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Cup of coffee in the big time: Does ALL IN’s legacy depend on the card actually delivering?

Being The Elite on YouTube

Starrcast is in full swing and ALL IN is just around the corner.

The entire weekend has proven more than successful, drawing fans from across the world to participate in something with the potential to permanently alter the wrestling business.

But given the event hasn’t happened yet, does the quality of the show matter in the final verdict of ALL IN’s legacy?

The card features a few matches that could be great and a lot of stuff that feels a little lackluster.

In a lot of ways it feels like a Ring of Honor show with the volume turned up a bit.

Pentagon vs. Omega could be good, or it could be one of those things where Penta doesn’t mesh perfectly with a new opponent on the first go-round. That said, it’s far and away the match I’m most excited for on the show.

The Bucks & Ibushi vs. Mysterio Jr., Fenix & Bandido match will likely be amazing. And I’m all about a Joey Janela vs. Hangman Page Chicago street fight.

Beyond that, though? The card is leaving me cold, and I’m not alone.

Cody vs. Aldis is interesting in the story of Rhodes trying to hold the title that meant so much to his father and they’ve done a great job with the videos. But I can’t remember a time I’ve much cared for an Aldis match before, during or after it took place.

My podcast co-host may be in the battle royal, but I’m not a fan of battle royals — royal rumbles, though? That’s another story.

Okada vs. Scurll? Not the best use of Okada. Actually, among the worst possible uses with this pool of talent. Daniels vs. Amell? No thanks. Mashing four talented women into a four-way which may be the worst way to feature them and simply feels like an attempt to “have a women’s match?” I’m good.

But does it matter if there’s not even a single memorable match? This is, after all, about the experience and accomplishment of making the event happen.

Maybe it’s best to sit back, see what happens and accept the event’s place in history is already established. A great event would just be a bit of icing.

Another week down. Gonna celebrate!

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