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ALL IN results, live streaming match coverage: Cody vs. Nick Aldis

ALL IN is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., Sept. 1, 2018) from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois, at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on FITE TV, Honor Club, and most major cable pay-per-view (PPV) providers. In addition, WGN America will air “Zero Hour,” a special one hour lead-in to the PPV portion of the card, starting at 6 p.m. ET. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of ALL IN below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


The Golden Elite def. Rey Mysterio & Fenix & Bandido
Kazuchika Okada def. Marty Scurll
Kenny Omega def. Pentagon Jr.
Jay Lethal def. Flip Gordon
Hangman Page def. Joey Janela
Cody Rhodes def. Nick Aldis
Tessa Blanchard def. Madison Rayne, Britt Baker, and Chelsea Green
Christopher Daniels def. Stephen Amell
Matt Cross def. MJF
Flip Gordon wins the Over The Budget Battle Royal
SoCal Uncensored def. The Briscoe Brothers


Zero Hour Kickoff

Cody and The Bucks kick things off with a little pyro and introduce a legend - Road Warrior Animal on a motorcycle! Then they have Pro Wrestling Tees hand out some merch to the crowd.

SoCal Uncensored (Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs. the Briscoes

SCU come out in some sweet Rocky inspired gear. Scorpio Sky is dressed like Apollo Creed from Rocky 4 while Kazarian has got himself a Rocky inspired robe.

Sky grabs a mic and tells the crowd that this is the worst town they’ve ever been in (he actually had the crowd finish the catch phrase.) Kaz talks up being ALL IN.

Dem Boys start by mobbing Kazarian. But Scorpio soon tags in and goes nuts on the Briscoes. Kaz back in and working with with Mark. Sky back in with a top rope axe handle on the arm of Mark as Kaz holds it. Sky tosses Mark out of the ring but Jay rolls in with a big clothesline (he’s not legal) and suddenly Scorpio is in trouble.

Scorpio still having trouble but starts to fire up against Mark. But Mark pulls him back to the corner, Jay tags in, and Sky still in peril.

Scorpio hits a rana on Jay. Mark tries to stop him from making the tag but fails and Kaz comes in hot, taking out both brothers. He employs a northern lights on Jay while having Mark rolled up with his legs but gets a 2 count.

Sky is in and belly to belly Jay over the ropes onto Mark! And then Kaz hits a rana on the floor to Mark! The crowd is hot for SCU, despite this being the worst crowd they’ve ever been to! Scorpio with a tope con giro!

Back in the ring, but members of SCU have a dragon sleeper locked in. But Jay reaches over to Kaz and rakes the eye. And then rake to the eye to Sky.

Kaz and Jay trade blows in the middle. Mark hits a kick to the back of Kaz from the apron and Jay knocks Kaz out of the ring. Now Kaz is the one in trouble.

Sky finally recovers and tosses Jay Briscoe into the barricade. Then a big top rope frankensteiner to Mark. Jay back in but Kaz hits him with a DDT.

Jay back in the ring knocking out Sky. Jay Driller to Kaz and Mark with the Froggy Bo. 1-2- Sky breaks it up!

Scorpio tossed back out of the ring and Dem Boys set up the Doomsday Device... BUT KAZ REVERSES IT INTO A POWERSLAM FOR THE COVER ON MARK! SKY IN WITH A RUNNING KNEE TO JAY! KAZ PICKS UP THE WIN!

SCU def. the Briscoes


Alicia Atout is backstage with Kenny Omega. He cuts a brief promo about Pentagon and him putting on a match for the ages.

Long run of commercials, including a bunch of Pro Wrestling Tees commercials.

Over the Budget Battle Royal

Bunch of people around the ring already, including Moose, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, and Jimmy Jacobs.

Bully Ray also walks his way to the ring for this.

Dalton Castle is on commentary for this one.

Bully Ray just put a dude through a table on the floor. He was a masked man. He then tosses Chuckie T into the guardrail. Trent hits Bully with a suicide dive. The Jordynne Grace does the same. Every one is outside except for Tommy Dreamer and Billy Gunn. They tease a suicide dive but then just step out and hit some axe handles.

Moose has his moments and everyone tries to eliminate him. He tries a springboard moonsault and they all catch him and try to eliminate him. He’s on the apron and fights everyone off until he’s knocked out by a guy much smaller than him in Marko Stunt.

Brandon Cutler is eliminated.

Best Friends have themselves a moment and then share a huge... only to both be eliminated by Punishment Martinez.

Rocky Romero hits a ton of clotheslines until Brian Cage tosses him. Cheeseburger in with a bunch of palm strikes.... but also eliminated by Cage.

Stare down between Cage and Punishment.... and cage with a step up rana on Punishment. Punishment back with a head scissor! Both go for choke slams... but it’s Hurricane Helms that chokeslams both in succession! Tries it on Ethan Page but Page fights out.

Page and Helms find themselves on the apron Big boot from Page eliminates Helms but Colt Cabana then eliminates Page.

Dreamer tosses a trash can and a cookie sheet in the ring and starts going to town with him. But soon Bully hits Dreamer with that trash can and tosses him out. Marko Stunt, who is apparently back in this is face to face with Bully. Billy Gunn picks the little man up and uses him as a weapon.

Billy and Austin Gunn have themselves a moment together.

But Jimmy Jacobs goes low on Austin and then hits him with a five knuckle shuffle. He tries for a pedigree but Billy Gunn stops him - and Jacobs kisses Billy! But he’s then eliminated by Mr. Ass!

Martinez goes at Billy but Austin eliminates him! Father and son share a hug. Bully eliminates Austin Gunn and Billy delivers a Fameasser.


Marko Stunt puts Cage down with a swinging code breaker! But then he’s eliminated by Bully Ray!

Final 4: Cage, Grace, Gunn, Bully

Cage and Grace have a stare down. She hits a running powerbomb when he’s in the corner and eliminates him with a clothesline!

Now Jordynne and Bully face to face! She not backing down at all, insisting on chop. But he rakes her eyes instead. He sets her up for a superplex but she pushes him down, Colt grabs Bully’s legs and she headbutts his crotch! But as she goes to eliminate him, he reverses it and tosses her.

Down to Colt and Bully!

Colt takes a chair to Bully but Bully reverses the momentum and tosses Colt.

But it’s not over. That masked man (El Hijo de Chico) from earlier is in and nails Bully with superkick ...IT’S FLIP GORDON! FLIP GORDON ELIMINATES BULLY! HE’S WINS! HE’S ALL IN!

Flip Gordon wins the battle royal and gets a title match against Jay Lethal later tonight

Thanks to my man Decker for filling in on the pre-show since I don’t get WGN and Zero Hour was inexplicably not included in the iPPV feed. On with the show...

My life’s on time, but again my sense is late. Feel a might unsteady, but still I have to play. Six to one’s the odds, and, we have the highest stakes. And, once again I gamble with my very life today, but first, I’m All In to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The main show kicks off with a performance of The Star-Spangled Banner.

Commentary runs the card down for a bit of hype.

Matt Cross vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Cross with some fancy evasion early into a backflip taunt, Friedman gives him a round of applause and dumps him to the floor before faking out a dive and telling the crowd he doesn’t need to flip to get over. M-Dogg with a gamengiri from the apron, cartwheel off the top, headscissors takedown into a kip-up, MJF rolls to the floor and Matt takes flight... SASUKE SPECIAL!

Back inside, Cross perched up top but Max creates some room and pulls referee Todd Sinclair in front of himself when Matt follows after. Putting M-Dogg into the post, MJF taunts, snapmare, elbow drop to the arm and he stomps his wrist in to follow it and begin the armwork in earnest. Kneeling armbar, arm wringer... BACKHAMMER DOCTOR BOMB GETS A NEARFALL!

Into the corner, jockeying for position, Cross hits a Frankensteiner! Duck a lariat, arm limp at his side but he knocks Friedman down with a pair of lariats, handspring elbow into a springboard crossbody... NOPE! Charging in, MJF gets an elbow in and hits a double stomp to the arm! PACKAGE SHOULDERBREAKER FOR ANOTHER NEARFALL! Disdainful slaps and piefaces, M-Dogg rises and they slug it out forearm for forearm.

Rolling elbow blocked when Max spits in his eye, he ducks a lariat, a few flips to evade him and bam, eyepoke! Off the ropes, but a blind Cross lands a pump kick, wheelbarrow rolled through into a double stomp and both men are down and out! MJF capitalizes first, inverted cross armbar, M-Dogg reverses to a pin, to the apron, Max snaps his arm over the top rope... SLINGSHOT PILEDRIVER CAN’T PUT THE INDIE VETERAN AWAY!

Friedman to the second, moonsault comes up empty, Matt hits a rebound Ace Crusher, up top...

Matt Cross wins by pinfall with a shooting star press.

Sean Mooney is backstage for an interview with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick “Magnus” Aldis.

He talks up what a pleasure it is to be interviewed by one of the greats and says there’s a reason this show has so much buzz, and it’s all about the Ten Pounds of Gold. It’s the reason Cody Rhodes wants to etch his place in history, and it’s about taking the first step towards immortality, but he’s not going to extend Cody the pleasure of stepping over him at this point in time.

Jerry Lynn is introduced as the special guest referee for our next match.

Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell

Amell shoving at Daniels, the Fallen Angel goes for a full nelson and Stephen goes to ground to evade, so Chris just walks over him. Big chop but Amell wants more and fires back in kind! Exchanging chops, duck a lariat, big waistlock takedown and it’s the actor’s turn to walk on Daniels! Shove into the corner, chops and forearms, putting boots to him, Chris gets in referee Jerry Lynn’s face when he orders him to back off!

Stephen out of the corner with a dropkick, lands an enzuigiri and clotheslines the Fallen Angel to the floor! Throwing him into the barricade, Amell sets a table up and gets Chris on the apron. Daniels blocks a maneuver and returns to the ring where Amell follows and beats on him some more, choking him in the corner. Chris gets back into it with a back suplex and follows it with a kick to the ribs.

Stalking after him, more kicks to the ribs, hammerlock punch to the solar plexus takes the wind out of Amell! Body blows in the corner, Daniels throws him into the turnbuckles, front suplex gutbuster gets a nearfall! Clubbing blows to the back and the Fallen Angel locks an inverted bear hug on, I can hardly bear it! Stephen breaks with back elbows but gets caught with a shoulder block and Daniels hits an Arabian press moonsault to follow up.

Toying with Amell, remembering the table that was set up earlier Chris goes to suplex him over the ropes through it but Stephen blocks and my feed goes out for a moment. Back up, Amell goes for Cross Rhodes and Daniels escapes but a Falcon Arrow lands true to follow it up! Only a nearfall, he sets Daniels up seated in the corner and perches up top... COAST 2 COAST CAN’T PUT THE FALLEN ANGEL AWAY!

Duck an enzuigiri, Best Moonsault Ever... AMELL FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT! Setting him up in the corner, thinking about a superplex through the table but Stephen blocks and knocks Chris to the apron, where he staggers off and ends up on the table. Amell psyches himself up... ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE BUT DANIELS ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY! Referee Jerry Lynn counts as both men struggle to recover before he decides to take matters into his own hands and throws both of them back in the ring!

He and Daniels jaw at each other and Jerry takes his ref shirt off and throws it at the Fallen Angel! Shoving match ensues, Amell from behind with a schoolboy... NO GOOD! Raining punches down on the actor’s head and the back of his neck, Lynn warning him off time and again but Amell’s got double birds and defiance in his soul! Kick to the midsection, Angle’s Wings countered... STILL NO!

Judo throw from Daniels, up for the moonsault again... It’s over!

Christopher Daniels wins by pinfall with the Best Moonsault Ever.

Amell offers a handshake post-match and Daniels accepts it before raising his hand and they pose on the turnbuckles together.

Tenille “Emma” Dashwood and Mandy Leon join the commentary booth for our next match.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Chelsea Green vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard

Exchanging handshakes but Green doesn’t seem to understand the concept and kind of has to force herself. Tessa refuses and decks Rayne but gets yelled out of the ring by Chelsea! Blanchard and Madison fighting on the floor, Baker gets repeated pinning predicaments on Green, Chelsea with La Casita but neither woman is able to score a win. Arm drags, side headlock, shot off, arm drag blocked and Green turns it into an armbar.

Britt with a backflip escape, arm drag, charging in, sidestepped, knucklelock, Chelsea walks the ropes and slaps her posterior before hitting a springboard lucha arm drag. Banging her head into the turnbuckles, charging in... TESSA WITH A SPEAR OUTTA NOWHERE! Lariat sends Green to the floor, kick combo for Baker, charging elbow, boot up on the second try, and she gets Britt caught up in the ropes for a Codebreaker!

Jockeying for position with Rayne, cover comes up empty, Ranhei from Madison for two and she follows it with a headscissors takeover. Forearm in the ropes, whip reversed, Tessa clocks her with a forearm of her own! SHE MILITARY PRESS DROPS RAYNE INTO THE OTHER TWO ON THE FLOOR! Yanked outside before she can dive, Baker and Green head back in and Chelsea lays her out with a big boot!

Green with a suicide dive! Back inside with Blanchard, Tessa knocks her to the floor with a forearm, off the ropes... suicide plancha! Rayne with a crossbody to the floor! Britt and Madison in the ring, Baker with a Sling Blade, one for each Blanchard and Green when they come in but none of them end the match. Ripcord cutter from Rayne, Tessa breaks it up, delayed vertical on Maidson, but Chelsea sidesteps a charge!

Blanchard going for her DDT, jockeying for position with Britt and she gets a reverse STO in! Rayne with a satellite DDT, Green up top... missile dropkick connects! Chelsea with an avalanche one-handed bulldog on Baker... only a nearfall! The match breaks down with everybody hitting big moves, Britt with a superkick on Green... NOPE! Blanchard breaks a followup up, rollup, only two, jockeying for position and she decks Baker with a back elbow.

Madison with a crucifix driver... Baker breaks it up! Ripcored elbow, fisherman neckbreaker, Chelsea breaks it up this time! Going for her Killswitch, she hits it... FOOT ON THE ROPES! Front kick on Tessa, flip piledriver connects... STILL NO! Tessa with the hammerlock DDT, the save comes too late...

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall with the hammerlock DDT on Chelsea Green.

All four women celebrate together, because that’s what women do, I guess. (Although your liveblogger has to take her estradiol right now, as it turns out, so that’s some kinda timing.)

Chico el Luchador and Fat Ass Masa are shown seated in the front row.

Cody Rhodes vs. Nick “Magnus” Aldis (c) (NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship)

The atmosphere electric at the faceoff, Rhodes offers a handshake and it’s accepted and we’re off. Collar and elbow, right into a break, circling, Aldis with a wristlock, Cody picks his leg and Nick heads to the corner to force the break. Rhodes cartwheels away and taunts, leading Magnus to taunt in the corner in return. Back to the lockup, Cody with a hammerlock, reversal to a wristlock, an armbar, and Rhodes uses the ropes to reverse to a wristlock.

Side headlock, block the back suplex, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, big dropkick and the champ heads to the floor. Cody with a suicide dive and they follow it up by trading strikes on the floor. Straight suplex from Aldis, back inside, taking Rhodes corner to corner for chops, hammer whip, bridging fisherman suplex gets a nearfall and he grabs a reverse chinlock to slow it down.

To his feet, body blows to break, whip reversed and Cody takes the turnbuckles hard enough that referee Earl Hebner checks on him. Magnus on him with right hands to the face, whip across, Rhodes explodes out of the corner and checks him only to take a strike combo. Goldust drop down palm strike gets Cody into it but both men go for lariats and end up down and out!

Rhodes fired up, superkick connects, inverted facelock countered with a snapmare, back suplex but he lands on his feet, both men go for crossbodies and Nick goes to the floor to recover. Double jump springboard to the floor... ALDIS PLUCKS HIM OUT OF MIDAIR WITH AN ELBOW STRIKE! The champion rolls into the ring to look for a countout, Hebner talks to him and Diamond Dallas Page comes to ringside to check on Cody.

DDP giving him a pep talk, Rhodes recovers and Shawn Daivari comes to ringside and shoves Page! Dally’s hot at ringside as Daivari hits the ring and shoves Earl, DDP comes in... DIAMOND CUTTER! Hebner sends both of them to the back and orders Magnus back into it as we see that Cody’s busted open and wearing the crimson mask! Punching away at the open wound, Rhodes back in with a forearm, snap scoop powerslam, shades of his brother Dustin... NOPE!

Shove into the corner, Cody gets the boot up, heads up top, nobody home on the moonsault! Nick sets him up top and climbs up after him... AVALANCHE FALLAWAY SLAM! Diving splash to follow it... RHODES ISN’T GIVING UP HIS DREAM THAT EASY! Figure four leglock applied and the spirit of the Dream is here! Aldis fighting, he rolls over and reverses the pressure but Rhodes gets to the ropes in short order to break!

To the apron, Magnus charges, Cody picks the leg and trips him up but the champion is able to recover and hit a running powerslam on the floor! Back inside, chop to the throat in the corner, Rhodes reverses the whip, up and over blocked for the Alabama Slam but his back gives out and he just drops Aldis! Trying again, spinning and he hits the Alabama Slam! Only a nearfall!

Big powerbomb from the champion into the cloverleaf but Cody gets the ropes! Sitout piledriver follows, Nick drags him into the middle of the ring and climbs the turnbuckles as Brandi Rhodes enters the ring and begs him to back off. He perches, diving elbow... BRANDI COVERED CODY UP AND TOOK THE ELBOW FOR HIM! Drawing Cody up, disdainful slap, off the ropes... DISASTER KICK! CROSS RHODES... CAN’T PUT MAGNUS AWAY!

Slugging it out forearm for forearm after they get back to their feet, punch for punch, kick for kick and Rhodes gets the underhooks, going for Din’s Fire but Nick slips out. Off the ropes, sunset flip blocked and countered...

Cody Rhodes wins by pinfall with a rana pin, winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship that his father held thirty years ago.

Cody’s entourage, Diamond Dallas Page, Glacier, and Tommy Dreamer (among others) hit the ring to celebrate with the grandson of a plumber.

Nick Jackson goes to tell Hangman Page his match is up next and wakes Page from a dream, leading Hangman to try to choke him for a moment before he comes to his senses.

Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela (Chicago Street Fight)

Both men duck lariats at the jump but Page lands a big boot! Elbow and stomps to follow and he throws Janela to the floor to set up a suicide dive! Throwing him back in, Joey hits a dive of his own and throws Hangman back in only to get Mafia kicked right off the apron! Adam climbs the turnbuckles... DIVING MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! Page heads under the ring for plunder and comes up with a steel chair.

He sets it up in the ring, the Bad Boy with elbows but when he comes off the ropes Adam clocks him with a rolling elbow... FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE OPENED CHAIR! Only good for a nearfall, Janela rolls to the floor and ends up throwing Hangman into a literal cracker barrel! STEP UP TOPE CON GIRO OVER THE BARRICADE TO WIPE PAGE OUT! Taking the action back to ringside, Joey rolls the barrle at Adam but he jumps over it!

That’s okay, the Bad Boy has elbow strikes for him... AND PAGE ROCKS HIM WITH THE BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Hangman heads under the ring again and comes out with a table this time, throwing Joey in the ring before setting it up on the floor. Climbing the turnbuckles, looking for a superplex, Janela blocks, they jockey for position, fireman’s carry... BLU-RAY ONLY GETS TWO!

Penelope Ford helps Joey get a ladder out, bridging it from the apron to the barrel before returning to Page and punching him in the face a few times. Setting him up on the ladder, the Bad Boy climbs the turnbuckles but Adam cuts him off, Argentine backbreaker rack... ALPAMARE WATERSLIDE THROUGH THE LADDER! Hangman brings Janela and a bodybag into the ring and Ford grabs a sleeper hold to delay him!


They fight up the entry and to the stage, Janela takes a huge run-up and wipes him out with a lariat! Penelope brings another table over and they set it up in the entrance, under the steps. Superkick gets countered... HANGMAN POWERBOMBS HIM OFF THE STAGE AND INTO THE EDGE OF A TABLE! Back in the ring, Buckshot Lariat sets it up, Rite of Passage... FORD BREAKS IT UP!

She’s got the bodybag, Page dumps it out and it’s the cursed boots! He takes Penelope out but the distraction gives Janela time to recover and he gets a nearfall off a superkick! The Bad Boy goes under the ring again and gets another ladder, sliding it into the ring before doing the same for another table. He sets the ladder up and then the table, before setting Adam on the table and climbing the ladder.

Hangman cuts him off and gets the phone he killed Joey Ryan with! (Couldn’t make this up if I tried, folks.) He hammers Joey in the head with it and wraps the cord around his neck... RITE OF PASSAGE OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE! IT’S OVER!

Hangman Page wins with a corded phone-assisted Rite of Passage off a ladder and through a table.

Post-match, the lights go out and we see a bloodied Joey Ryan lying down somewhere. The lights come back up and a bunch of dudes in penis costumes walk out, taking position on either side of he entry. RYAN’S ALIVE! He gets in the ring and oils himself up while Page looks on in utter shock. He blocks a punch and puts Hangman’s hand on his penis... PENISPLEX!

A superkicks follows and Joey rolls Adam into the waiting arms of the penismen, who carry him out!

Jay Lethal is walking backstage when someone hands him a pair of Macho Man glasses and slaps his back, firing him up!

And when he makes his entrance, he’s wearing one of Randy Savage’s coats and accompanied by his brother, “Leaping” Lanny Poffo, the Genius himself!

Flip Gordon vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal (c) (ROH World Championship)

Code of Honor adhered to and they circle. Lethal goes behind with a waistlock and Gordon throws him aside. Jay heads to the floor and drags Brandi Rhodes across to another corner to keep him between her and Flip. She leaves the spot he put her in and he goes ahead and does it again, because Macho Man. Right hand jab, off the ropes, Gordon with an arm drag, he slides low, another arm drag, big chop, whip, Jay stops short, crossbody, only one.

Another arm drag, shoulder block, sending Flip into the ropes, he skins the cat and Lethal clobbers him to the floor anyway! Headed up top, he orders Brandi out of the way as she checks on Gordon but she refuses to move and a jealous Jay heads out after her to stop her. Into the ring, she informs him that she’s not Liz and he picks her up and sets her on his shoulder anyway.

She chops him in the shoulder and Lethal comes to his senses, confused. Into the corner, a chop, whip across, charging in, bigger chop, another whip and this time Flip gets a boot up. Hip toss, cartwheel into a dropkick but Gordon ducks it, Penalty Kick into a standing moonsault... NOPE! Duckign and dodging, repeated kip-ups and Flip taunts an increasingly hot Lethal.

Low bridge puts him on the floor, suicide dive, another one, and a tope con giro to finish the trifecta! Back inside, Gordon perches, turning splash... NO GOOD! Back suplex attempts from both men in turn, they land on their feet, victory roll pin gets Flip two and Jay returns a schoolboy to the same effect. Backslide, another two, sunset flip, same deal and Lethal hits a pump kick only for Gordon to hit a standing moonsault right in return!

Jockeying for position on the apron as they recover, going strike for strike, Black Machismo pops him into the corner but Flip lands a kick and perches, 450 splash but nobody’s home and he lands on his feet! Lethal Combination hits for two, a big chop keeps Gordon down and he calls for it but Flip recovers and gets a nearfall off an O’Connor roll. Jumping knee connects, Falcon Arrow... STILL NO!

Springboard, Jay catches him into an Argentine backbreaker rack, wrenches it in, inverted Finlay Roll follows and Leaping Lanny gets on the apron to suggest he go for the diving elbow, slapping his shoulder and bringing the Machismo back! Scoop and a slam, fingers in the air as he perches... HAIL TO THE KING! He goes up for another, and connects with it, but no cover, we’re going Warrior/Savage style!

The third elbow connects, cover made... FLIP KICKS OUT! HE’S FIRED UP AND LETTING A PRIMAL SCREAM OUT! THE POWER OF THE HULKSTER IS HERE! LETHALS PUNCHES DO NOTHING AND GORDON’S CRACK OUT! Big boot, he lets the crowd know he can hear them, off the ropes, Matrix evasion, Pele kick, springboard Sling Blade! Up top, nobody home, land on his feet, firema’s carry, moonsault slam, standing shooting star press, up top... CANCUN TORNADO CAN’T PUT THE RING OF HONOR WORLD CHAMPION AWAY!

Setting Lethal up in the corner, he blocks the avalanche Frankensteiner, Flip gets out of it, adjusts... AVALANCHE ACE CRUSHER! Handspring...

”Black Machismo” Jay Lethal wins by pinfall with Lethal Injection, retaining the ROH World Championship.

Lethal and Gordon are good sports but Bully Ray runs down to clobber them with a double clothesline and beat on Flip with a chain. Lanny makes the save and puts his dukes up but Bully kicks him in the gentleman’s area and heads under the ring for plunder. He sets up a table... AND COLT CABANA MAKES THE SAVE! Jay and Flip help hoist him up, shades of the Shield... TRIPLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon, Jr.

Penta gets in Omega’s face and drops the Cero Miedo, eliciting a shove from the Cleaner. He takes his glove off and throws it to referee Paul Turner before doing the handsign again and getting slapped! Off to the races, jockeying for position and Pentagon kicks his leg out from under him! Action to the floor, back in, whip across and Penta drops him with a lungblower out of the corner!

Kenny to the floor, Penta goes for a dive but Omega ducks him so he does the Cero Miedo again. Back in, Kenny snaps a Frankensteiner off and it’s Terminator time! Off the ropes... Pentagon cuts him off with a Sling Blade! TOPE CON GIRO! Pressing the attack on the floor, Pentagon bends him over the barricade and drops him with an overhand chop! Hamstring kick, they trade chops, whip Omega into the barricade but when he charges for a followup he eats a knee!

Charging at Penta now and he hits a snap scoop powerslam! Back in the ring, another overhand chop, the Cleaner turns it around on him with chops of his own and Pentagon goes right back to the hamstring kick to take his leg out from under him! Corner lariat, fired up, whip reversed and Omega hits the Finlay Roll into the the springboard moonsault but the knees are up!

Whip, duck the lariat, tornado DDT connects and Penta rolls to the floor for separation. Kenny with the springboard plancha before taking it back inside with Aoi Shoudou... NOPE! Off the ropes, Penta catches him with a superkick, waistlock, standing switch, Omega lands on his feet off a German suplex and hits the rolling elbow into a snap Dragon suplex!

Fired up, electric chair, Pentagon blocks with punches and hits a lungblower for two! Setting Kenny in position, he climbs up top for a diving double stomp but nobody’s home! Omega with a lariat, fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver into a pin... NO GOOD! Setting him in the corner... V-Trigger to the back of the head! Up top, jockeying for position, Penta slips out, hamstring superkick gets Kenny hung up in the ropes for the diving double stomp... ONLY A NEARFALL!

Package Piledriver, Omega floats over, backslide rolled into a V-Trigger, Cero Miedo as Pentagon kneels defiant and the Cleaner clocks him with another V-Trigger! Again the Cero Miedo goes up and this time Kenny snaps off a powerbomb, another V-Trigger... PENTA GOT THE ROPES! Electric chair, Pentagon slips out, package piledriver denied again but he hits a Pentagon Driver... HE CAN’T PUT THE IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AWAY!

On the apron, Omega with big chops and forearms, a front kick, a defiant Penta says some unkind things about Kenny’s mother in Spanish, catches a boot, front kick... PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ON THE APRON! He rolls Omega back in, diving double stomp... SO VERY CLOSE TO THREE! Kick to the midsection, Omega with a spinning package piledriver... SO CLOSE! V-TRIGGER! ELECTRIC CHAIR... again Penta counters, trapping the near arm... AND HE LEVERS THE FAR ARM BACK TO BREAK IT! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER... KENNY OMEGA SOMEHOW FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT!

Both men spent, crawling at each other to try and find a way to end it, Penta throws the Cero Miedo up again and Kenny catches the first kick but the second hits the injured arm! Omega fights through the pain, V-Trigger, Poison Frankensteiner... only a nearfall! Off the ropes, another V-Trigger, electric chair, Penta’s too spent to counter...

Kenny Omega wins by pinfall with One-Winged Angel.

Post-match, the lights go down and when they come back up moments later, Pentagon rises to blindside Kenny and put boots to him! CODEBREAKER! HE TAKES THE MASK OFF AND IT’S CHRIS JERICHO! He strips the Penta gear off to the waist and hits another Codebreaker! He gets on the mic and tells Kenny he’ll see him at his cruise!

Y2J accosts the commentary desk and knocks Don “Cyrus” Callis down!

Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

Collar and elbow, Okada forces him into the corner and breaks dirty with the pat to the chest. Scurll returns the favor before grabbing a hammerlock and taking the Rainmaker to ground. Shift to a pin, Kazuchika reveres to a wristlock, reversed to a side headlock, shot off and Marty’s shoulder block does nothing. Another shoulder block, same result, and when he bids Okada do his own, the Villain gets knocked flat!

Float over the slam, front chancery, Rainmaker blocks the suplex but gets passed into the corner for chops and uppercuts. Okada turns it around on him, forearms, Marty sidesteps the charge and goes for the suplex again, but it’s reversed and Kazuchika hits the suplex himself. A superkick knocks Okada to the floor and Scurll dives on him! To the floor, Marty pressed the attack before coming back inside and stomping away at the arm.

Okada comes back with a neckbreaker for two before dumping the Villain to the floor and giving some of his own medicine back, striking away before snapping a DDT off! Back in the ring, the Rainmaker’s happy to take the countout as referee Tiger Hattori counts and Scurll rolls around on the floor clutching his neck, but soon enough he’s bored and brings him back in to hit a slingshot senton atomico.

Marty crawling up Kazuchika’s body, throwing chops at a laughing Rainmaker, who takes him down with a Japanese stranglehold. Scurll struggles to his feet and barely reverses the hold in order to hit a lungblower! Okada charges in, eats an uppercut only to get a boot off, and Marty stops his rally before it really gets going by kicking his leg out from under him and sidestepping a charge.

Gamengiri into a tornado DDT... NOPE! Back and forth, the Rainmaker lands another DDT for another nearfall, but Scurll reverses the Reverse Neckbreaker into a pin for two. Trading shots, Okada catches the fakeout superkick, Marty gets a lariat and then the brainbuster! Slow to capitalize, still clutching the injured neck, the Villain wastes time posing and the Rainmaker’s able to block the piledriver.

Scurll fired up, he goes for another try but just gets dropped by the Reverse Neckbreaker! Headed up top, the Villain recovers in time to cut him off, they jockey for position and Marty refuses to be knocked down! SUPERPLEX CONNECTS! Trading pinning predicaments in the aftermath like RVD and Jerry Lynn, Scurll snaps off a Tenryu Powerbomb... NOT ENOUGH!

Rainmaker back in with a shotgun dropkick, up top for the missile dropkick but it’s only good for a nearfall! Up for the Tombstone Piledriver, Scurll reverses into a DDT, goes for a Tombstone of his own but Okada reverses and gets the piledriver first! Rainmaker taunt, wristlock, Marty blocks the Rainmaker proper by wishboning the fingers! Off the ropes, dropkick connects but the Villain is able to duck the Rainmaker and lock the crossface chickenwing on!

Okada fights to his feet and is able to counter with a senton only for Scurll to get the chickenwing back on! He can’t lock the fingers, Kazuchika rolls into a pin... NO GOOD! Jockeying for position, Marty shoves Okada into referee Tiger Hattori and brings the umbrella into play, opening it to block a Rainmaker and cracking it across Okada’s head! MARTY HITS A RAINMAKER OF HIS OWN FOR A TIGHT NEARFALL!

Okada gets the Rainmaker... NO! Scurll is spent but begging for more! Okada slinging forearms at him, Marty getting knocked down again and again but rising, steel in his back and fire in his spirit, spititng at the Rainmaker and slapping him across the face! Wrenching the finger again, Okada connects with the discus Rainmaker, grabs the wrist again...

Kazuchika Okada wins by pinfall with the Rainmaker.

Bandido, Rey Fenix, & Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Golden Elite (Kota Ibushi, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson)

Matt and Bandido to start, trading right hands! Off the ropes, drop down, handspring, Jackson evades, side headlock, reversed, to the corner, back elbow, springboard tornillo! Matrix evasion into a headstand kip-up, off the ropes, headscissors takeover puts the Buck on the floor and Bandido hits a corkscrew tope!

Back in, Nick with the blind tag and the Bucks double-team Bandido before he tags Fenix in. Back body drop countered to a Frankensteiner, knucklelock, step-up Arabian press arm drag, Matt ducks a kick but eats an Ace Crusher... NOPE! Tags made, it’s Ibushi vs. Mysterio and the roof comes off the building! Drop down, leapfrog, Rey snaps off a Frankensteiner, springboard, caught in the electric chair, Mysterio slips out but Kota hits a superkick, standing moonsault, nobody home and a stalemate!

Hammerlock countered to a flying mare, shove off, front kick, Ibushi levels Rey with a chest kick when he comes off the ropes and tags Matt in. Rey to the corner, whip across, boot up, rolling thunder tornado DDT connects! Fenix and Matt in, whip, wheelbarrow, reversed into a rolling Face Eraser! Tags to Ibushi and Bandido, the luchador gets a few kicks in but his standing moonsault comes up empty!

Standing moonsault knees from the Golden Star, waistlock, standing switch, Fenix in but Ibushi clobbers them both with a single Pele kick! Tag to Nick, kicks for everybody, corner knee for Fenix and a bulldog / lariat combo levels the field! Double jump escalera and the Golden Triangle, Mysterio hits a springboard Frankensteiner and then an Asai Moonsault in short order!

Fenix with the tornillo, the fountain of dives continues and Bandido hits a tornillo of his own! Fighting up the entry and a cannonball senton wipes Fenix and Bandido out! Bandido in the ring, tag to Matt Jackson, the poewrbomb / kick combo in the corner and they tag Ibushi in. Powerbomb tosses Bandido into the loving arms of Kota’s German suplex... NOPE! Double whip, superkick party denied and Bandido hits a Frankensteiner on all three guys before tagging Rey in! Drop the Dime on Matt, rolling solebutt on Nick, wheelbarrow sets Matt up... 619 BUT JACKSON CATCHES HIM! Nick and Kota on the apron but Fenix walks the ropes and takes Ibushi out! Fenix and Rey isolate Matt, get him set back up... 619 connects!

Fenix with the rolling thunder flip piledriver, Bandido with a Poison Frankensteiner, and they dive on their other two opponents together as Mysterio hits the springboard frog splash... NOT ENOUGH TO PUT MATT JACKSON AWAY! Jockeying for position in the corner, Bandido gets the moonsault fallaway slam... NICK BREAKS IT UP! Bandido catches a kick, rolls over his back, handstand but he gets cut off with a superkick!

Rey springboards... SUPERKICKS! Fenix... SUPERKICKS! They set Bandido up, More Bang For Your Buck with extra Ibushi... FENIX BREAKS IT UP! Bandido up for it, Nick springboards....

Golden Elite win by pinfall with a Meltzer Driver from the Young Bucks on Bandido.

We’re outta time, folks!

That’s the show.

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