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A bunch of ghost penises showed up at ALL IN

ALL IN has been, as much as anything else, one big payoff for storylines the Bullet Club have been running on Being The Elite. One of the biggest in recent weeks has been the saga of famous dick wrestler Joey Ryan, who was murdered by Hangman Page, who has been haunted by it ever since.

Well, Page defeated Joey Janela in their Chicago Street Fight after using the same telephone he used to kill Ryan.

It seemed that would be that.

But this is professional wrestling, and that is never just that.

Indeed, the lights went out and this happened:

Ghost dicks.

And they were there with a resurrected Joey Ryan, who did the dick flip-lollipop-superkick spot before pushing Page to the ghost dicks and having him carried out to chants of “thank you, penis” or maybe “rest in penis.” It seemed to be a parody of an Undertaker angle, so that would make sense. It also acted as a payoff to Being The Elite.

Professional wrestling.

Get full ALL IN results and coverage of the entire card here.

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