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Rumor Look Back: Mar. 16 - 22, 2018

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Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see which played out as originally predicted. Let’s jump right into it.

March 16, 2018

  • The belief is Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Ronda Rousey are laying out the entirety of their match at WrestleMania 34 ahead of time, and practicing it.
  • I’m sure that’s the case. At least with the Ronda stuff. Trips and Kurt probably had spots they didn’t rehearse when it was just them.
  • According to the Observer, the reaction to the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal name situation has people in WWE thinking a lot about other wrestlers, notably Hulk Hogan, who it’s been thought would return at some point.
  • They tested the waters regarding a Hulk return and it didn’t go as smoothly as they would have liked. (Moolah’s name was eventually taken off the battle royal.)
  • The Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers vs. New Day, Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bobby Roode, are both likely for WrestleMania 34, per the Observer.
  • The former is accurate. The latter had Rusev as well. (1/2)
  • PW Insider notes WWE is now trying to trademark “Samoa Joe” for wrestling purposes.
  • How do they go about that if Samoa Joe himself owns it? At least I assume he does since he’s been going by it for many years.

March 17, 2018

  • The expectation is that WWE is actually going to follow through on their promise this time and Brock Lesnar will be at Raw next week.
  • He did. He beat up a handcuffed Roman Reigns. (1/1)
  • During his time on the Jim & Sam Show on SiriusXM, Roman Reigns said he believes the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia will be a Network special.
  • It was. It was mainly a glorified house show. (1/1)
  • PW Insider notes that Asuka is expected to be a member of the Raw roster until after WrestleMania 34.
  • She was on both going up to WrestleMania and then moved to SmackDown. She’s been kind of forgotten. (1/1)
  • Per the Observer, NXT TakeOver: New Orleans appears to be on track to be the first WWE show to sell out over WrestleMania weekend. SmackDown tickets are apparently moving slow as well.
  • NXT has a pretty rabid fanbase and the shows almost always deliver so I can why it’d sell out. Plus there isn’t as much of a chance to see them throughout the year. Also, SmackDown is probably hardest to sell because people have already been on vacation for days and usually head back before Tuesday.
  • According to the Observer, Impact is moving Slammiversary, originally planned for July 15, because WWE is running a show that night.
  • It was the following week. (1/1)

March 19, 2018

  • AJ Styles missed house shows this past weekend and did an injury angle at the MSG show to protect him from wrestling, per the Observer. It is unknown what the issue is at this time.
  • If I recall, he didn’t wrestle on TV for a little bit but didn’t miss any time on television.
  • On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said Rey Mysterio is still in talks to re-sign with WWE despite the story of him signing with Aro Lucha.
  • If those talks were going on, they didn’t amount to a contract.
  • PW Insider is saying Mark Henry, who will be announced today for the WWE Hall of Fame class 2018, will be the final member of said class.
  • This is accurate. (1/1)
  • WWE will apparently be airing a special on USA Network on WrestleMania over the next few weeks.
  • While they had programming the week of WrestleMania, they didn’t have any specials building up to it. (0/1)

March 20, 2018

  • WWE plans to keep Asuka undefeated until a match with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35, according to WrestlingNews.Co.
  • She lost at WrestleMania 34 this year. (0/1)
  • Samoa Joe and Big Cass were also at Raw in Dallas, per PW Insider. Cass is close to being cleared and may be back ahead of schedule.
  • Cass returned soon after WrestleMania. He’s since been released. (1/1)
  • SummerSlam may become a stadium show in 2019. WrestleVotes says WWE is looking at major league baseball venues for next August’s PPV.
  • It is in Toronto in the Scotiabank arena. (0/1)
  • WrestleMania 34 is currently penciled in to run six and a half hours.
  • The main show ran 5 hours and the kickoff was 2 hours. So a... sigh... seven hours. (0/1)

March 21, 2018

  • The Undertaker vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania 34 may not go official until the go home episode of Monday Night Raw just days before.
  • It didn’t really go official until the bell rang. (0/1)
  • The Ultimate Deletion wasn’t included on the Hulu version of Raw, a member of Hulu support told fans it wasn’t their decision.
  • We never got another one of those either. Vince probably wasn’t a fan.
  • The Impact vs. Lucha Underground show set for WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans will apparently have its main event announced later today.
  • It was Austin Aries & Rey Fenix vs. Alberto El Patron & Pentagon. But Alberto no showed and it became a triple threat. It was announced the 21st. (1/1)

March 22, 2018

  • Vince McMahon thought Matt Hardy’s Ultimate Deletion might “bomb”, a source told WrestleZone.
  • He certainly had Michael Cole talking trash about it.
  • Though that site says it was “a struggle” to get Ultimate Deletion on WWE television, the company considers it a success and more Hardy productions should be coming.
  • We haven’t seen any others since. (0/1)
  • Rey Mysterio is scheduled to be in Birmingham, Alabama later this week to have his injured biceps tendon evaluated as a step in possibly signing a new WWE deal, per PW Insider.
  • He hasn’t signed a WWE deal yet. (0/1)
  • WWE Network users report next month’s Greatest Royal Rumble is promised as an upcoming event on the service when they indicate they want to cancel their subscription. Jerry Lawler said on his Dinner With The King podcast that he and Jim Ross will be calling the Saudi Arabian show.
  • It was a streamed show, but Lawler and JR didn’t call it. (1/2)
  • According to Dave Meltzer, Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano is definitely happening at TakeOver: New Orleans.
  • It was an unsanctioned main event. (1/1)

This week: 10/19 - 53%

Overall: 2,375/4,307 - 55.1%

Have a great week, everyone!