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ALL IN match times stats breakdown

ALL IN lasted for 3 hours 57 minutes and 41 seconds (3h 57m 41s). Here is a breakdown of the timing for every single second of the show, in chronological order.

The matches are in bold. The “pre-match” segments include video packages, entrances, ring introductions, and any verbal promos that occur right before a match officially begins. The “post-match” segments include any celebrations, replays, angles, attacks, or promos that occur right after a match is finished.

PPV Timing for ALL IN

Start End Description Duration
Start End Description Duration
0m 00s 2m 42s National anthem 2m 42s
2m 42s 4m 18s Welcome to ALL IN 1m 36s
4m 18s 7m 16s Pre-match: Cross vs. MJF 2m 58s
7m 16s 17m 23s Cross vs. MJF 10m 07s
17m 23s 18m 20s Post-match: Cross vs. MJF 0m 57s
18m 20s 20m 15s Backstage interview with Aldis 1m 55s
20m 15s 23m 50s Pre-match: Daniels vs. Amell 3m 35s
23m 50s 35m 34s Daniels vs. Amell 11m 44s
35m 34s 36m 58s Post-match: Daniels vs. Amell 1m 24s
36m 58s 43m 51s Pre-match: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne 6m 53s
43m 51s 56m 34s Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne 12m 43s
56m 34s 58m 41s Post-match: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne 2m 07s
58m 41s 59m 14s Chico & Fat Ass Masa ringside 0m 33s
59m 14s 1h 09m 19s Pre-match: Aldis vs. Cody 10m 05s
1h 09m 19s 1h 31m 21s Aldis vs. Cody 22m 02s
1h 31m 21s 1h 37m 29s Post-match: Aldis vs. Cody 6m 08s
1h 37m 29s 1h 38m 53s Filler commentary 1m 24s
1h 38m 53s 1h 45m 16s Pre-match: Janela vs. Page 6m 23s
1h 45m 16s 2h 05m 26s Janela vs. Page 20m 10s
2h 05m 26s 2h 11m 51s Post-match: Janela vs. Page 6m 25s
2h 11m 51s 2h 18m 45s Pre-match: Lethal vs. Gordon 6m 54s
2h 18m 45s 2h 33m 09s Lethal vs. Gordon 14m 24s
2h 33m 09s 2h 38m 03s Post-match: Lethal vs. Gordon 4m 54s
2h 38m 03s 2h 40m 02s Filler commentary 1m 59s
2h 40m 02s 2h 44m 30s Pre-match: Omega vs. Penta 4m 28s
2h 44m 30s 3h 02m 17s Omega vs. Penta 17m 47s
3h 02m 17s 3h 07m 02s Post-match: Omega vs. Penta 4m 45s
3h 07m 02s 3h 14m 03s Pre-match: Okada vs. Scurll 7m 01s
3h 14m 03s 3h 40m 09s Okada vs. Scurll 26m 06s
3h 40m 09s 3h 40m 39s Post-match: Okada vs. Scurll 0m 30s
3h 40m 39s 3h 45m 31s Pre-match: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido 4m 52s
3h 45m 31s 3h 57m 14s Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido 11m 43s
3h 57m 14s 3h 57m 41s Post-match: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido 0m 27s

Match Times

The 9 matches combined for a total time of 2h 26m 46s. This means that 61.7% of the show was devoted to bell-to-bell action.

Here is the sorted list of match times for ALL IN.

  • 26m 06s: Okada vs. Scurll
  • 22m 02s: Aldis vs. Cody
  • 20m 10s: Janela vs. Page
  • 17m 47s: Omega vs. Penta
  • 14m 24s: Lethal vs. Gordon
  • 12m 43s: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne
  • 11m 44s: Daniels vs. Amell
  • 11m 43s: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido
  • 10m 07s: Cross vs. MJF

For comparison’s sake, since the start of 2013 the only WWE PPVs that have ever reached 61.7% match time are most of the Royal Rumble events, as well as TLC 2014.

As far as ALL IN’s overall match time of 2h 26m 46s is concerned, the only WWE PPVs in my data set to include more absolute match time are Royal Rumble 2018 and Greatest Royal Rumble, both of which had an overall run time greater than 4 hours.

Pre-match Segments

The pre-match segments combined for a total time of 53m 09s, which is 22.4% of the show.

Here is the sorted list of pre-match segment time for all 9 matches.

  • 10m 05s: Aldis vs. Cody
  • 7m 01s: Okada vs. Scurll
  • 6m 54s: Lethal vs. Gordon
  • 6m 53s: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne
  • 6m 23s: Janela vs. Page
  • 4m 52s: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido
  • 4m 28s: Omega vs. Penta
  • 3m 35s: Daniels vs. Amell
  • 2m 58s: Cross vs. MJF

Post-match Segments

The post-match segments combined for a total time of 27m 37s, which is 11.6% of the show.

Here is the sorted list of the post-match segment time for all 9 matches.

  • 6m 25s: Janela vs. Page
  • 6m 08s: Aldis vs. Cody
  • 4m 54s: Lethal vs. Gordon
  • 4m 45s: Omega vs. Penta
  • 2m 07s: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne
  • 1m 24s: Daniels vs. Amell
  • 0m 57s: Cross vs. MJF
  • 0m 30s: Okada vs. Scurll
  • 0m 27s: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido

It was clear from the extremely short post-match segment for Okada’s match that there was a severe time crunch during the final hour of ALL IN.

Miscellaneous Segments

That leaves about 4.3% (10m 09s) of the show for everything else.

4m 18s of this time occurred at the beginning of the show in the form of the national anthem and the commentators welcoming the audience to the show.

The rest of the miscellaneous time came from a backstage interview with Nick Aldis, a brief spotlight on Chico and Fat Ass Masa sitting ringside, and some filler commentary between matches. Some of the commentary between matches was classified as part of the pre or post match segments, and the rest ended up in this category. Classifying these bits of commentary into the appropriate buckets wasn’t as straightforward as a typical WWE PPV, so the results here a little more open to interpretation than normal.

I did not count the piracy warning before the show as part of the ALL IN PPV, so that’s ignored in these numbers.


Here is a listing of how much total show time was allocated for each match when you add up all 3 components: pre-match time, match time, and post-match time.

  • 38m 15s: Aldis vs. Cody
  • 33m 37s: Okada vs. Scurll
  • 32m 58s: Janela vs. Page
  • 27m 00s: Omega vs. Penta
  • 26m 12s: Lethal vs. Gordon
  • 21m 43s: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne
  • 17m 02s: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido
  • 16m 43s: Daniels vs. Amell
  • 14m 02s: Cross vs. MJF

Now here is a look at the “Match Time Percentage” for each match. For any given match, this percentage shows how the match time compares to the combined pre-match and post-match segment time.

(Here’s an example calculation: an entry with a match time of 6m 00s, pre-match time of 3m 00s, and a post-match time of 1m 00s has a score of 60.0%, because the match time of 6m 00s is 60% of the total sum of 10m 00s for all three components.)

  • 77.6%: Okada vs. Scurll
  • 72.1%: Cross vs. MJF
  • 70.2%: Daniels vs. Amell
  • 68.8%: Golden Elite vs. Rey, Fenix, Bandido
  • 65.9%: Omega vs. Penta
  • 61.2%: Janela vs. Page
  • 58.6%: Blanchard vs. Green vs. Baker vs. Rayne
  • 57.6%: Aldis vs. Cody
  • 55.0%: Lethal vs. Gordon


I have collected timing data on 77 WWE PPV events since the start of 2013. The timing component percentages for those shows collectively are: 24.3% pre-match segment time, 53.9% match time, 9.3% post-match segment time, and 12.5% miscellaneous segment time. In comparison to those numbers, ALL IN pumped up its match time while significantly cutting down on miscellaneous segments.

Final Results for ALL IN

Match - 61.7% - 2h 26m 46s

Pre-match - 22.4% - 53m 09s

Post-match - 11.6% - 27m 37s

Miscellaneous - 4.3% - 10m 09s