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Noted madman Chris Jericho hopped on private jet to make a Fozzy gig moments after appearing at ALL IN

It was certainly a surprise when Chris Jericho showed up at ALL IN tonight (Sept. 1) at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois to attack Kenny Omega. (Full results for the show can be found here.)

One reason why it was surprising is that he has never been part of a non-WWE show in the United States since joining WWE almost two decades ago. (He’s currently New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Intercontinental champion but has only worked for them in Japan.)

The other reason for the surprise is that his band Fozzy was scheduled to play a show tonight in Merriam, Kansas as well. He can’t do both, right?

Of course he can. This is Chris Jericho we’re talking about.

Let the man tell you about it himself via his Instagram:

From #AllIn to #FozzyMerriam... #wereyousurprised @fozzyrock

A post shared by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy) on

“Well were you surprised?...

We flew from Little Rock to Chicago. I got in about 5:30. Hid in the Young Bucks office at the Sears Centre dressed up as Pentagon. Attacked Kenny Omega. Unmasked. Shocked the world.

And now for the ultimate power move, we are on a private jet to fly to the Fozzy gig in Merriam, Kansas. So doing both in one night. Who else would do that? Who else is crazy enough and stupid enough to do that?

So I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was quite an amazing experience. And even just dressing up as Pentagon was a lot of fun. And we are ready to rock you tonight Merriam, Kansas. So go on down to Aftershock. So if you are thinking about going, and you haven’t gone, now’s a good time.

I’m going to wear this makeup on stage tonight, too. Oh yeah!”

Never doubt the hustle of Chris Jericho.

This man showed up at a wrestling show where few expected him and then took a private jet to his rock gig. That’s pretty baller.

Y2J remains one of the few men who can still surprise us even in this day and age. This is a time when fans have more knowledge than ever given the internet and we often know what’s going to happen before it does, but Jericho continues to surprise us. That’s impressive, and it’s one of the things that makes him a novelty in this crazy pro wrestling business.

Never change, Chris Jericho, you madman.

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