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Pentagon Jr.’s mask will be on the line in the Triplemania main event

At a Triplemania press conference, the main event participants were revealed. The concept is called Poker de Ases, in which four masked superstars compete in a cage match lucha de apuesta where the loser will drop his mask. AAA mainstays El Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown were previously announced. The press conference disclosed the other two surprise combatants.

Surprise number one was LA Park. If I understand correctly, LA Park is the original La Parka. The one seen in WCW. The AAA La Parka nor La Parka Negra will be involved in Poker de Ases. Yes, this is confusing.

Surprise number two was the return of Pentagon Jr. He of cero miedo fame.

Lucha Libre AAA

Lamentably, there was no press conference brawl. That was the main reason I watched. I was hoping for craziness. Aw, shucks.

It got heated once between Fantasma and Pentagon, but then the moderator stepped in so sponsors wouldn’t get angry. That is some bullsheet reasoning. A brawl video would have went viral with the sponsor’s name plastered everywhere.

Since there was no violence, let’s break down the press conference in a different way to determine the winner.

Best Theme Song

Psycho Clown played Three Dog Night’s, “The Show Must Go On.” El Hijo del Fantasma entered to Guns N’ Roses’, “Welcome to the Jungle.” LA Park chose, “Bad to the Bone,” by George Thorogood & The Destroyers. I didn’t know what tune Pentagon Jr. used. I must confess that my hip hop game of current songs is not strong. I’m still stuck in the past listening to Tha Alkaholiks. Typing lyrics into the Google machine tells me, “Here Comes the Boom,” by Nelly.

Can’t top the lyrical line, “I want to watch you bleed,” for Poker de Ases.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma

Best Dressed

See for yourself.

Lucha Libre AAA

I’m giving the nod to El Hijo del Fantasma. He looks most fly. Expect nothing less from the chocolate champ.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma

Best Trash Talk

Lucha Libre AAA

There weren’t a lot of zingers being delivered on the mic. The tone was primarily respectful in a competitive bravado sort of way.

El Hijo del Fantasma had the most fire when confronting Pentagon Jr. Fantasma said the cero miedo hand gesture wasn’t going to win the match. The people like it, it sells t-shirts, and that is fine. Fantamsa is better physically, has a better image, and is of better quality. That was as spicy as it got.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma

Triplemania will take place August 25 at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City. Will this press conference turn out to be reverse momentum for El Hijo del Fantasma? Will Psycho Clown win his third consecutive Triplemania main event lucha de apuesta? Are you excited to see the Chairman of WCW? How many arms will Pentagon Jr. break? Who are you picking to be demasked in Poker de Ases?

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