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Lucha Underground Mid-Season Awards

Season four of Lucha Underground has hit the halfway point. A ton of memorable moments have occurred thus far. Let’s celebrate good times by handing out awards for worthy winners.

Best Moment: Johnny Mundo proposing to Taya

Just when Taya was at her wit’s end for Johnny using his wish to free Drago, Johnny popped the question. “Kobra Moon could not grant my wish, because, Taya, only you can do that. ... Will you marry me?” Surprising and touching. We’ll get to see the wedding this week.

Contenders: Vinnie Massaro out of steam running the ropes against Matanza, the reveal of the White Rabbit, Big Ryck’s skull, Mack wearing the goofy Haunted House hat and saying, “Trick or treat, mother fu-.”

Best Death: Vibora

Nothing like using a huge sword to decapitate a giant snake. Trying to kill Vibora is the scariest homicide attempted this season. Taya is stone cold. Look at the result of her handiwork.

Lucha Underground

Contenders: Benjamin Cook at the hands of Ricky Mundo’s pen, Mascarita Sagrada via bludgeoning from Paul London.

Best Maneuver: Sammy Guevara off the Temple ladder

Wheee! Talk about making an impression. He was heading to scrub city before that maneuver. A couple seconds later, Sammy Guevara made believers out of the Believers.

Contenders: Animo, Fenix’s second story crossbody, Dezmond X leaping from the second floor, human centipede, Daga’s corner dropkick.

Best GIF: Vinnie Massaro standing up to Matanza

This is only from the GIFs provided by the Lucha Underground Twitter account.

Vinnie with the typical inappropriate Italian gesture then slapping Matanza was equal parts funny and badass. That meatball knew he was going to be Matanza chow, but he went out fighting like a Sicilian.

Contenders: Antonio Cueto knocking over the framed photo of Dario, Catrina ghosting into King Cuerno’s trophy room.

Most Improved: Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon is 100% improved. Her fitness level and wrestling prowess are noticeably better. Not that either were bad before, just now they are on point.

What stands out the most is her character work. Kobra Moon makes me believe the gimmick. The person behind the mask is Kobra Moon. All her mannerisms and movements are perfect for the character. Although she gets stomped in that GIF above, it shows her crouching into a menacing pose prior.

Kobra Moon’s Reptile Tribe pal is a close second. Vibora’s arsenal of moves is drastically different than in season three. Both have put in work.

Contenders: Vibora, El Dragon Azteca Jr. Azteca was good to begin with, but he is taking it to another level this season.

Best Duo: Kobra Moon and Jeremiah Snake

Tandem maneuvers for the win. Their chemistry is cool to see. The contenders all have better stories, but none match the cohesiveness in the ring.

Contenders: Taya and Johnny Mundo, Melissa Santos and Fenix, Aerostar and Drago.

Best Feud: Worldwide Underground vs Reptile Tribe

Faction warfare is always wonderful. This one involved the death of a snake and the return of a Snake. The surprise of Aerostar Mundo joining up in the finale was an awesome touch.

Contenders: Pentagon DARK vs Cage, Melissa Santos vs Catrina.

Best Match: Pentagon DARK vs Cage in Last Man or Machine Standing

The Last Man or Machine Standing match was a bruising battle. Both competitors showed their determination, perseverance, and ability to wreck one another. The amount of violence might not be for everyone. I thought it was entertaining but not over the line hardcore.

In terms of pure wrestling, I would look toward King Cuerno vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. It was solid from bell to bell and got the Believers rocking.

Contenders: Mil Muertes vs Fenix vs Jeremiah Crane in 3 Way to the Grave, King Cuerno vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

MVP: Pentagon DARK

Pentagon DARK entered season four as Lucha Underground champ. He has successfully defended in Aztec Warfare 4, once against Matanza, and twice against Cage. That is no easy lineup. He is showing why the fans made him top dog.

Contenders: There is not really anyone else standing out yet. El Dragon Azteca Jr. is picking up steam, but the difficulty of opponents is not at Pentagon’s level. Mil Muertes won the 3 Way to the Grave and Haunted House specialty matches. He could take the top sot by season’s end if he gets put into more main events.

What are your picks for each category? Additions to the contender lists? Are there any luchadores you can see winning by season’s end if things go their way? Any dark horse picks to surprise in the second half of season four?

If you have been out of the Lucha Underground loop, be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 8pm ET on El Rey Network.

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