check out the preview and the recap/review.

10. Why not, leg drop

El Dragon Azteca Jr. used a flying leg drop to retain his Gift of the Gods Championship. It is interesting that Azteca has used different maneuvers to win each of his title matches this season. He used a a victory roll off the top rope to pin Dezmond X, a leg crossing roll up to stymie Mariposa, and a DDTJ to defeat Killshot.

9. Sunset flip powerbomb

Wham bam thank you ma’am. Ivelisse also had a doozy of a flying DDT.

8. Corkscrewing

Lucha Underground

During the Trios Championship match, Aerostar unleashed twirls and whirls in a top turnbuckle flying attack toward Jeremiah Snake. I wonder if Aerostar corkscrews during time travel. Is that why he is so good at them? Seriously, how does one practice those spins without a wrestling ring? I want to do it at home.

7. Down goes love

While I might not be a big fan of the story between Fenix and Melissa Santos, it was still rather shocking to see him push her to the floor. Their current relationship complications makes me weary for love in the Temple. If those crazy kids can’t make it, who can? Taya and Johnny Mundo are our only hope for happiness.

6. Paying for a favor

The scene of Marty Martinez dropping stacks of cash onto Antonio Cueto’s desk was a nice method to build intrigue. Buying his way into a Gift of the Gods title match was the cake, and the second favor was the icing. The cliffhanger made the anticipation that much sweeter.

I wonder what Antonio does with that money. He’s obviously not spending it on hair care products.

5. Fire Driver

Fenix turned on Aerostar by using a magnificent maneuver. I don’t know how to describe the Fire Driver. Fenix added some flare with a shoulder spin. The impact looked devastating. (You can view a different Fire Driver later below.)

4. Beer hammer

Lucha Underground

What does Antonio Cueto do when missing a key item to open beer bottles? Use a hammer, of course. All experienced beer drinkers have been in that situation. Maybe a hammer wasn’t used, but some other item was. How have you opened your beer bottles when a bottle opener was unavailable?

That scene also added a bit of humor to an otherwise cranky character. Antonio is not as entertaining as Dario, but his idiosyncrasies are starting to show little by little.

3. Bounce, bounce, wheeee

Look at Aerostar fly.

2. Cangrejo Mexicano

Lucha Underground

I like the look of El Dragon Azteca Jr.’s Boston Crab on Ivelisse. He sat back deep to make it look painful. It is too bad the submission didn’t last long. I could see Azteca winning some matches with that hold.

1. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Mil Muertes and King Cuerno socked each other into oblivion. The number one spot is more for the match as a whole, but that GIF exemplifies the type of fight they had. Mil wasn’t content to slam Cuerno. He immediately punched Cuerno’s face for extra oomph. The double disqualification contest was a tasty appetizer for a longer duel between these two. Let’s hope we get it later this season.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch episode fifteen (September 19) yet, check out the preview and the recap/review.

10. Lap action

Pentagon DARK being tossed onto the fans makes me laugh for some reason. Perhaps it is how he lands upside down stuck between fans’ feet and the barrier.

That is one reason I would be hesitant to ever sit front row at a wrestling show. I wouldn’t want a dark ninja to be thrown on me.

9. One small step

Lucha Underground

Chalk up another moment for chuckles. After winning the Lucha Underground Championship, Marty Martinez stepped on Pentagon DARK’s back. Pentagon was lying there dead, then squirmed, then back to playing dead.

8. The White Rabbit is coming

Oh, oh, oh. Next week, perhaps. Get pumped.

7. Three badasses

I love the intro graphic for the triple threat Lucha Underground Championship match between Pentagon DARK, King Cuerno, and Mil Muertes. Seeing all three of them together doing their taunting poses is a cool visual.

6. New direction in the Temple

Just when Lucha Underground’s championship scene could have been approaching staleness, they totally flipped the script with two title changes in one show. Those two belts both happen to have been won by Marty Martinez. The road to Ultima Lucha Cuatro is now wide open. Surprises? Check. Unpredictability? Check. Attention grabbing? Check. I’m eager to see what comes next.

5. Mystery lady

Well, hello there. I don’t know who you are, but I am curious to find out. The newest member (name unknown at this moment in time) to the Lucha Underground roster certainly made a splash. She looks even creepier than Marty. A perfect pair.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the lyrics to Billy Ocean’s, “Mystery Lady,” was an actual conversation for how Marty met his mystery lady. It is creepy and cheesy, just like Marty.

4. Modified Kobashi DDT

Lucha Underground

Marty Martinez’s finisher to pin El Dragon Azteca Jr. was mighty fine. I do not believe I am familiar with that move. Any first time doings of a tremendous nature always get a spot on the Tope 10.

3. Fire Driver onto the floor

Bru-tal, bru-tal, bru-tal.

2. Chest out, arms in

Vampiro’s observation highlighted the move. “Have you noticed the way he dives and he just puts his arms back? Like most people when they throw a tope or something like that, they stick out their (arms) just in case to break the fall. He’s got no care, no no no regard for his own body.” That is one reason why Aerostar’s dive is so dandy.

1. Fenix’s chain of maneuvers

Lucha Underground

At one point during Fenix’s match with Aerostar, he leaped over the ropes into the ring then executed a backflip splash without hesitation. Fenix continued with his chain by rolling over into the corner, hopping onto the top rope, then coming down with a Senton Bomb. Fenix’s fleet of foot abilities are simply amazing. He’s so smooth with all that flipping and flying.

How does the Tope 10 from episodes fourteen and fifteen stack up to your list? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode.

I’ll leave you with A Picture Perfect Victory from the Johnny Mundo vs King Cuerno season one cage match and the Fighting Spirit of Aerostar.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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