Most viewed WWE videos from SummerSlam, Raw and SmackDown (Aug. 19 - 21, 2018)

We're at the end of one of the biggest weeks, at least third biggest, of the WWE calendar. The bandaid has been ripped off the Universal championship situation, a four month veteran is a Raw champion, there's been surprises, shocks and squashes, and we're all just about coping with it all. How about the people out there in what we used to call cyberspace? Once more it's time to see what the YouTube and Facebook dwelling parts of the WWE Universe have been watching and rewatching this week, and as it's a big PPV we start with the stats from Sunday night...

SummerSlam YouTube

1 Roman Reigns post-match backstage interview 1.4m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 20
2 Brock Lesnar F-5s Braun Strowman 903k
3 Ronda Rousey decimates Alexa Bliss 806k
4 Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler 480k
5 Charlotte Flair backstage interview 369k
6 Rousey post-match backstage interview 354k
7 Strowman attacks Kevin Owens 328k
8 Lana drops Zelina Vega 312k
9 Rollins post-match backstage interview 310k
10 Demon Finn Balor entrance 296k
11 Daniel Bryan gets offense in on The Miz 287k
12 Bludgeon Brothers vs the New Day 271k
13 Samoa Joe suicide dive onto AJ Styles 254k
14 Flair gets offense in on Becky Lynch and Carmella 248k
15 Rousey wins the title 196k
16 Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb on Shinsuke Nakamura 194k
17 Rousey's backstage title belt photoshoot 178k
18 Styles apologizes to his family backstage 172k
19 Lynch storms out before she can be interviewed 145k
20 The B-Team vs the Revival 115k

SummerSlam Facebook

1 Lesnar vs Reigns 1.7m
2 Rousey vs Bliss 1.5m
3 Strowman vs Owens 992k
4 Reigns interview 828k
5 Ziggler vs Rollins 818k
6 Rousey wins 810k
7 Demon Balor entrance 553k
8 Flair vs Lynch vs Carmella 522k
9 Hardy vs Nakamura 494k
10 Rousey's title belt photoshoot 492k
11 Rollins wins 447k
12 Flair interview 401k
13 Rollins interview 396k
14 Flair vs Lynch vs Carmella (different clip) 382k
15 Bryan vs Miz 365k
16 Styles vs Joe 346k
17 Bludgeon Brothers vs New Day 315k
18 Styles apologizes 303k
19 Rusev & Lana vs Andrade Almas & Vega 290k
20 Paul Heyman pre-show backstage interview 246k

TV YouTube

1 The Shield reunite against Strowman (Raw) 2.9m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 21
2 Rousey locks Stephanie McMahon in an armbar (Raw) 2.2m
3 Reigns offers Balor a title match (Raw) 1.7m
4 The Shield celebrate (Raw Fallout) (Raw) 1.4m
5 Lynch explains her turn on Flair (SmackDown) 1.3m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 22
6 Dean Ambrose vs Ziggler (Raw) 1.28m
7 Brie Bella returns to challenge the Miz and Maryse (SmackDown) 1.25m
8 Triple H promotes his match with the Undertaker (Raw) 1.1m
9 Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton (SmackDown) 1.0m
10 Kurt Angle tells Paul Heyman he won't give Lesnar a title rematch (Raw) 808k
11 The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers (SmackDown) 769k
12 Samoa Joe attacks AJ Styles during the promo battle (SmackDown) 702k
13 Corbin becomes acting GM (Raw) 514k
14 Corbin vs Bobby Lashley (Raw) 391k
15 Carmella is told she'll get a rematch next week (SmackDown) 375k
16 The aftermath of Flair and Lynch's brawl (SmackDown Fallout) 343k
17 Sasha Banks, Bayley & Ember Moon vs the Riott Squad (Raw) 321k
18 Rusev & Lana vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas & Vega (SmackDown) 316k
19 Strowman threatens to cash in on Balor (Raw) 267k
20 Reigns backstage interview (Raw) 256k

TV Facebook

1 The Shield celebrate (Raw Fallout) 1.4m
2 The Shield reunite (Raw) 1.2m (ahead on shares)
3 Hardy vs Orton (SmackDown) 1.2m
4 Rousey attacks Stephanie (Raw) 1.1m
5 Bryan & Bella confront Miz & Maryse (SmackDown) 1.0m
6 Orton is helped to the back (SmackDown Fallout) 680k
7 Reigns vs Balor (Raw) 664k
8 Angle announces the main event (Raw) 556k
9 Triple H promo (Raw) 545k
10 Ziggler vs Ambrose (Raw) 538k
11 Lashley vs Corbin (Raw) 433k
12 New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers (SmackDown) 417k
13 Flair and Lynch aftermath (SmackDown Fallout) 416k
14 Flair and Lynch brawl (SmackDown) 413k
15 Heyman meets Angle (Raw) 358k
16 Carmella gets her rematch (SmackDown) 299k
17 Rusev and English hug it out (SmackDown Fallout) 299k
18 Six-woman tag (Raw) 251k
19 Joe interrupts Styles (SmackDown) 232k
20 Brie Bella and Bryan interview (SmackDown Fallout) 221k

- Loads to unpack here but I'm going to start by doing something different. This is the SummerSlam YouTube top twelve as of Wednesday's cutoff point:

1 (1) Reigns interview 2.0m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 22 (approximately 600k extra in 24 hours)
2 (3) Rousey vs Bliss 1.6m (800k)
3 (2) Brock F-5s Strowman 1.45m (550k)
4 (6) Rousey interview 603k (249k)
5 (10) Demon Balor 585k (289k)
6 (5) Flair interview 559k (190k)
7 (4) Rollins vs Ziggler 553k (73k)
8 (8) Lana vs Vega 474k (162k)
9 (7) Strowman vs Owens 409k (81k)
10 (9) Rollins interview 393k (83k)
11 (11) Bryan vs Miz 353k (42k)
12 (14) Flair vs Lynch vs Carmella 339k (91k)

So Rousey as has usually happens picked up a lot of attention after the immediate aftermath of her match, but look at the return of the Demon's rise and also the women holding up a lot better than three of the biggest men's matches. Yet again, without looking at the TV to come, it seems Bryan vs Miz hasn't picked up the attention everyone assumed it would, and again Styles' family stories have failed to pick up eyeballs where physicality very much did the job even post-show last week. The Rousey post-match interview was down at #23 on Facebook, by the way.

- Onto the TV, and even in a huge week there's nothing more reliable than a Shield reunion, with only Rousey preventing its members from locking out the top five Raw YouTube places, plus five of Facebook's top seven if you count Angle's intervention as giving Reigns something to do. Weird that on there the Fallout is bigger than the event, but Facebook numbers are tricky to find patterns in at the best of times (hi, Lio Rush) On YouTube a surprising passing return only there to promote a future attraction is both the sixth and last Monday upload to make it to seven figures and the Smackdown #2, which at least it tells you who people want to see.

- It's on SmackDown that we find the real story, though it depends on which set of figures you prefer. After the SummerSlam findings appeared to suggest a good deal more interest in Charlotte's plight - though that may have been slanted by the Lynch Fallout clip being 34 seconds long focusing on her storming past the camera saying nothing

- Becky explaining herself and then throwing herself into an attack has been a maybe unexpectedly huge hit on YouTube but only SDL's #5 & #6 (again, the follow-up is more popular than the event) on Facebook. Brie Mode being re-engaged has at least put some life into Bryan and Miz's flagging numbers, and the perennial Jeff Hardy support finally gets what it came to see from this feud. The rising tide has even lifted the blue brand's tag division with the aid of a title change as the Bludgeon Brothers return to the kind of numbers they once got in their farewell - to the belts and generally for the time being - while the post-match celebration with Big E finally getting five is at #25 outdoing three Raw matches. The world title promo (literal) battle would be a strong YouTube return in a normal week too, and the fascination with Carmella getting chances isn't going away even if it may have been boosted by R-Truth's presence in the thumbnail, a man and a woman sharing screen time in opposition being a strangely strong way of boosting figures whatever the actuality.

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