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Jeff Jarrett may soon be shaved bald

Who wants to see Jeff Jarrett lose his hair? You may get your chance on Sunday, October 28.

The feud between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. jumped up a notch in AAA. It began when Jarrett won Wagner’s Megacampeonato at Verano de Escándalo. Konnan posed as La Parka as a backup ref to do a screwjob finish on Wagner. At Triplemania XXVI, Wagner returned the favor. He posed as La Parka as a backup ref to do a screwjob finish on Jarrett.

Now, a hair vs hair match is scheduled for Héroes Inmortales XII. They sort of teased the idea on TV a few weeks ago, but it looked like AAA might have called an audible after Wagner confronted LA Park to issue a hair vs mask challenge for next year’s Triplemania. Nope, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Jeff Jarrett vs Dr. Wagner Jr. in hair vs hair has been officially announced. Wagner issued the challenge in the ring from one of the recent TV tapings.

Wagner mostly played up to the crowd. He mentioned how he brought the Megacampeonato back to Mexico. (Wagner ended Johnny Mundo’s 300+ day reign and Wagner also helped get the title off Jarrett.) Wagner talked about how Jarrett insults the people and that Wagner will take Jarrett’s hair for all the fans. I hope no WagnerManiacos mistake me for part of Jarrett’s clan de gabachos mugrosos.

Jeff Jarrett, flanked by his wife Karen, responded from his palatial estate in Nashville, Tennessee.

Classic heel promo; arrogance, calling Wagner’s actions thieving and conniving when Jarrett himself benefited from the exact same early in the year, saying America doesn’t allow Wagner’s kind, and insulting the intelligence of viewers.

Jeff Jarrett referenced a fight in Monterrey as, “The Massacre in Monterrey.” That match hasn’t been released on YouTube yet, but the photos show it certainly was bloody.

Jarrett claimed that he beat Wagner within an inch of his life. Knowing how Jarrett bends the truth, it will very interesting to see how that fight actually played out. I highly doubt it was a fair one-on-one affair.

Karen Jarrett added at the end, “You’ve got a better chance of shaving this head (hers) than this one (his).” Could that be foreshadowing? Shaving Karen’s would be a sight. I’m not familiar with her past actions in AAA, but it seems like she is very disliked.

With Jarrett vs Wagner in hair vs hair as the prime match of Héroes Inmortales XII, will that make you tune in? Who do you think will leave hairless? Do you want to see Karen Jarrett shaved bald?

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