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AAA Roundup: Héroes Inmortales XII fight card, Fenix turned his back on Konnan

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling. I’m going to change the format a little to feature current news, then dive into the goodness of their two new YouTube episodes, still from before Triplemania XXVI. Hopefully that won’t cause any confusion in the timelines. You know what they say about crossing the streams.

Héroes Inmortales XII

The feud between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. has approached its grand finale, hair vs hair. If that match isn’t enough to excite you, then check out the full card for AAA’s next big event on October 28.

Lucha Libre AAA
  • Hair vs Hair: Jeff Jarrett vs Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Psycho Clown & LA Park vs Murder Clown & Killer Kross
  • Copa Antonio Peña: La Parka vs Chessman vs Pagano vs Hijo del Vikingo vs Super Fly vs La Parka Negra vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Dragon Bane vs La Mascara vs Averno vs Hijo de LA Park vs Angelikal vs Niño Hamburguesa
  • AAA World Tag Team Championship: Flamita & Bandido vs Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs Andrew Everett & DJZ
  • Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Maximo vs Australian Suicide, Juventud Guerrera, & Puma King vs Laredo Kid, Drago, & Aerostar
  • Reina de Reinas Championship: Faby Apache vs Keyra vs Starfire vs Luchadora Sorpresa

My first reaction is wondering why Murder Clown is teaming with Killer Kross. On backlogged TV episodes, they are currently building up a feud against each other. My second thought would be toward the Reina de Reinas Championship. I like to see Starfire get a shot on the big stage. The surprise luchadora is intriguing. I would think Lady Shani, but why not announce her off the bat. Could they have plans for an outsider?

Overall, the card looks like a fun night of lucha libre. The main event will no doubt be full of hijinks with Jeff Jarrett putting on the Ritz. The Copa Antonio Peña is full of major names and young high-flyers to do cool moves. Every single match should be enjoyable with the possible exception of Psycho Clown and LA Park against Murder Clown and Killer Kross. I’m not much of a fan for Psycho Clown and I haven’t seen enough of the other three to know if they are studs or duds.

What do you think of the card for Héroes Inmortales XII? Which matches stand out to you? Will you be watching?

AAA in Colombia

AAA sent some stars to promote a show in Colombia. The following photo cracks me up.

Lucha Libre AAA

Is there any other industry where going to a business meeting wearing masks is completely acceptable? All that is missing are some charts with numbers for Drago to explain. “As you can see, the upward trend...”

Triplemania XXVI Videos

Some of the matches from the most recent Triplemania have been released; a pre-show promo with Jeff Jarrett, Cruiserweight Championship (Australian Suicide vs Shane Strickland vs ACH vs Sammy Guevara), Mixed Tag Championship (Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami vs Dinastia & Lady Maravilla vs Hijo del Vikingo & Vanilla Vargas vs Angelikal & La Hiedra), number one tag team contender ladder match (Bandido & Flamita vs Drago & Aerostar vs Laredo Kid & Golden Magic vs Andrew Everett & DJZ), mask vs hair with Lady Shani against Faby Apache, Poker de Ases (LA Park vs Psycho Clown vs El Hijo del Fantasma vs Pentagon Jr.), post-match unmasking, and Dr. Wagner Jr. challenging LA Park to hair vs mask.

There are no stinkers in that list. If I had to recommend only one match for your time, I would pick either the mixed tag or the tag team ladder match. Those are the high-flying fights that one would associate with lucha libre.

Gira de Conquista

We are still at pre-Triplemania TV episodes on AAA’s YouTube channel. They skipped a week from what I assume was partying in Cancun and posted two episodes last Monday. Let’s get caught up.

A quick note about the title of the TV show. I thought it was called AAA Worldwide with Gira de Conquista as a subtitle. I now think the actual title is Gira de Conquista, but I’m still not entirely sure. Anyway, I’ll be referring to the TV show as Gira de Conquista from here on out.

Part One from Aguascalientes

Part one was full of neat lucha libre action. There were four matches instead of the standard three. The first three were all great fun. The main event wasn’t bad, just not as cool as the others.

The biggest story would be that the family Alvarado exploded. I mean I think they did, but we’ll see next week if they drag it out a little longer with another match as partners. In Aguascalientes, La Mascara busted on Maximo’s face. But, we’ll get to that a bit.

First up...

Black Destiny, Arkangel Divino, & Genio del Arie defeated Ultimo Maldito, Black Danger, & Mirage

Lucha Libre AAA

I think these six were in the Llave de la Gloria competition. Those bouts have been routinely stealing the show. They don’t have storylines for them, so it is like the agents say, “You have X minutes. Go out there and bust your ass with non-stop action.” This whole match was bonkers. It was less than six minutes. Watch it here. You won’t regret it.

The entire match (at 7:30) was one long highlight reel. I’d say my top three were Genio del Aire with a suicide dive roll to bounce off the back of his opponent and into the crowd, Arkangel Divino using his opponent as a pommel horse, and Arkangel Divino holding his opponent up so Genio del Arie could jump off the top turnbuckle for a super Codebreaker.

The finish involved Arkangel Divino whirling around Ultimo Maldito’s body to slap on an arm breaker. Maldito tapped.

Aerostar & Vanilla Vargas defeated La Parka Negra & Chik Tormenta

Prior to the opening bell, La Parka Negra made threatening motions toward Vanilla Vargas. She responded with a funny face.

Lucha Libre AAA

La Parka Negra and Chik Tormenta controlled most of the match (at 24:00) with size and power advantages. The early highlight was Chik Tormenta with a double running knee attack as Vargas was held upward on La Parka Negra’s knees. Brutal, brutal, brutal.

The finish began once the tide turned. Vargas was hanging in the corner but pulled herself up to dodge a maneuver that led to La Parka Negra sliding into the post. Aerostar broke the space-time continuum for a brief moment as the editing double shot. Aerostar connected on Tormenta, but we couldn’t see how. Vargas capitalized on the breach of time fabric with a twice over flying crossbody to the outside on Tormenta. (Vargas actually only did it once, but the editing had a spasm.) Aerostar closed the time loop with a springboard backward bomb to La Parka Negra on the outside.

Back in the ring, the ladies duked it out. Vargas disposed of Tormenta. Aerostar connected on a rope bouncing Codebreaker to pin La Parka Negra.

Murder Clown, Monster Clown, & Hijo de LA Park defeated La Mascara, Maximo, and Argenis

The rudo team doesn’t make much sense. I thought the Clowns were turning good after protecting AAA to attack MAD. El Hijo de LA Park is MAD adjacent as part of Elite, so he seems out of place teaming with the Clowns.

This match (at 40:00) was a mess in the most positive way possible. It was zany yet very entertaining. No time to waste words about the wrestling moves. Drama only.

The issues with the Alvarado started early. La Mascara was tired of Maximo exoticoing and wanted him to take the match seriously. A few shoves were pushed Maximo’s way. At one point, Mascara accidentally superkicked Maximo in the mush. He should have kicked him in the tush.

Later, Mascara slid out of the ring and tossed Maximo in, which led to him being held upside down and whipped in the nether regions by a belt.

During a celebration after action, Maximo kissed Mascara. The smooch was not appreciated. That led to more shoves. Murder Clown intervened for whatever reason to calm them down. Hijo de LA Park pushed Murder Clown for trying to consult their opponents. Murder’s partners attacked him, rightfully so.

Maximo ran the ropes, but Mascara clotheslined him. Monster Clown slid a chair to Mascara. Now we have teams fighting each other while also helping their opposition. Mascara whacked his partners with the chair. Mamba came for the save but was whacked as well. Mascara hit Murder Clown to no effect. More inter-team fighting.

For the finish, Murder hit a super splash onto both Mascara and Hijo de LA Park. He pinned them at the same time.

In a solo backstage promo, Murder said if you are against AAA, then you are against him.

In another backstage scene, Hijo de LA Park and La Parka Negra got into a fight on the stairs. I couldn’t tell which one was which. I also couldn’t hear them well enough to understand why the brief scuffle.

Los OGTs defeated Killer Kross, Juventud Guerrera, & Taurus

The match (at 58:00) was a display in power by Killer Kross and Taurus. Two-thirds of the rudos were grown men, while the OGTs were snapping Chihuahuas. It was mostly 3-on-1. MAD would beat up one member of the OGTs, then another OGT would replace his teammate for a stomping.

Highlights include a flying leg drop by Juvi to Averno while Averno was up in a backbreaker position by Taurus and two triple powerbombs to Taurus.

The finish involved Kross killing the OGTs. He went against them 1-on-3, took some dropkicks, but never went down. Chokeslams by Kross to each member of the OGTs. Kross slapped an ankle breaker submission onto Averno. Tap city, but the referee wouldn’t call it. Kross booted the ref. A second ref hit the ring to disqualify MAD, so Kross did a running boot to that fool. MAD stood tall to close the episode.

Lucha Libre AAA

Part Two from Aguascalientes

Part two featured Fenix turning his back on Konnan, then having a groovy three-way with Bandido and Flamita. Pentagon Jr. was also in action for a Poker de Ases tease.

El Poder del Norte defeated Astrolux, Angelikal, & Hijo del Vikingo

Lucha Libre AAA

Trios action was trios action. El Poder del Norte controlled much of the match (at 5:00) by being mean and nasty to their younger, smaller opponents. My favorite teamwork move from the winners was a slingshot into a power scoop slam. The best move from the tecnicos was a dope triple flying attack. Angelikal led the way with a corkscrew while Vikingo and Astrolux flanked him with huge air leaps.

The finish was down to Angelikal and Mocho Cota Jr. Angelikal missed a moonsault but landed on his feet. Cota threw Angelikal into the ropes. A ducked clothesline led into a kind of overhead slam by Cota for the win.

Fenix and Konnan face to face

Fenix was in the ring for a promo and called out Konnan. Konnan was escorted by his MAD cohorts, Juventud Guerrera and Taurus. Konnan wanted to know what happened at Verano de Escándalo. Rey Mysterio is Fenix’s friend and he couldn’t stand by after Rey’s shot at gold was robbed. No hard feelings though.

Konnan handed over a MAD t-shirt. Fenix is either with them or against them. Fenix shook hands and put on the shirt. Fenix is MAD!

No so fast. While Konnan turned his back to talk crap to the crowd, Fenix attacked Juvi with a cutter and Taurus with kicks to the face. Fenix removed the shirt and threw it at Konnan.

Enter Vampiro. He was excited at Konnan’s misfortune. Vampiro welcomed Fenix back to AAA and offered him an opportunity. If Fenix wins a bout that evening, then he will get to name his match for Triplemania XXVI. Fenix replied that he wants the head of Jeff Jarrett and the Mega Campeonato.

Fenix defeated Bandido and Flamita in a triple threat

Lucha Libre AAA

The stipulation to name your match at Triplemania XXVI was for whoever won. Even though it was obvious Fenix was going to win, there was still a big match feel. It seems rare that TV fights have big stakes in AAA.

This contest (at 35:00) lived up to expectations. It was ten minutes of constant action. The highest of the highlights include Bandido with a floating backflip over the ropes to the outside, Flamita with a corkscrew plancha to the outside, Fenix with a senton to the outside, and Flamita with a 360 splash inside the ring.

The finish was awesome. Bandido and Flamita fought on the turnbuckles. Flamita positioned himself on Bandido’s shoulder, probably looking for a flipping maneuver of some sort. Fenix sprang to action for a super hurricanrana to Flamita. Fenix then picked Bandido off the turnbuckles for a spinning sitdown slam for victory.

Pentagon Jr. and Konnan backstage

Konnan told Pentagon that Fenix turned his back and hopes Pentagon won’t do the same. Pentagon came back to AAA to shut mouths. Psycho Clown is AAA’s baby and Pentagon is going to make him suffer. Pentagon said that if Konnan needs something, let him know. Konnan returned the sentiment with the use of MAD should Pentagon desire.

Pentagon Jr. & LA Park defeated Psycho Clown & Pagano

Lucha Libre AAA

This match (at 54:00) was a tease for Poker de Ases, except with Pagano instead of El Hijo del Fantasma. Before the fight began, Psycho shot his flaming guitar at Pentagon. Pentagon scurried away and hid behind the referee. Is fire Pentagon’s one weakness?

The good guys opened with figurative fire to clean the ring. After a double flying attack, trashcans and chairs were introduced for an extended pummeling of the skeleton duo. Psycho even ripped Pentagon’s mask.

The skeleton dudes would have their moments of control after a double flying attack of their own. They set up tables on opposite corners of the ring. Unfortunately for them, Psycho and Pagano reversed out of maneuvers to spear the skeletons through the tables.

The finish was wild, wacky stuff. LA Park hip tossed Pagano into the crowd onto concrete steps. In the ring, Psycho was taking it to Pentagon with a flurry of slaps. The ref, El Hijo de Tirantes, tried to break it up. Psycho pushed him away, so Tirantes grabbed his arms from behind. Pentagon attempted to use that advantage for a flying clothesline, but Psycho moved and Tirantes received the impact.

With the referee down, Psycho kicked Pentagon in the nuts. Pentagon kicked out at two. Psycho grabbed the ref, and Pentagon rolled him up from behind. Two count. Pentagon applied his arm breaker move. LA Park came in the ring and smashed a chair over his partner’s head. So much for skeletons sticking together.

LA Park was making a statement for Poker de Ases. He hit Psycho too and Pentagon again. Finally, the ref grabbed the chair, so LA Park punched him. That allowed Pentagon to sneak up and kick LA Park in the cojones.

Psycho and Pentagon went at it. Pentagon grabbed Psycho’s head, and Psycho’s mask came off. Pentagon rolled Psycho up for the winning pin.

Lucha Libre AAA

That was a heck of a show from Aguascalientes. Part one had super action matches, while part two was anchored by Fenix. If you only have a little time to spare, I would say to watch the short part one opening match first, Fenix vs Bandido vs Flamita second, and the Maximo and La Mascara trios match third for a bundle of laughs. That match was actually my favorite, but the comedy might not be up everyone’s alley.

I like how the Konnan story played out with Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Fenix putting on the MAD shirt would have been shocking if we didn’t already know the outcome of Triplemania XXVI. Fenix attacking MAD was a nice little swerve. I have to give positive points to AAA for that segment.

It was also nice that they addressed the relationship between Konnan and Pentagon. I don’t believe Fenix and Pentagon are brothers in AAA, only together as associates of Konnan. Pentagon vs Fenix could be a pretty cool story if AAA decided to have Pentagon represent MAD down the line.

Programming note: The AAA roundup will be moved to Wednesdays, so there is more time in the start of the week for any news to pop up. Part one of Gira de Conquista from Veracruz will be covered this coming Wednesday.

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