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Vampiro was hip to Milli Vanilli’s lip as their bodyguard

Girl, you know it’s true. Ooh, ooh, ooh, Vampiro will protect you.

Vampiro has lived a unique existence. From being a lucha libre megastar in Mexico to participating in vampire cults, witchcraft, and Guatemalan voodoo to helping communities through the Guardian Angels to much, much more. Time to add another wild story to the list.

On a recent, “The Goods from the Woods,” podcast, a brief story was mentioned about Vampiro being a bodyguard for Milli Vanilli. Yes, you read that right.

Vampiro knew something was fishy. During his time with the duo, he observed that one member of Milli Vanilli spoke in French and the other spoke in German, while the song sheets were in English and they performed in perfect English. He realized it was a work, brother. That didn’t stop Vampiro from finding inspiration from Milli Vanilli in the form of his dreadlock hair style.

There is not a lot of meat to the story, but there is photographic evidence. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Vampiro’s physical appearance reminds me of Guile from the Street Fighter video games. If Vampiro ever wrestles again in Lucha Underground, then I hope he adds the Sonic Boom to his repertoire.

Va va va va Vampiro, don’t forget Milli Vanilli’s number.

Guess which wrestling superstar is a stone cold fan of Milli Vanilli. None other than Steve Austin. The podcast also mentioned a quote from Austin about blaring their music on the radio. Austin thought Milli Vanilli was cool as shit.

The Goods from the Woods,” podcast episode as a whole was about music but with hosts who are fans of wrestling. They did an excellent job of breaking down the history of Milli Vanilli’s meteoric rise up the pop music charts to the lip syncing scandal that plummeted their career. If you are interested in Milli Vanilli, then you’ll enjoy the 80 minute podcast. Time flew by when I was listening. The episode was over before I knew it.

Do you remember Milli Vanilli? Have any of you youngsters discovered their music? Time to brush up on my Milli Vanilli dance moves.

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