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Cup of coffee in the big time: ROH & NJPW selling out MSG is a great thing

There’s a weird thing going on in the “internet wrestling community” (ugh). A lot of people seem to resent things like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s already successful attempt to run Madison Square Garden.

Attempts to dismiss the success, importance, or even validity of the event with claims of “riding WWE’s coattails” or even suggesting this is somehow a bad thing are frustratingly common.

Let’s be real about one thing: competition is great for wrestling as a whole, even WWE.

All In selling 10,000 tickets, ROH/NJPW selling far more with the apparent sellout of the MSG show, this all breeds a healthier environment for wrestling than the top-end stranglehold some seem to want for WWE.

When promotions are able to make more money, they are (in theory) able to pay workers more money. Which means WWE has to also pay workers more money to sign — or keep — them. That’s a good thing.

When WWE feels threatened by competition, they tend to up their game. That’s a good thing.

When alternatives feel they can push their promotion toward new goals and bigger things seem attainable. That’s a good thing.

The idea WWE will just swoop in, buy up all the talent and torpedo anyone building momentum doesn’t work as well when companies can afford to pay talent to stay.

So, yes, ROH and NJPW may be using a weekend where everyone is in town to do huge things at MSG. But we all need to see the good in success across the wrestling spectrum.

This is a GOOD THING.

We made it through another week, y’all. Do a headstand!

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