Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (Aug. 13 - 14, 2018)

We're on the road to The Biggest Party Of The Summer, which means this week was about metaphorically setting up the BBQ and ice buckets. Which of those applies to which show you'll have to decide for yourselves. This is how the part of the WWE Universe that uses the official YouTube and Facebook pages reacted to this week's big segments:


1 Dean Ambrose returns (Raw) 2.7m views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 14
2 Ronda Rousey goes through Alexa Bliss' security detail (Raw) 1.56m
3 Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar ambush Roman Reigns (Raw) 1.53m
4 Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown) 562k views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 15
5 Braun Strowman & Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens & Jinder Mahal (Raw) 417k
6 "Ricky Roberts" attempts to blindside Bobby Lashley on Elias' behalf (Raw) 404k
7 Samoa Joe mocks AJ Styles by reading a letter (SmackDown) 389k
8 First part of the Daniel Bryan and The Miz video package (SmackDown) 343k
9 Carmella, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch come face to face (SmackDown) 320k
10 Ember Moon vs Bliss (Raw) 319k
11 B-Team vs Deleters of Worlds vs The Revival (Raw) 302k
12 Rousey pays tribute to Jim Neidhart (Raw) 285k
13 Flair & Lynch vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville (SmackDown) 285k
14 Joe and Styles brawl backstage (SmackDown Fallout) 243k
15 Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze (Raw) 207k
16 Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott (Raw) 204k
17 Third Bryan/Miz video (SmackDown) 191k
18 Owens claims he isn't hiding from Strowman while in a random car (Raw Fallout) 190k
19 The New Day vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 169k
20 Rusev and Lana promise victory at Summerslam (SmackDown) 168k


1 Ambrose returns (Raw) 1.3m
2 Heyman tries to win over Reigns (Raw) 863k
3 Nakamura goes after Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 788k
4 Styles and Joe brawl (SmackDown Fallout) 592k
5 Bliss responds to Rousey (Raw) 523k
6 Strowman & Balor vs Owens & Mahal (Raw) 406k
7 Joe reads "Wendy Styles'" letter (SmackDown) 355k
8 Bliss vs Moon (Raw) 290k
9 Owens in a car (Raw Fallout) 266k
10 Neidhart tribute video (Raw) 264k
11 Flair & Lynch vs Rose & Deville (SmackDown) 257k
12 Lio Rush vs Akira Tozawa (205 Live) 249k
13 Banks vs Riott (Raw) 243k
14 Almas vs English (SmackDown) 236k
15 Flair addresses Carmella (SmackDown) 213k
16 Tag title triple threat (Raw) 192k
17 Paige tries to talk Joe down (SmackDown) 191k
18 New Day vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 188k
19 Young reflects (Raw Fallout) 181k
20 Bobby Roode & Titus Worldwide vs Mojo Rawley & Authors Of Pain (Raw) 160k

- Another straight fight between Rousey and Lesnar for viewing figure attraction and a buffed-up Lunatic beats them both. Ambrose, like Rollins, has blown hot and cold for the period we've been charting these figures but a surprise return in the show closing slot is almost duty bound to get huge numbers. Intriguingly level on YouTube, 24 hours later Heyman's appeal to Roman's better nature followed by the psych-out has gone around 80k views ahead; Facebook throws the comparsion between the big two out of sync because that platform got a clip centered on Bliss, but suffice to say the video uploaded just before SmackDown of Rousey being given a jump scare by a bat currently has 751k views, and it's literally just a bat flying near a person.

- Look at that drop-off of YouTube numbers between the top three and the rest! In a week of final scene-setting and moving chairs around Jeff Hardy is the best of the rest as anyone who's followed trends since he won the US title would expect. The world title match also has some relative heat, especially with that post-match backstage face-off on Facebook, while even if it isn't doing the numbers it once was Braun vs KO is at least intriguing people, similarly getting a Fallout video into both charts. Elias and his friend achieve their best position of the Lashley feud yet on YouTube and the worst on Facebook, at #21. And hey, the Facebook Lio Rush army are suddenly back on patrol!

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