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CM Punk’s ALL IN signing draws a big, appreciative crowd, and online jeers

In 2018, wrestling is full of polarizing figures. And even though it’s been more than four years since he last stepped inside the squared circle, you can definitely count Phil “CM Punk” Brooks among those figures. Probably more than ever, especially after a roller coaster summer.

When the verdict came down in favor of Punk and Colt Cabana in the defamation lawsuit filed against them by Dr. Chris Amann, the perceived victory over WWE made him a hero again. But another one-sided loss in UFC was built to with a lot of interviews where he talked about having no interest in pro wrestling. Already bristling from hearing him dismiss our beloved pastime as “the fake world”, word came out Cabana was suing Punk over alleged broken promises about covering legal fees from the Amann lawsuit. For many, that was the last straw with the Best in the World.

Not for everyone, however. Even as reports came in that references to the long-reigning WWE Champ were being booed at the Starrcast podcast convention happening elsewhere in Chicagoland on ALL IN weekend, the line for Punk’s sold out signing at the Pro Wrestling Tees retail store stretched for six blocks:

Folks feeling betrayed by Punk took to Twitter and used some pics from the signing to call out the man they feel turned their back on them, or is a bad friend to Cabana (or Corey Graves):

Phil being Phil, he couldn’t help but respond (to a brave soul who deleted their tweet as a result):

While some online jeered, the fans who showed up for a meet and greet which went on for seven hours told a different story. Their pics and videos show Punk embracing and encouraging some wrestling in-jokes, too:

Punk left it with this message, early this morning:

The complicated legacy of a man who’s called himself a “sociopathic straight-edge atheist jerk” continues.

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