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Shane Strickland relieves Matt Riddle of his last remaining indie obligation at Evolve 108

With rumors of Matt Riddle at long last heading to WWE flying more and more frequently of late, all eyes were on Evolve’s four August dates (doubleheaders with fellow WWE-affiliated indie promotion Progress to the last) to see if the Evolve World Champion would be dropping the title at any of the shows.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long, because at Evolve 108 today (check here for full results), in an total tour de force main event built around working Riddle’s injured hand (including an absolutely sickening arm break spot at one point) and jawing at his wife and children who were in the crowd, well, see for yourself...

The King of Swerve is king of the mountain in Evolve now, but Strickland’s night didn’t end with simple victory, no. He demanded the locker room empty to show the new champ their appreciation, and in the end, he got six men— Anthony Henry, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams, Saieve Al Sabah, Jon Davis, Darby Allin, and JD Drake. All of whom were less interested in paying respects to the champ, and more in making their presence known as potential challengers.

Indeed, Al Sabah, the newest member of Evolve’s roster, has the first crack, with a non-title match scheduled for tomorrow night in Melrose, Massachusetts. He’s impressed already in a four-way last month and in action against Henry tonight, and even going the distance with the new champ could mean the world for his career.

And as for the King of Bros, well, he hasn’t explicitly said goodbye yet, but without the Evolve World Championship around his waist, he has no remaining ties keeping him bound to the indies. So if he were inclined to be going somewhere, perhaps even to a place that rhymes with “bubble dew bubble dew bee”, well, there are no more loose ends to clean up.

There you have it, folks

It was easily one of the best matches in Evolve history, and now Riddle’s free and clear of the obligations of a champion. Excited to see what’s next for these two kings, Cagesiders?

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