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I’m marking out about Mauro Ranallo marking out about Ciampa/Gargano III

This isn’t the first time WWE’s dropped one of these “watch Mauro Ranallo freak out while calling a TakeOver” vids on us, but I eat them up every time. The latest one, featuring unseen production footage and the Bipolar Rock ‘n’ Roller’s audio track which played on WWE Network during the main event Last Man Standing match between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano on Sat., Aug. 18 in Brooklyn and embedded above, is no exception.

I may bristle when he’s forcing pop culture references, but the energy he brings to the action is undeniable. Yet for all the exclamations and histrionics, it might be his exasperated, “Oh Lord, man” at the 1:50 mark which gets me the most.

And thanks to this video, now I don’t need to wonder what I would do if I was sitting at the announce desk during a hardcore wrestling match anymore! Because I’d be doing exactly what Nigel McGuinness does here:

Can I get a “MAMMA MIA!”?

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