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Heel wrestler in Mexico gets real life heel heat for heeling a child

First off, don’t worry. Nothing occurred that was as bad as spitting on a kid.

El Hijo del Fantasma may or may not have turned his back on AAA, but he for sure turned his back on a child fan of the chocolate champ.

That led to negative reactions from the Twitterverse.

I laughed at the diss when I first saw the clip but also felt bad for the kid at the same time. Not too bad though. All those kids that Ted DiBiase did dirty seemed to turn out alright. I assume no deep psychological damage was done, since I have never read a news story about it sending them off the deep end affecting their adult life. In fact, one of those kids turned out to be Rob Van Dam, who kissed DiBiase’s smelly feet for 100 bucks.

Part of me wonders if it was planned. Why was the kid on the entrance ramp to begin with? Fantasma was put in a tough spot with the TV cameras rolling. AAA didn’t waste any time in posting it on their official Twitter page to get attention. Did they turn a shoot into a work, hermano?

In case you are wondering why a child was cheering for a rudo, Fantasma was actually a tecnico not too long ago in his feud with Texano. Only recently did Fantasma turn to the dark side.

One reason I think it was legit is that Fantasma went the extra mile afterward to make things right. In a story relayed by the child’s father, he explained that Fantasma cordially greeted them before the show. After the heel moment, Fantasma went to Twitter to locate the kid. He then planned a surprise video call and also wrote a personal note. By all accounts I’ve seen, Fantasma seems like a swell guy in real life and very appreciative of his fans in Club Oh La La.

Maybe this ordeal will turn out to be a pivotal moment in the kid’s path to becoming the best heel luchador of all time. Turn limones into limonada.

Where do you stand on the issue of heeling children? Was this harmless character work or a butthead move?

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