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The last — and best — hype for Cody vs. Nick Aldis at ALL IN

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We’re just hours away from ALL IN broadcasting from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois, and that means Cody vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Championship is finally happening. It’s almost sad, though, because the Ten Pounds of Gold series of videos leading up to it have been fantastic, a great “Reality Era” story building to a match for a title that feels like it matters again.

And it matters because of this kind of hype video.

Here, Cody cuts one hell of a final promo before Aldis does his best to answer back (though he comes short of measuring up). They close with a really great little music video that does one hell of a job selling a match that has no business feeling as big as it feels.

Yet here we are.

Get ready.

Follow along tonight here.