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Lucha Underground recap & review (Sep. 19, 2018): New Lucha Underground Champion!

The fifteenth episode of season four (Sept. 19) for Lucha Underground featured two championship bouts. The main event was Pentagon DARK vs King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes, but the final outcome is not with someone you would expect. Also, a new luchadora made her presence felt.

Two weeks in a row with no deaths. The wave of carnage may be over.

El Conjunto Nueva Ola played us into the Temple. Vampiro made funny faces during Matt Striker’s introduction.

Lucha Underground

Fenix vs Aerostar

Fenix was still under his trance, or whatever it is that ails him. Once the bell rang, Fenix sort of mirrored the steps of Aerostar. Aerostar turned his back while shooing Fenix. Fenix screamed then kicked Aerostar in the head.

Fenix was more fierce than usual, but Aerostar held his own.

Highlights include a cutter by Fenix, springboard outside dive by Aerostar, Fenix driving Aerostar into the barrier, and Fenix jumping over the ropes into the ring for a standing moonsault without hesitation then a senton bomb.

In the end, a flipping piledriver by Aerostar followed by a springboard DDT only earned a two count. Aerostar then performed five consecutive running face kicks with Fenix egging him on. A fancy roll up for two.

Fenix executed a mule drop kick when the two were both on the upper turnbuckle. Fenix picked up a dazed Aerostar for the Fire Driver. That was enough to win.

Fenix defeated Aerostar.

After the match, Fenix unloaded a major barrage of punches on Aerostar. Melissa tried to talk sense into Fenix. Fenix grabbed Melissa by the shoulders, and that is when El Dragon Azteca Jr. came onto the scene. Fenix leaned toward Melissa, but Azteca pushed him away. Fenix ended up attacking Azteca and finished with a Fire Driver on the floor.

Back from commercial, Azteca needed medical attention. Antonio Cueto exited his office to announce that Azteca must forfeit the Gift of the Gods belt to Marty Martinez, since Azteca couldn’t wrestle. Azteca rose to protest and demanded the match. He has the heart of a champion.

Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Marty Martinez

Marty Martinez took control to pound the injured El Dragon Azteca, Jr. Azteca would not give up. He had a sweet moment after pushing Marty off the top turnbuckle, then flying for a hurricanrana, and finishing with a huge air leap over the ring post to the outside. A flying crossbody in the ring was good for a two count. DDTJ for two.

With momentum of Azteca’s side, Marty countered a hurricanrana into a Kobashi DDT. That was enough for victory. I don’t know if Marty has ever used that move before in Lucha Underground. It looked pretty darn cool.

New Gift of the Gods Champion, Marty Martinez.

Marty demanded the referee strap on the winner’s spoils. He got testy at the ref’s slowness in securing the belt around his waist.

The White Rabbit

Paul London entered the White Rabbit’s lair. London had been waiting for a month. The little caged dude laughed. White Rabbit said, “Time is but a flat circle.” London thought he did good by sacrificing his buddies. The White Rabbit yawned at that idea.

The White Rabbit and El Bunny have been getting stir crazy and decided to join London in the Temple (Next week?).

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon DARK vs King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

The Believers had a nice chant of, “Ole, ole, ole, ole, cero miedo.” Pentagon moved his hands like a maestro conducting a tune.

The early portion of the match was Mil Muertes having the power advantage with King Cuerno and Pentagon DARK teaming up to take Mil out. At one point, Mil was outside the ring. Pentagon motioned to Cuerno to go flying first. Cuerno ran the ropes, then Pentagon pulled a stooge move. He kicked Cuerno when he wasn’t looking. Pentagon went flying first instead.

Cuerno got payback with a suicide dive to Pentagon. Mil ran wild with clotheslines then ripped Pentagon’s mask. Mil hip tossed Pentagon onto fans in the upper front row. Chaotic three-way action commenced.

The finish began when Mil chokeslammed Cuerno. Pentagon attacked with two lung blowers on Mil. With Mil out of the picture, Pentagon shipped a groggy Cuerno to Doomsville via package piledriver. 1, 2, 3.

Pentagon DARK retained the Lucha Underground Championship.

After the match, Marty surprise attacked Pentagon. A curb stomp was the final blow.

Under normal circumstances, the Gift of the Gods Championship can be redeemed with one week’s notice so the match can be properly promoted. Not so this week. Marty’s second favor from last week’s cash exchange was revealed.

Antonio Cueto came out of his office to change the rule and make a title match right now.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon DARK vs Marty Martinez

Marty Martinez continued beating Pentagon DARK while also attempting pin covers. Two kick outs by Pentagon. Later, Pentagon knocked Marty down from the top turnbuckle then executed a Mexican Destroyer. Marty keenly rolled out of the ring.

Marty was in the front of the screen, meanwhile, some creepy lady was crawling into the ring from the back side. She kicked Pentagon in the balls then flipped a Destroyer.

If she is from La Jolla like Marty, then would it be called a La Jolla Destroya?

Marty went back into the ring to cover after a package piledriver. Uno, dos, tres.

New Lucha Underground Champion, Marty Martinez.

After the match, the mysterious lady put the belt around Marty’s waist. It was apparent that they knew each other. It seemed to me like they could be lovers.

Matt Striker rattled off tons of spider puns, so she may be a spider lady. Paging Sexy Star.

I didn’t like this episode of Lucha Underground. That is more on me and my tastes rather than the show being bad. The wrestling was very enjoyable. I can’t say the same about the stories. Too much happened too quickly. I didn’t feel like there was any time to absorb and appreciate the title changes. Full disclosure, I accidentally saw the GIF of Pentagon losing before I watched the episode. That no doubt affected the surprise factor.

This Fenix story is stupid, in my opinion. There are too many loose ends for me to ignore. What has Fenix been doing all week? Did he roam the streets like a zombie? Is he even able to drive his fly Firebird? What about food? I wouldn’t trust him in the kitchen nor his ability to do simple math to buy tacos on the street. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fenix has been wearing his same black wrestling gear all week long. I doubt he has pockets in those pants to keep money.

Why was there a match between Fenix and Aerostar? If this were a standard wrestling promotion, then it would make sense. However, we are talking about a dude who was brought back from the dead then shuttling through time. What good would a victory by Aerostar do in this situation?

Don’t get me started on Melissa Santos. “Go get help.” Yeah, like there are places Fenix can roll up to and they won’t commit him to the loony bin when he tells them he was resurrected then time traveled ten weeks into the future. Actually, maybe there are in the Lucha Underground universe. What do I know. Perhaps it is more like The Haunted World of El Superbeasto than the regular world.

If you believe I am overthinking it, you are probably correct. At least the match itself was entertaining.

The billed main event was unsatisfying. It was way too short at about 6 minutes in length. The action was fine, but I was expecting something epic with the talent of the three individuals participating. That is been an unfortunate recurring problem this season with so many rushed main events. Lucha Underground needs to eat a Snickers.

I don’t think this episode did any favors for Marty Martinez. In my view, the character is super interesting in the ring and out, but his resume his weak. I don’t look at him and think he’s a top guy. The character still has the stink of failure on him. I believe he’s lost more often than not in his big matches. Beating an injured Azteca and needing help to defeat a worn down Pentagon did not impress me. I would favor ten or more luchadores on the roster in a fight with Mr. Moth.

On the plus side, I am eager to tune in next week to see the fallout and learn about Marty’s new lady helper. The events of Marty’s ascension made sense with the bribes, weakened opponents, and extra cheating. One thing flowed right into the next. His success reminded us that anything can happen in the Temple. It was surprising that Pentagon had the extra match and lost. I can see Pentagon fans being excited to see him wreck the Moth Tribe as payback. There are several reasons why Believers would love the episode. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. More beer, less tea, please.

I hope the Gift of the Gods Championship reverts back to the old rules. I like how it gave fans a whole week to get pumped about a prime match. There was also the fighting spirit of competition. That set the belt apart from WWE’s Money in the Bank concept.

By the way, the newest member of the Lucha Underground roster goes by the name of Chelsea Green in other parts of the world. I have not had the pleasure of viewing her work. If you are familiar with Srta. Verde, help us out in the comments with your opinion of her strengths and weaknesses. Thanks.

I’ll leave you with Matt Striker taking a question during a Twitter Q&A.

Share your thoughts about the episode. Where do you stand on the Fenix storyline? Are you excited for the Moth Tribe’s reign? What is the over/under on successful Marty matches for the Lucha Underground Championship?

See you next week for... The White Rabbit? Tick, tock.

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