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Wade Barrett is Vengeance

What do you get by mixing Get Carter and the Punisher with Wade Barrett at the Corre of the film? I Am Vengeance.

Wade Barrett, going by his real name Stu Bennett, hits the big screen in his latest acting role. Bennett plays a one-man war machine who will, “Decorate this place in the delicate shade of your skull and brain.” What more needs to be said?

Here is the trailer for I Am Vengeance.

The trailer feels a bit so-so. Maybe there is too much talking. Less decorum and more bad news, please. The first 25 seconds is all the explanation required. Ex-soldier returning for vengeance. The closing scene was enjoyable with the pub/bullet quip, “First round’s on me, lads.” Put in the image of his car to evoke John Wick knockoff excitement and I’m sold.


Bennett is a pretty decent actor for that genre of film. I thought he more than held his own against action dynamo Scott Adkins in Eliminators. Have you seen any of Bennett’s movies?

I Am Vengeance is scheduled for US release on August 24. Will you be watching? Or will Bennett have to visit your home, Nexus-style, to bring you to the theater?

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