Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (Aug. 27 - 28, 2018)

Another TV week passes, one of surprise appearances, storyline advancements, (re)arrivals and (claimed) departures. So what did the online Universe make of it? Once more into the YouTube and Facebook video uploads to see what caught fire and what glowed briefly before dying off now we're a week on from Summerslam...


1 Braun Strowman challenges Roman Reigns for Hell In A Cell (Raw) 2.2m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 28
2 Trish Stratus interrupts and slaps Elias (Raw) 1.29m
3 King Booker inducts The New Day into the Five-Timers Club (SmackDown) 1.28m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 29
4 Strowman & Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (Raw) 1.1m
5 Kevin Owens quits (Raw) 945k
6 Seth Rollins vs Owens (Raw) 893k
7 Becky Lynch ambushes Charlotte Flair (SmackDown) 729k
8 Dean Ambrose vs Jinder Mahal (Raw) 644k
9 Samoa Joe promises to visit the Styles' home (SmackDown) 588k
10 Daniel Bryan vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas (SmackDown) 435k
11 Alexa Bliss cuts a promo on Stratus (Raw) 432k
12 Jeff Hardy challenges Randy Orton for Hell In A Cell (SmackDown) 386k
13 Strowman hands over the Money In The Bank briefcase (Raw) 364k
14 Owens answers Rollins' open challenge (Raw) 352k
15 Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin (Raw) 348k
16 Almas challenges Bryan (SmackDown) 345k
17 Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke (Raw) 338k
18 Triple H vs the Undertaker hype package (Raw) 293k
19 The Bar vs Gallows & Anderson vs the Colons (SmackDown) 279k
20 Natalya vs Alicia Fox (Raw) 246k


1 The Shield members attempt to take down Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre (Raw) 1.4m
2 Strowman challenges Reigns (Raw) 1.2m
3 Joe calls AJ's wife (SmackDown) 658k
4 Ambrose vs Mahal (Raw) 578k
5 Owens quits (Raw) 553k
6 Balor vs Corbin (Raw) 500k
7 Hardy challenges Orton (SmackDown) 476k
8 Stratus interrupts Elias (Raw) 446k
9 King Booker congratulates New Day (SmackDown) 366k
10 Bella Twins set a match for next week (Raw) 333k
11 The Iiconics cut a promo on Naomi (SmackDown) 317k
12 Natalya vs Fox (Raw) 281k
13 Rollins vs Owens (Raw) 254k
14 Tony Nese is ejected from ringside during Kalisto vs Buddy Murphy (205 Live) 252k
15 Bobby Lashley vs the Ascension (Raw) 167k
16 Carmella vs Flair (SmackDown) 166k
17 Bar vs Gallows & Anderson vs Colons (SmackDown) 166k
18 Mustafa Ali runs in on Hideo Itami (205 Live) 161k
19 Kalisto vs Buddy Murphy (205 Live) 138k
20 Riott Squad answer the Bellas' callout (Raw Fallout) 133k

- Braun returns to his old place atop the charts and didn't even have to overturn anything big to get there. A different segment for each, but with both topping a million views on both metrics in another busy week for viewing figures it doesn't make the greatest difference. After that battle comes, as far as YouTube goes, a good pair of examples of the maxim that a surprise appearance is always money, and as we've seen a couple of times in the recent past so is even the implication of woman-on-man violence. Booker T has only been off our screens since Jonathan Coachman's return in January, bar one week in April, and yet people are already flocking to see his temporary return. Rounding off what Booker would call our Fave Five, the suddenness and simplicity of Owens' declaration clearly has people interested from the get-go, although Ambrose vs Mahal has since overtaken it.

- The women beyond Trish deserve a mention this week too, with Sasha vs Dana overtaking Corbin vs Balor and Strowman with Corbin already. There's some debate as to whether that's a good or bad figure for Alexa given it came in the aftermath of and refers to Trish's return but outpacing Natalya by that much with an essentially throwaway promo suggests there's an interest in her right here that definitely wasn't always there during her title reign. The Bellas' cameo being in the top ten on Facebook and #21 on YouTube is fascinating.

- Facebook figures also look strong this week but they're also confusing to a degree, disagreeing on the hot angles on SmackDown and the second hottest Raw segment and suddenly deciding the Iiconics and Tony Nese were attractions all along. But if you thought Rollins vs Owens and the SmackDown women's title rematch (the aftermath wasn't uploaded, just as the match was represented only by its end on YouTube) had oddly underachieved, Bryan vs Almas is at #25 with 105k. And even that is nothing compared to the Revival beating the B-Team (#24 on YouTube, ahead of Lashley), which by our cutoff point had achieved a grand total of 6k Facebook views. Even now it's only on 7.5k. Top Guys out.

- Lastly, this is my final weekly YouTube and Facebook update, partly due to work commitments and partly because nine months of having compiled and analyzed all these statistics week in week out is probably enough. I know there's regulars in the comments who also keep an eye on the figures and it'd be welcomed if someone wants to volunteer to pick it up from here, and I may start another regular, non-numerical series in a little while as well as the third annual obituary roundup at the end of the year. Regardless, thank you for reading and engaging this whole time with what's really just been putting numbers in order.

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