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Sermon on the Mat (Sept. 20, 2018): CMLL, GCW, NOVA, BLP, Chikara, Galli, & SUP cards

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AIW, CMLL, PWG, & Beyond results, plus all the usual free match action

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Jeff Cobb on Twitter

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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CMLL Super Viernes (Sept. 21, 9:30PM Eastern)

  1. Akuma & Espanto, Jr. vs. Magnus & Star, Jr.
  2. Black Panther, Blue Panther, Jr., & Fuego vs. Kawato San, Okumura, & Virus
  3. Esfinge, Stuka, Jr., & Triton vs. Nuevo Generacion Dinamitas (Cuatrero & Sanson) & Rey Bucanero
  4. El Cl4n (Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, & the Chris) vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia, Gran Guerrero, & Ultimo Guerrero)
  5. Mistico vs. Negro Casas (Lightning Match)
  6. Atlantis, Diamante Azul, & King Phoenix vs. Barbaro Cavernario & Los Ingobernables (El Terrible & Rush)

CMLL are back for your weekly Friday night dose of lucha libre action from Mexico City’s legendary Arena Mexico, and while this week’s show isn’t heavy on fallout from the 85th Anniversary Show last week, it does have a non-title rematch between El Cl4n and Los Guerreros Laguneros. Okay, so that’s not the most inspiring thing in the world, but hey, a Lightning Match between Mistico and Negro Casas, plus Fenix vs. Cavernario in the main event? Now that’s more like it!

Check it out, as always, free for nothin’ on Marca Claro, folks.

GCW Live Fast, Die Young (Sept. 21, 8PM Eastern)

  1. Eli Everfly & Marko Stunt vs. Gringo Loco & KTB
  2. G-Raver vs. Markus Crane (Fuckery Boards Deathmatch)
  3. Alex Colon vs. SHLAK (No Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch)
  4. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Pierre Carl Ouellet
  5. Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart
  6. Joey Janela vs. Psicosis
  7. Nick Gage (c) vs. Rich Swann (GCW World Championship)

GCW are in Asbury Park, New Jersey and that is a hell of a double-header on top, folks. Swann and Gage first butted heads on Twitter after Rich’s own legal trouble earlier this year saw him face some backlash when he attempted to continue his career after being released from WWE-- Rich attempted to cite Nick’s own arrest record (specifically his bank robbery in 2010) as an example as to why folks should lay off of him, neglecting the fact that Gage had gone to jail for several years to pay his debt to society, and a feud was born that finally sees action this weekend.

Meanwhile, in the “Joey Janela wrestles somebody cool from the 90s” spot, he’s got AAA, WCW, and WWE legend Psicosis! Like a lot of Joey’s opponents, Psicosis is a bit more banged up than he was in his TV heyday, having just had knee surgery a little over a year ago, but even if the spots are a little less spectacular than they were against Rey Misterio, Jr. in Tijuana back in 1994, it’s gonna be a match worth watching for the sheer novelty of it all.

Get your tickets here, or check this bad boy out live on FITE, folks.

NOVA Project 4 (Sept. 21, 8PM Eastern)

  1. Isaiah Frazier (c) vs. Josh Fuller vs. Mack Buckler (CRAB Wrestling Championship)
  2. Cain Justice vs. John Kermon
  3. Faye Jackson vs. LuFisto
  4. Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) (Ducks, Ladders, & Chairs Match)
  5. Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku vs. Jonathan Gresham & Sage Philips
  6. Allie Kat, Brittany Blake, & Skylar vs. GOTHICC (Angelus Layne, Harlow O’Hara, & Terra Calaway)
  7. Homicide vs. Tim Donst
  8. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Arik Royal
  9. Jordynne Grace vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) ( Independent Wrestling Championship)
  10. Alexander James vs. Logan Easton LaRoux (Winner Gains Control of the 1%, Loser Leaves NOVA Pro Match)

NOVA Pro are back in Fairfax, Virginia for their biggest show of the year and does it get any bigger than James vs. LaRoux with not only control of the 1% (and their gated community) on the line, but also their very careers in NOVA Pro on the line?! I submit that it does not.

Plus Jordynne Grace looking to take Hot Sauce out and add another title to her collection, the legendary 2 Cold Scorpio taking on the Ace of the Mid-Atlantic, a DLC match, and more!

Get your tickets here or check it out LIVE on, folks.

BLP 9: Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament (Sept. 22, 7:30PM Central)

  1. Allie Kat vs. Josh Bishop vs. Kevin Ku vs. PB Smooth vs. Rory Fox (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  2. Everett Connors vs. Jeremy Wyatt vs. Kobe Durst (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  3. Andrew Everett vs. Brian Pillman, Jr. vs. Joey Lynch vs. Zachary Wentz (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  4. Jake Parnell vs. Tom Lawlor (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  5. Josh Briggs vs. Pierre Carl Ouellet (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  6. Danny Adams vs. Jordynne Grace (c) (BLP Championship Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament First Round Match)
  7. Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) (c) vs. ??? & ??? (Alpha-1 Tag Team Championship)
  8. Hornswoggle vs. Marko Stunt
  9. BLP Championship Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Finals

Black Label Pro are back in Crown Point, Indiana to celebrate their first anniversary and they’re doing it by going right back to where they started with another Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament! Jordynne Grace will be putting her title on the line in the first round and it’ll continue to be contested through to the finals, but the tournament isn’t all they’ve got going on, as Space Pirates will defend Alpha-1’s tag titles and we’ve got a battle of the giants between Hornswoggle and Marko Stunt!

Get your tickets here or check it out live on, folks.

Chikara It Came From Beneath the Sink! (Sept. 22, 3PM Eastern)

  1. Mick Moretti vs. Rory Gulak
  2. Boomer Hatfield vs. the Whisper
  3. Blanche Babish, Jeremy Leary, & Lucas Calhoun vs. the Nouveau Aesthetic (BLANK, Still Life with Apricots and Pears, & Ursa Minor in the Night Sky)
  4. Proteus Wheel (Callux the Castigator & Volgar) vs. the Colony (Fire & Thief Ants)
  5. Frantik, Hallowicked, Merlok, & Sonny Defarge vs. Green Ant, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush, Solo Darling, & Officer Warren Barksdale
  6. Hyper Beast Warriors (Hype Rockwell, Oleg the Usurper, & Proletariat Boar of Moldova) vs. the Regime (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Rick Roland, & Sloan Caprice)
  7. Dasher Hatfield (c) vs. Travis Huckabee (Interim Chikara Grand Championship)

Chikara are back at the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Dasher Hatfield’s interim Grand Championship reign is being put to the test the moment it starts as he faces off against Johnny Kidd Invitational winner Travis Huckabee! Mr. Touchdown chose his long-time tag team partner as the only man he’d trust to defend the title for him, so let’s hope Dasher’s up to the challenge after having come up short to win the title himself on more than one occasion.

Get your tickets here or check it out on Chikaratopia, folks.

Galli El Adios (Sept. 23, 5:30PM Central)

  1. Aero Boy (GALLI) vs. Rey Fenix (AAA) (AAA Mega Championship / GALLI Undisputed Championship)

Not a lot of details on this one, folks, but Illinois lucha mainstays Galli are saying goodbye to their home arena in Villa Park, Illinois and they’ve got a dynamite main event lined up for it. Aero Boy will put his GALLI Undisputed Championship on the line against Rey Fenix’s AAA Mega Championship and it should be a hoot and a half.

Get your tickets at the door or check it out live on, folks.

SUP Don’t Look (Sept. 23, 2PM Central)

  1. Trick or Treat Battle Royale
  2. Jake Parnell vs. Joey Lynch
  3. Craig Mitchell vs. Gary Jay
  4. IFHY (Johnathan Wolf & Shawn Kemp) vs. the Production (Derek Director & Eddy Only)
  5. AJ Gray & the Carnies (Karry Awful & Tripp Cassidy) vs. Brett Ison, Curt Stallion, & O’Shay Edwards
  6. Mr. Brickster vs. Teddy King (LEGO Match)
  7. Kevin Ku vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) ( Independent Wrestling Championship)
  8. Dominic Garrini (c) vs. Wheeler YUTA (SUP Bonestorm Championship)

Southern Underground Pro are back in Nashville with another heaping helping of the finest up-and-comers from across the midwest and south. As always it’s a perfect opportunity to find a few new favorites, but especially the main event of Garrini vs. YUTA should be a dynamic exercise in top-shelf mat grappling, folks.

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits, if you will.

Free matches here!

Janelope (Joey Janela & Penelope Ford) vs. Orange Cassidy & Session Moth Martina

From the fine folks over at Beyond, we’ve got one of the funniest matches from WrestleMania weekend to celebrate their 900,000th YouTube subscriber! It’s mixed tag violence and it features one of the sickest flip piledrivers I’ve ever seen, check it out!

Progress Chapter 55: Chase the Sun

Following up on their release of Chapter 36 last week, Progress have released last year’s big September show to whet your appetites for Wembley even more! Featuring CCK vs. Moustache Mountain, Marty Scurll vs. Zack Sabre, Jr., Pete Dunne vs. Travis Banks, and my personal favorite, the Atlas Championship match between Matt Riddle, Timothy Thatcher, and WALTER, don’t miss it!

MLW Fusion Episode 22: War Games 2018

With this week’s episode of Fusion being their War Games match from the beginning of the month, how could I NOT feature it here? Enjoy!


AIW Escape From Cleveland (Sept. 14)

  1. The Production (Frankie Flynn & Magnum CK) (c) over Twins (Hornswoggle & PB Smooth) to retain the AIW Tag Team Championship
  2. AJ Gray over Facade, Flip Kendrick, Matt Cross, Space Monkey, and Wheeler YUTA (Scramble Match)
  3. Joshua Bishop over Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham
  4. Ultimo Dragon over Louis Lyndon
  5. Philly-Marino Experience (Marino Tenaglia & Philly Collins) over No Consequences (Chase Oliver & Tre LaMar), the Production (Derek Director & Eddy Only), and To Infinity and Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney)
  6. Tim Donst (c) over Colt Cabana to retain the AIW Intense Championship
  7. KTB over Matthew Justice, Nick Gage, and Tom Lawlor
  8. ”Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) over Dominic Garrini to retain the AIW Absolute Championship
  9. Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan) over La Familia de Tijuana (Bestia 666 & Damian 666) (Mexican Deathmatch)

A clean set of title defenses for AIW in Cleveland, but we’ve already an idea who’s challenging next for two of them, because both Joshua Bishop (after beating Dr. Dan as a late replacement for “All Ego” Ethan Page) and PME and have called their shots for the Absolute Championship and the Tag Team Championship respectively!

Check the VOD out when it hits Smart Mark Video, folks.

CMLL 85th Anniversary Show (Sept. 14)

  1. La Jarochita, Marcela, & Princesa Sugehit over Dalys, Metalica, & Reyna Isis
  2. Angel do Oro, El Audaz, & Niebla Roja over La Peste Negra (El Felino & Negro Casas) & Mephisto
  3. Nuevo Generacion Dinamitas (Cuatrero, Forastero, & Sanson) over Atlantis, Mistico, & Soberano, Jr.
  4. El Cl4n (Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, & the Chris) over Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia, Gran Guerrero, & Ultimo Guerrero) (c) to win the CMLL World Trios Championship
  5. Diamante Azul & Lucha Brothers (King Phoenix & Penta el Zero M) over Caristico, El Hijo de LA Park, & LA Park
  6. Barbaro Cavernario & Rush over Matt Taven & Volador, Jr. (Hair vs. Hair Match)

Yes indeed, a freshly-renamed-due-to-legal-reasons El Cl4n have deposed Los Guerreros Laguneros as the World Trios Champions, not that it matters that much because titles are rarely a focus in CMLL, but hey I gotta lead with something. Plus, after a dynamite main event, Taven and Volador were shorn bald after Matt turned rudo in the closing moments of the match and gave Rush the opportunity to spike Volador and put him away for the three count.

Check the replay out on HonorClub, where word is Ian Riccaboni and crew are trying to arrange an English commentary version ASAP.

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2018 (Sept. 14-16)

—Night One (Sept. 14)—

  1. Rey Horus over Adam Brooks (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  2. Flamita over Puma King (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  3. CIMA over Jody Fleisch (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  4. Bandido over T-Hawk (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  5. Joey Janela over David Starr (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  6. Brody King over Pierre Carl Ouellet (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  7. Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) over Ilja Dragunov & Shingo Takagi

—Night Two (Sept. 15)—

  1. Trevor Lee over Marko Stunt (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  2. Jonah Rock over Sammy Guevara (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  3. Robbie Eagles over DJ Z (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  4. Jeff Cobb over Darby Allin (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  5. Shingo Takagi over Ilja Dragunov (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  6. WALTER over Timothy Thatcher (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 First Round Match)
  7. CIMA & the Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) over Bandido, Flamita, & Rey Horus

—Night Three (Sept. 16)—

  1. Trevor Lee over Brody King (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  2. Jeff Cobb over Rey Horus (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  3. Shingo Takagi over Robbie Eagles (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  4. Joey Janela over CIMA (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  5. WALTER over Jonah Rock (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  6. Bandido over Flamita (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Quarterfinal Match)
  7. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) (c) over Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) to retain the PWG World Tag Team Championship
  8. Jeff Cobb over Trevor Lee (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Semifinal Match)
  9. Bandido over Joey Janela (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Semifinal Match)
  10. Shingo Takagi over WALTER (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Semifinal Match)
  11. Dan Barry, Darby Allin, Jody Fleisch, Pierre Carl Ouellet, & Puma King over Adam Brooks, David Starr, DJ Z, T-Hawk, & Timothy Thatcher (Tomato Camper Memorial 10-Man Tag Team Match)
  12. Jeff Cobb over Bandido and Shingo Takagi (Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Finals)

Jeff Cobb is your 2018 Battle of Los Angeles winner, and just look at the path he took to get there! With victories over Darby Allin, Rey Horus, Trevor Lee, Bandido, AND Shingo, he ran a real gauntlet here. Especially with that finals, which I think is a real testament to how uniquely diverse this year’s BOLA field was. Also a testament to that diversity, the Tomato Camper Memorial 10-Man— just look at those teams, including the return of Dan Barry to PWG as he continues trundling towards retirement.

You can pre-order your copy at PWG’s website, and here’s my occasional reminder that PWG DOES stream VODs from the Highspots Wrestling Network, albeit with a delay of about a year after the DVD release before VOD is made available.

Beyond Someone’s Farewell, Probably... (Sept. 16)

  1. LuFisto over Viper
  2. EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike “Santana” Draztik) over Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)
  3. Bill Carr over Jay Freddie
  4. Brandon Watts over Anthony Greene
  5. Brian Milonas & Cam Zagami over Mike Verna & Rex Lawless
  6. ”Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) over Tom Lawlor to retain the Independent Wrestling Championship
  7. Willow Nightingale over Penelope Ford
  8. Josh Briggs over Ryan Galeone
  9. Wheeler YUTA over Jaka
  10. Nick Gage over Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  11. Brian Cage over Jordynne Grace

Amazingly, as it turns out, this show WASN’T anyone’s farewell! What it was, however, was a star-studded affair on the same day as BOLA Night Three, so that tells you a little something about how healthy the indies are these days, even as WWE sign more and more talent. The big draw here is Beyond letting LuFisto check a major dream opponent off her list as she wrestled Scotland’s own Viper in the opener!

Plus, I don’t have full results for the free afternoon show, Feast Championship Wrestling, but suffice it to say it was a rather more comedic affair than this one, to the point where Chikara’s Officer Magnum (who, if you aren’t familiar, is an actual dog) won the main event of that one.

Check ‘em out when they hit, folks.

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.