So I'm pretty sure WWE could be setting us up for a big swerve. Don't read if you don't want spoilers.

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So Braun Strowman lost the Hell in a Cell match, thus making the Men's Money in the Bank contract null and void. But wait! Not so fast...

Braun Strowman was shown handing over the briefcase to Baron Corbin. Well, I'd tell you what I'd do if I was Corbin. I would keep that contact for myself and cash it in at the right opportunity. This would erase Corbin's failed cash-in and instead of looking like an idiot like before, he'd be hailed as a genius.

But wait you say, Corbin can't do that. The briefcase was already used at Hell in a Cell. But think about it for a second. Did we actually see it being cashed in? No. No we didn't. But that still doesn't get us past that the match that did take place.

This is where Corbin's genius comes in. He says that the match wasn't a money in the bank cash in, that it was just a Hell in a Cell championship match. A regular ole championship match with no money in the bank required. Remember that Corbin is the interim GM. He makes the matches on Raw and it's pay per views. All he would have to say is he used his every day power as GM to book a championship Hell in the Cell match between Reigns and Strowman, thus eliminating the need for a cash in.

But it's Strowman's you say. Well, he did hand it over to Corbin so that his own fault. He should have kept it and handed it over to the referee like every other single time it has been cashed in. And everyone would complain on Raw, especially Strowman. But Corbin has the ultimate power, a McMahon. Stephanie, to be precise. The only way this booking makes any sense is if Corbin actually cashes it in successfully.

I know this is way too good of a story beat for the WWE to use it, but who knows. I think it would spice up the MinB concept that someone can take it and use it themselves. It has gotten somewhat stale and this would inject new life into future MinB matches. I've always felt that way. What do you all think of this fantasy booking? Do you think WWE will do it?

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