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Lucha Underground recap & review: Take the head off the snake

The eighth episode of season four (August 1) for Lucha Underground featured Pebbles Flintstone, a new referee, a smoking skull, and a headless snake.

Another luchador bit the dust. Say it with me, “Let’s find out who died.”

Metalachi played us into the Temple.

Melissa Santos had a different hairstyle. I don’t know what it is called. A single unbraided ponytail on the top of her head? That combined with her dress made me think of a grown up Pebbles Flintstone.

Daga vs PJ Black

Kobra Moon was by Daga’s side, while PJ flew solo. PJ dissed a fan on a high five fake-out.

The match was more methodical than I was expecting. They did plenty of cool moves, just at a slower pace.

Highlights include PJ countering out of a guillotine choke into a suplex, PJ with a pendulum submission and bouncing Daga’s head against the bottom turnbuckle, a reverse suplex into a dragon sleeper by PJ, and Daga’s shotgun dropkick.

The finish began as PJ Black climbed the turnbuckle. After PJ played to the crowd, Daga knocked his legs out. That led to a top rope Frankensteiner, but Black rolled through for a two count pin. Some mat frolicking followed. Daga made the most of it by securing an arm or elbow lock in a crucifix position. PJ Black tapped.

Daga defeated PJ Black via submission.

After the match, Daga kept PJ in place as Kobra Moon called the troops. Drago and Vibora came out for a 4-on-1 beating. It wasn’t long before Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Ricky Mundo came to aid their cohort.

Ricky Mundo stumbled over the ropes into the presence of Vibora. Ricky didn’t back down. Slap! No effect.

Worldwide Underground used kendo sticks as the great neutralizer.

Kobra Moon and Johnny Mundo cut a promo setting up a 4 vs 4 match next week. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Mundo will pledge allegiance to Kobra Moon. If Worldwide Underground wins, Kobra Moon will grant one wish.

Johnny Mundo was clowning the entire time with funny faces and fake reactions of fear. He closed with, “It looks like next week we both get to win something. I win a wish. And you four jamokes are fixing to win a first class trip to Slamtown.”

Johnny, PJ, and Taya did their celebratory pinwheel handshake. Ricky was off to the side. He was upset that he was left out. They ignored his frustration.

Mack and Catrina locker room segment

Mack was preparing in the locker room when Catrina appeared. Not ghosting. Only creeping. Mack blurted, “Damn, lady. They need to put a bell on you or something.”

Catrina brought grim news. Mil Muertes is coming for Mack. Mil doesn’t forget and doesn’t relent. Mack stood his ground. Catrina countered, “Death swirls around you, Mack. Breath it in. Your cousin certainly did.”

Catrina did a Fonzie jukebox knock on the locker. The door opened and a skull with a cigar was inside. Big Ryck’s skull to be exact.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. in-ring promo

In split English and Spanish, El Dragon Azteca Jr. basically said he will make the Eagle Tribe proud and win the Lucha Underground championship at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Until then, he will defend the Gift of the Gods championship against anyone who thinks they can win.

Trios championship: Mack, Killshot, Son of Havoc vs Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte)

There is a new referee in the Temple. I believe his name is Nick Lira. He looks like he could be a relative to referee Justin Borden. Maybe that’s why Borden for a haircut this season; so the two wouldn’t be confused.

To start the match, Paul London was in the corner pelvic thrusting.

Trios action was all over the place. Commentary tried to put over the idea that Killshot was picking up the slack for his team, or at least he felt he needed to.

Highlights include Saltador with a springboard front forward flip to the outside, Tower of Doom, and Killshot stomping all the rabbits.

The finish played out after Mala Suerte executed a cutter to Killshot. Mala Suerte turned around into a Mack stunner. Mack went up for a bullfrog splash. On Mack’s climb, Killshot tagged himself in. After Mack’s impact, Killshot picked up the pin. Killshot handed the championship belts to each member, although he caked on the attitude.

Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc retained.

Cage & King Cuerno vs Pentagon DARK

Look at the sweet deer head in that photo. Is that the first time this season?

It was supposed to be a tag match with Cage and Pentagon DARK picking their own partners. Cage chose a cold-blooded killer, King Cuerno. Pentagon decided to go to solo. Cero miedo, mucho estupidez.

Pentagon had control early, but the numbers eventually caught up to him. Highlights include a frog splash by King Cuerno followed by a flying elbow from Cage, Cuerno misdirecting the ref to knee Pentagon in the cojones, and a Mexican Destroyer by Pentagon.

After Cuerno connected on a Thrill of the Kill, Cage dismissed Cuerno from duty. Cuerno had no issue with it as they seemed to have an understanding. A sitdown Tombstone piledriver was enough for Cage to win.

After the fight, Cage sandwiched Pentagon’s head with chairs. Twice.

Cage & King Cuerno defeated Pentagon DARK.

Johnny Mundo & Taya in the Reptile lair

Cut to the middle of the desert. Johnny Mundo and Taya entered a stinky realm. “Smells like slimy d-bags to me.” Mundo was wearing an Indiana Jones hat. “Alright, babe. Time to cut the head off a snake.”

Drago was chained down over to the side. Drago growled and Vibora appeared from behind. Vibora kicked Taya to the ground and was handling business with Mundo. Mundo was a split second from losing consciousness. Once Taya came to, she grabbed her weapon for some snake whacking.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Down went Vibora.

(Unsheathing sword sound.) “Let’s kneecap this turd cutter.” Taya laughed. “No, you said to take the head off the snake. ... I don’t ever want to lose you to the Reptile Tribe.” Taya chopped off Vibora’s head with Daga’s sword.

The last image after Mundo and Taya left was Vibora’s noggin on the floor. The dismembered cranium had neon green innards. Drago let out a growling roar.

A very solid episode from Lucha Underground. It was enjoyable, but I wasn’t feeling it to the max this time around. Something was off. Maybe it was me. The wrestling was dandy. The scenes were even better. The main event was a little lacking. I’m putting the blame on Antonio Cueto. I don’t understand why he decided to make that match. It was kind of a filler. A main event should not be filler.

The opening match must have been an example of PJ Black’s new style that he mentioned at San Diego Comic Con. He displayed more power and technician moves. I can dig it. He’ll have to put that aside during next week’s clash between Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe. He’s going to put the boots to some reptile heads.

Even though Catrina is hot-blooded now, she is still cold. That was some spooky sorcery she dropped by having Big Ryck’s skull in the locker. Mack had the right reaction. After I make sure Ryck’s cigar was not a fire hazard, I would have curled up in the corner. Son of Havoc needs to bring Bagel Bites to make sure Mack doesn’t crack.

If you think you might have missed something, Big Ryck’s skull was a reference to the comic books between season one and season two. Mil Muertes took Ryck’s soul in a back alley brawl. Kraka Koom!

El Dragon Azteca Jr. made a silly decision. Does winning the Lucha Underground championship mean more at Ultima Lucha? I think not. A win is a win no matter when. From that aspect, he acted stupid. From the aspect of making good TV, I’m in. I suppose it will be an open challenge until Ultima Lucha Cuatro. I won’t complain about Azteca having entertaining matches each time out. It will give luchadores such as Ivelisse, Jake Strong, and Dezmond X something to do. Gold on the line provides enough sizzle to get excited.

That sneak tag from KIllshot to win the Trios match was interesting. It was smart strategy and also a butthead move. I guess it would depend on Killshot’s motivation. It was smart, because Mack was holding his ribs in pain after the bullfrog splash. Killshot swooped in to save precious seconds on the pin. I can’t fault Killshot on that one.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Pentagon DARK is an idiot. He paid the price for his bravado tonight. As of right now, I’m not looking forward to stupid Pentagon vs stupid Azteca at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. I’m sure the match would be fine, but I wouldn’t have any rooting interest in either character. I’ll have to drink a lot of Modelo for that one. Brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother.

My comparison of Pentagon DARK to Roman Reigns, a few weeks ago, went over as well as a fart in church. Don’t worry. I’ll leave it be. But, how about John Cena? Granted, Pentagon lost, but he had his moments. One too many, if you ask me. I felt the match should have been more of a squash. Cage and King Cuerno are two of the top stars. I understand they need to make the match entertaining, but I wasn’t buying into it. It’s not that big of a deal though. The right guys won and the feud has been taken to the next level.

That was a strong ending for this episode. Bye bye, Vibora. I was not expecting him to be vanquished so soon. I think he’ll be back next week despite his head being chopped off. I’m guessing either he’s not a normal snake or Kobra Moon has some type of special powers, aside from being a genie.

Add one to the injured/dead/sacrificed list. Hernandez, Marty Martinez, Famous B, Big Bad Steve, Fenix, Jeremiah Crane, Mr. Pectacular, Cortez Castro, Mascarita Sagrada, Angelico (?), Sammy Guevara, Vinnie Massaro, the pizza delivery guy, and Vibora.

Lucha Underground is killing off characters so fast that I’m wondering if it is to be taken as a joke, like how South Park killed Kenny every episode. Something feels fishy. I’m starting to ponder if Aerostar will flex his time muscles to alter the universe in a way that everyone returns for season five.

Share your thoughts about the episode. How did this episode sit with you? What is your opinion of Killshot’s methods? How would you react to seeing Big Ryck’s skull? Will it be a stupid is as stupid does main event at Ultima Lucha Cuatro? Do you play Vampiro’s drinking game?

See you next week for the four-on-four (four-on-three?) action of Worldwide Underground battling the Reptile Tribe.

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