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Daniel Bryan calls Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega the ‘new Four Horsemen’

What does Daniel Bryan think of what’s happening outside WWE in the world of pro wrestling, a movement he evidently decided not to join by re-signing with The ‘E instead of taking his talents to Japan, Ring of Honor (ROH) and elsewhere?

We’ve known from various quotes in print interviews, and his congratulatory tweets surrounding ALL IN. But we get to hear them this time, along with some new bits of praise for what Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are doing, thanks to this video clip from a 2K19 event making the rounds...

“10,000 tickets in under 30 minutes? You would just be, ‘You’re insane! What are you, are you a...?’ If you were to tell me that five years ago that it would happen, I’d say, ‘You’re crazy! You don’t know what you’re talking about’.

But that’s a testament to these guys, and I think it’s especially a credit to Cody, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Because they’ve all created waves in different ways. Cody leaving the WWE and to say, ‘You know what? I think I’m better than what they’re giving me. I’m gonna go out and prove something.’

The Young Bucks, doing this whole thing on their own, being creative, starting their own YouTube thing, they’re doing this thing where they’re like anti–authority, anti–corporate people who are like bucking the trends and all that kidn of stuff.

And then Kenny Omega going out and having all these matches that people - some people look at them like, ‘These are some of the best pro wrestling matches of all time!’ I mean, some people think that… whether you believe that or whether you don’t, the buzz around it creates this thing where it’s like they’re their own, new Four Horsemen, right? Where they’re just so different, but they complement each other and they have this buzz about them.

And the idea that they are doing their own event, outside of Ring of Honor, outside of New Japan, and they’re bringing people from Impact and they’re doing all this kind of stuff. It’s totally like, ‘Woah! This is awesome and crazy’. That just goes to show that the world is getting smaller. And people who don’t have the resources of say WWE, can still go and do incredible things, and I just think - I think it’s so empowering, and so cool.”

It is cool, and so is a star like Bryan geeking out about, and shouting out, their efforts.

Cody noticed.

It would have been cool to see DB work with them a bit, too, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. Until next year, maybe...

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