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AAA Worldwide: Did El Hijo del Fantasma turn his back on AAA?

Pandemonium reigned supreme on the final episode of AAA Worldwide before Triplemania. Technically, there are still plenty of shows to be aired before full story continuity at Triplemania. However, Triplemania XXVI is live this weekend (Saturday, August 25). Part 2 of the AAA vs Elite interpromotional competition with sprinklings of MAD was enough preparation to get hyped for the Poker de Ases main event.

This episode was mostly wrestling, but there were a few story moments to discuss. Let’s begin with dissecting if El Hijo del Fantasma turned his back on AAA.

Three of the Poker de Ases participants were wrestling in the Part 2 trios main event. El Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown represented AAA. LA Park was with Team Elite. AAA was down 3-2 on the overall scorecard, so they needed this victory to even it up. Side note: Nothing was on the line except bragging rights.

Near the end of the match, LA Park attempted a pin cover on Fantasma. Psycho ran in frothed up in a whipping frenzy using something attached to his clown pants. Both Fantasma and LA Park felt it. A short while later, Psycho was in control. Fantasma entered to applaud his teammate.

Boom! A kick to the cojones.

Lucha Libre AAA

LA Park covered Psycho and the ref quick counted. Game, set, match for Team Elite with a 4-2 victory advantage.

Back to the question at hand. It is tough to tell if Fantasma abandoned AAA or if his feud with Psycho boiled over. Fantasma was on the receiving end of Psycho’s careless belt whips. That might have been what set him off. Or perhaps it was just a rudo being a rudo to his rival ahead of Poker de Ases. What stood out to me was how Fantasma ripped off his Team AAA armband and threw it down with disgust.

Lots of issues need to be addressed by Fantasma going forward. He was already sort of siding with Jeff Jarrett. In a war with MAD, AAA is going to need the support of all their top luchadores.

In one small bit of detective work, here is a spoiler photo from the latest TV taping this weekend, to be shown who knows when, if you are interested. It doesn’t answer the question of if El Hijo del Fantasma turned his back on AAA, but you can see that an interesting faction has formed.

It wouldn’t be an episode of AAA Worldwide without a MAD sighting. Killer Kross and Cage ran roughshod in Part 1 of AAA vs Elite. They attempted another beatdown session in Part 2.

During a tag team match, the beefy duo ran down to create chaos. Kross and Cage performed their version of clinking glasses before a drink by smashing the backs of two luchadores while being hoisted up in a powerbomb position then turning around to slam them down.

Lucha Libre AAA

That was all AAA could stands, it couldn’t stands no more. La Parka lead a mass number of AAA luchadores to the ring with lumber and chairs. There were ten to fifteen angry fighters to outnumber Kross and Cage. The MAD members backed away up the ramp only to be met by two of the Clowns. Taurus made the save so Kross and Cage could escape. Que locura!

There is still no mention of what sort of match will take place at Triplemania involving AAA and MAD. Cage was upgraded to fight or possibly protect Jeff Jarrett in a four-way Mega Championship match. Whichever bout between the two groups that does get scheduled, it should be exciting.

Also of note, a luchador called Puma King wrestled. He must be the father of Prince Puma from Lucha Underground.

Lucha Libre AAA

Other action:

AAA vs Elite: Part 2 emanated from Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera in Mexico City. The show was sponsored by World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

Pagano was warming up as Joe Lider came into the scene. They shot the shit for a little bit. Lider proposed that they become a team of extreme. Pagano said why not, and a new tag team was born.

Team AAA (Pagano & Joe Lider) vs Team Elite (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans)

Lucha Libre AAA

A terrific, action-packed match (at 10:30) to start the show. I would give this bout the gold star of the week for you to watch. If you like Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, then you won’t be disappointed. They strutted their stuff. Joe Lider too. Pagano has a reputation, but I haven’t been impressed by him yet in the handful of matches I’ve seen. That just changed. Pagano was lucha libreing all over the place. Give me more of that Pagano over the sluggish brawling hardcore guy.

I always get a giggle out of Teddy Hart’s flashy pajama pants. Jack Evans wrestled with something in his mouth. I guess it is supposed to be a joint, but I’m not sure.

The rudos had early control with a sequence of successive maneuvers. German suplex by Evans to Lider, Canadian Destroyer by Hart to Lider, and a two step backflip splash followed by a standing corkscrew backflip splash by Evans onto Lider. The action spilled to the outside. Evans attacked with a handspring corkscrew backflip over the ropes. Hart was next with a springboard backflip.

Tables and chairs made their way into the mix for a brutal match. Top highlights include a Pagano top rope leg drop onto a chair over Hart’s face, a Michinoku Driver off the apron through a table by Lider to Hart, and a top rope powerbomb onto a pile of chairs by Lider to Evans. This list could easily be much longer if I knew the names of all the moves.

For the finish, Pagano was trying to slam Hart off the apron, but Hart held onto the ropes to prevent lift-off. Hart mule kicked Pagano in the nuts. That led to a back body drop/Canadian Destroyer sort of maneuver off the apron. Pagano hit the ground hard on his head and legit looked hurt. (Thankfully, Pagano must not have been too injured since he has a match at Triplemania.)

Evans took advantage of the commotion to spin kick Lider in the head. A 630 back splash from the top rope was enough for the winning pin.

Win for Team Elite: Jack Evans pinned Joe Lider.

Jack Evans earned that victory the hard way.

Lucha Libre AAA

Team AAA (Texano & Rey Escorpion) vs Team Elite (Laredo Kid & Golden Magic)

This match (at 30:00) was a chance for Golden Magic to get payback for Texano and Rey Escorpion stealing his mask a few weeks ago.

Speed vs power. Highlights include a top rope corkscrew strike by Golden Magic, a belly to belly release suplex into the corner by Rey Escorpion, Texano licking Golden Magic’s mask for some weird reason, Laredo with a swanton off the top of the ring post to the outside, and Golden Magic climbing up a structure to crash down upon all.

Lucha Libre AAA

Seven minutes into the match, Killer Kross and Cage bum-rushed the ring. As discussed above, the locker room emptied to chase them away.

Amazingly, the tag match was still a go. Laredo used a chair to batter but it backfired in a major way. He attempted a moonsault while holding a chair, however, Rey Escorpion got his feet up to mash the chair into Laredo’s face.

For the finish, Texano grabbed a chair to whack Golden Magic in the head. 1, 2, 3. I believe La Parka fed the chair to Texano.

Win for Team AAA: Texano pinned Golden Magic

After the match, La Parka had words with the winning team, but it wasn’t clear what was said. Perhaps a pitch to join him in a fight against MAD?

In an odd moment, Texano and Rey Escorpion were presented with a flimsy World of Warcraft championship belt. Sponsorship and all that.

Team AAA (Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Fantasma, & Psycho Clown) vs Team Elite (LA Park, Electroshock, & Puma King)

Electroshock was wearing body meat tights. Imagine the human figure without skin. El Hijo del Fantasma wore his Deadpool gear. Dr. Wagner Jr. had eye paint that resembled runny mascara makeup. Does that mean he is a rudo now? Psycho Clown entered with a fiery ax guitar. Yes!

Lucha Libre AAA

This fight (at 51:40) had no semblance of an official match. The six luchadores were all over the place with constant action involving tables, chairs, and belts. The announce table was abused not once but twice.

Highlights include LA Park powerbombing Psycho Clown into the announce table, a suicide dive by Psycho into LA Park into a vertical table, Fantasma’s beautiful suicide dive (“Esto es un tope! Esto es un tope! Esto es un tope!”), and Wagner with a suicide dive of his own.

After eleven minutes of brawling, the teams decided to stand on the apron as if tag rules rules were being enforced.

For the finish, Fantasma surprised kicked his own partner, Psycho Clown, in the balls. LA Park crawled on top for victory.

Win for Team Elite: LA Park pinned Psycho Clown

After the match, Team Elite beat up Psycho Clown and Fantasma ripped off Psycho’s mask. Again.

To close the episode, there was a packaged promo that appeared to push the idea of hair vs hair with Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. Time will tell if it occurred before Triplemania or is a set up for their next big show. If it does happen at Heroes Inmortales in October, that doesn’t necessarily spoil any Mega Championship outcome at Triplemania. AAA often does lucha de apuestas without a championship being defended.

In the six match series between AAA and Elite, 4-2 was the final score in favor of Elite. Since this was kind of a special show, let’s hand out a couple of awards for action from Part 1 and Part 2.

Best Match: Team AAA (Pagano & Joe Lider) vs Team Elite (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans)

Moves, moves, and more moves. Violence too. I remember the tag team of Hart and Evans from years ago in AAA. It was nice to see them reunited. It felt so good.

Best Maneuver: Golden Magic climbing and flying

A nifty sight to be seen. It didn’t make much sense why Golden Magic attempted that stunt, but I’m glad he did. Moments like that make a luchador memorable. Now, my ears will perk up at the sound of Golden Magic’s name.

Best Luchador: Taurus

Part of this pick is the surprise factor. I didn’t know what to expect from Taurus. His skills exceeded his appearance.

Best Dumbass: Dr. Wagner Jr.

Vampiro walking into a 6-on-1 attack is worthy, but that didn’t occur in a match. I’ll have to hand this award to Dr. Wagner Jr. for his buffoonery in the Part 2 main event. There was a moment when Wagner walked the ring’s perimeter to pump up the crowd for a house afire comeback. Wagner got up on the apron and just stood there looking around for an extended period of time. One of his opponents came over and punched Wagner in the face. Wagner fell to the floor. What a rube.

That’s a wrap for AAA vs Elite. What were your overall impressions of the show? Would you like to see the challenge again in a rematch? Which would be your picks for those awards?

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