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Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff doesn’t think Madison Square Garden show has changed their relationship with WWE

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The prospect of a wrestling company other than WWE running Manhattan’s iconic Madison Square Garden stirred up some controversy a few months back.

Now that it’s officially happening, with Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan Pro Wrestling selling tickets for their G1 Supercard event at MSG on Sat., April 6, 2019 - the night before WrestleMania 35 happens in nearby New Jersey - there’s still talk of issues between Vince McMahon’s company, the Garden and ROH.

But in an interview with Newsday, ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff says that while he thinks there’s “romance and... drama” to his promotion “going into the house of WWE,” it hasn’t changed their relationship with the biggest wrestling company in the world.

“Koff said he believes ROH still has a ‘very good business relationship’ with the Vince McMahon-operated wrestling juggernaut.

For its part, WWE in a statement Wednesday said ‘Madison Square Garden is, of course, free to work with Ring of Honor however they want.’

‘I would expect that, as I’ve seen at every other city, on that weekend all of their events are sell-outs . . . I really believe the people who bought tickets to Madison Square Garden would have bought tickets to Ring of Honor no matter where we were,’ said Koff, who is not concerned with the prospect of WWE retaliating against ROH. ‘If I’m in their crosshairs, I don’t feel that I’ve ever not been in their crosshairs, but not for anything more than the talent that I have and the opportunity that they see in taking our talent. But I don’t feel any strain on our relationship.’”

ROH has been an important talent pipeline for WWE, who uses footage from the Sinclair Broadcasting-owned promotion often in their own highlight reels (recently including a clip of Daniel Bryan’s time there in a new 2K19 trailer). As long as everyone can sell tickets, it makes sense for that to continue.

Although, wrestling and business can be extremely competitive - and at times petty - worlds.

Do you buy the notion ROH and WWE still have a very good relationship after this year’s Madison Square Garden drama?

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