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Taya’s favorite Triplemania moment involved one broken nose and two black eyes

To celebrate the upcoming Triplemania spectacular (Saturday, August 25), Taya shared her favorite moment from partaking in four years of the major event. She won AAA’s women’s championship (Reina de Reinas) for the first time at Triplemania XXII in 2014. It wasn’t easy though. In the process, Taya suffered a broken nose and two black eyes.

You can watch the match here on WeraLocaTV. Prince Presley roars after Taya’s intro. I still laugh at that. (There is a clearer quality version from AAA. The entrances start at 1:03 in that video.)

It was a fine little bout made better by amusing announcers and heel shenanigans from the referee. I was sports entertained. The ref was clearly biased and slow counted quite often in Taya’s favor. He also grabbed Faby Apache’s hair to break a submission hold. When Sexy Star was ejected by the commissioner, El Fantasma Sr., she was carried out kicking and screaming.

Taya’s broken nose came from a kick to the face. There were a few, so it is hard to tell which one in particular was the culprit. Taya wrestled for another six minutes after the occurrence.

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Drago accompanied Faby Apache as her second, while Sexy Star had Taya’s back. In a stroke of fortunate coincidence, the seconds carried towels. Sexy Star used hers to wipe the blood from Taya’s nose. If not, Taya could have been a mess.

For the finish, Taya dodged a high-risk attack by Faby Apache. Taya then connected on her Northern Lights suplex rollover into a stomp finish. 1, 2, 3. New Reina de Reinas champion.

In addition to the damage done, Taya became the first foreign born (outside of Mexico) woman to win that championship. She went on to hold it for 945 days.

It is interesting to see the cast of characters in the match and observe where they are today. Little did Taya know she would leave AAA roughly 100 days after her first reign ended. I don’t know how close Sexy Star and Taya were at the time, but they played friends on television. Fast forward, they are currently not friends after the Rosemary incident.

Faby Apache has the second most important match of Triplemania XXVI in hair vs mask against Lady Shani.

El Fantasma Sr. was the commissioner at the time. Now, his son, El Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) will be headlining Triplemania XXVI in Poker de Ases.

Amazingly, El Hijo del Tirantes, the referee, still has a job with AAA today. He was crooked back then and continues to be. How bad would he have to screw up to actually get fired (in story)?

Here’s to one tough luchadora. Taya! Taya! Taya!

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