Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (July 30 - 31, 2018)

The Phenom, our Universal Champion, came back this week and made an impact in more ways than one even if he had to be persuaded away from his reading matter to do so. Inevitably that all had a great effect on the next day YouTube and Facebook viewing figures, where everything lined up like this:


1 Brock Lesnar F5s Kurt Angle and then attacks Paul Heyman (Raw) 4.7m views as of ~4pm ET July 31
2 Roman Reigns calls out Lesnar (Raw) 1.2m
3 Heyman tries to get Brock to go to the ring (Raw) 1.0m
4 Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton attack Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 989k views as of ~4pm ET Aug. 1
5 Braun Strowman vs Jinder Mahal (Raw) 863k
6 Reigns leaves the building (Raw) 848k
7 Charlotte Flair returns to stop Carmella attacking Becky Lynch (SmackDown) 841k
8 Ronda Rousey brawls with Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox (Raw) 809k
9 Lesnar falls out with Heyman backstage (Raw) 731k
10 Lesnar backstage interview (Raw Fallout) 669k
11 Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (Raw) 648k
12 Flair vs Carmella (SmackDown) 603k
13 The Miz mocks Daniel Bryan (SmackDown) 503k
14 Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Riott Squad (Raw) 490k
15 B-Team, Deleters of Worlds and the Revival confront each other (Raw) 362k
16 Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin (Raw) 361k
17 Bobby Lashley surprises Elias mid-song (Raw) 345k
18 Samoa Joe's promo to AJ Styles (SmackDown) 335k
19 Rousey demands and gets a Raw match booked for next week (Raw) 316k
20 The Usos vs The Bar (SmackDown) 297k


1 Lesnar attacks Heyman (Raw) 1.6m
2 Strowman vs Mahal (Raw) 1m
3 Reigns and Heyman square off (Raw) 906k
4 Orton attacks Hardy (SmackDown) 862k
5 Lesnar intervew (Raw Fallout) 630k
6 Flair vs Carmella (SmackDown) 609k
7 Flair returns (SmackDown) 598k
8 Natalya vs Alicia Fox (Raw) 551k
9 Mojo Rawley and Bobby Roode brawl backstage (Raw) 457k
10 Rollins vs McIntyre (Raw) 367k
11 Balor vs Corbin (Raw) 340k
12 Daniel Bryan challenges The Miz to a Summerslam match (SmackDown) 301k
13 Lashley surprises Elias (Raw) 299k
14 Joe promo (SmackDown) 250k
15 Banks & Bayley vs Riott Squad (Raw) 240k
16 Usos vs Bar (SmackDown) 219k
17 Lana and Rusev talk backstage (SmackDown) 217k
18 Lio Rush vs Ricky Martinez (205 Live) 207k
19 Kalisto vs Tony Nese (205 Live) 202k
20 Lana vs Zelina Vega (SmackDown) 185k

- The biggest YouTube next day viewing figure of the year, and surely for some time before that too. Brock underperformed for a while but not appearing as often over the last year or so means his appearances, especially when he gets active, have become actual events. Here's the MMA-heavy up to date list of the TV segments that have had the most YouTube views by our next day cutoff point so far this year:

1 Lesnar destroys Angle and Heyman 4.7m views as of ~4pm ET the day after transmission
2 Lesnar and Reigns' Wrestlemania go-home brawl 4.6m
3 Lesnar beats down Reigns on 21st March Raw 3.9m
4 Lashley's return 3.8m
5 Rousey attacks Angle and Bliss 3.6m
6 Rousey helps Natalya fend off Absolution 3.0m
7 Lesnar beats down Reigns on 28th March Raw 2.8m
8 Lesnar, Strowman and Kane brawl at the end of Raw 25 2.7m
9 Rousey armbars Nia Jax 2.43m
10 Reigns promo after losing at Greatest Royal Rumble 2.41m

- In fact six of Raw's eight most watched uploads (and six of ten overall) are related to the SummerSlam main event, but the next day figures tell an interesting story - the Heyman attack has put on an extra 2.8 million but Braun vs Jinder has overtaken Brock's reading time (with Rousey likely to do likewise before the end of the week) and Roman leaving has gone past both, only 750k or so behind his promo at time of writing.

- In a big week for YouTube views all round - this week's #25 would have been in last week's chart - the US title three-way is stil scaldingly hot, Seth/Dolph/Drew likewise on a slightly lower setting, Miz/Bryan has cooled off a little maybe due to Miz not being there in person, Charlotte vs Carmella outdid Becky vs Carmella by nearly 200k views, and even though it's at #18 a Samoa Joe promo is doing a lot better than it would have done for the vast majority of his main roster run. Balor vs Corbin is still not doing anything for either man and Lashley, coming off two feuds that drew big numbers, hasn't started off well this time. Strange to see Ronda down at #8 but maybe the appeal is wearing thin on her not getting over actual smaller wrestlers as opposed to authority figures and a hoss. That Usos vs Bar figure is disappointing but as we've seen in the past only the Bludgeon Brothers in their first flush of being title holders get any interest in the Smackdown tag division.

- The Universal title match, while still strong, isn't as all-pervading on Facebook, but the hot angles are broadly the same apart from that community's weird longstanding antipathy to Rollins. The interesting thing about Natalya vs Alicia doing so well is Ronda isn't mentioned in the description nor pictured in the thumbnail and the Fox recruitment setup wasn't uploaded so a lot of people must have had a sixth sense. Rawley and Roode, which is that YouTube list #25... nope, me neither, and the dual enigmas of Lio Rush being popular apart from when he had an actual non-squash match and 205 Live in general making waves on Facebook just as long as it's not the main event continues.

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