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The tea is hot in Hell

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Becky Lynch
SmackDown Women’s Championship

Friendships don’t last forever - especially in wrestling. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were poised to buck that trend because, frankly, Becky seemed to care more about sharing tea with her buddy than winning championships. But when Charlotte was sidelined after Backlash back in May the championship picture opened up. Without her friend there to distract her Becky seemed to refocus her energy. After finally securing a title match against the then champion, Carmella, at SummerSlam the stage was set for Becky Lynch to regain her title.

Then Charlotte came back. Two weeks before SummerSlam. And got added to title match making it a triple threat. Becky worked really hard to earn her way into the title match. Charlotte got handed it after one match. #ClassicFlair

Naturally Charlotte Flair won, because that’s what Charlotte does. Although Becky didn’t tap out to the figure eight she still lost the title. Standing in the ring with her “best friend” holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship was too much for Becky and she snapped. She attacked Flair and walked out with her head held high.
Becky attacks her “friend” at SummerSlam

Is Becky Lynch a heel?

After Becky’s attack the internet exploded with questions. Is Becky a heel now? Is she a righteous baby face? When the crowd was chanting “You deserve it” did they mean Becky deserved the title or that Charlotte deserved the beat down?

On the SmackDown Live following SummerSlam Becky explained her actions.

The crowd cheered when she said “I deserve to be standing here as the women’s champion. As since that moment was stolen from me Charlotte Flair deserved the beating that I gave her.” A babyface moment, right? Wrong! The crowd may have been cheering, seemingly 100% behind her actions, but she began to turn on the crowd saying that they never really supported her. A super weird thing to say when the crowd is literally cheering your every word and action...

But week by week as this story has progressed it has become less about heel/face dynamic of Flair and Lynch. This feud went from Becky was right, to Becky’s a heel, to does it even matter who is the bad guy here?

Now generally I would have a problem with this wishy-washy characterization of these superstars and if I’m being honest I did at first. But in retrospect I think keeping this story in the grey area has actually made in more interesting.

This match is about a championship obviously, but it’s also about what happens when a friendship goes bad. The old saying “there is two sides to every story” applies perfectly here.

From Charlotte’s point of view:

Charlotte was sidelined for several months. When she came back to SmackDown Live the first thing she did was help her best friend. SmackDown’s GM, Paige was the one who booked her matches and she was the one who offered Flair a place in the SummerSlam title match. It wasn’t Charlotte’s idea, but part of being a champion is seizing the moment.

When she won the title she immediately turned to her friend for a hug. Charlotte knew how much this meant to Becky, and while she was happy to be the women’s champion for the seventh time, she felt for her friend. She was ready to give Becky a shot at the title, but then her best friend punched her in the face and started to talk crap about her. What was Charlotte supposed to do? Sacrifice her career for her friendship? Becky had lost her mind.

From Becky’s point of view:

She hasn’t had a title match in 2 years. Her star was fading fast. Yeah, she was sad when her friend was sidelined with an injury - no one likes to see someone they care about suffer - but with Charlotte gone Becky had a real opportunity to reclaim her spot as the leader of the locker room, prove the haters wrong and become a champion once again.

So she did what Becky always does - she fought. Every opportunity she got she wrestled and she began to stack up the wins. When she finally worked her way into the title picture she knew that her time had come. Sure Carmella was wiley, but she wasn’t a LassKicker. SummerSlam was going to be all about Becky Lynch.

Then Charlotte came back.

On one hand it was great to see her friend better and she appreciated the save, but it’s hard to remain in the spot light when The Queen is around. Then Charlotte got added to the match. Of course she did! Charlotte gets everything handed to her! But it was fine, because SummerSlam was her time...until it wasn’t. Until Charlotte swooped in and STOLE the title from her. What kind of friend steals! Charlotte is a selfish person, a bad friend and deserved to be punched in the mouth.

Both women are justified in their actions. Neither of them is explicitly bad or good. That might change after Hell in a Cell, but right now, as far as I can tell, they are both right. In a world full of super heroes and super villains this feud feels like real life and that’s why we, the audience, are so invested.

Tune into cSs for full bell-to-bell coverage of Hell in a Cell this Sunday starting at 6:00 p.m. ET with the Kickoff show leading right on into the main card at 7:00 p.m. ET.


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