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Juice Robinson wins the IWGP United States title, claiming his first New Japan gold

Juice Robinson came into his United States title match against Jay White at a severe disadvantage. Mainly, a broken hand.

But that didn’t stop him from claiming the gold!

During tonight’s IWGP US title match at the G1 Special at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, not only did the champion Jay White work over Juice’s broken hand the entire night, but Juice was not allowed to strike with that hand. It was decided before the match that his cast was a weapon and punching with it would result in a DQ.

Juice, decked out in red, white, and blue trunks but no nip sparklers, spent the entire match demonstrating his fighting spirit. Meanwhile, Jay showed the world just how much of a piece of crap he really is.

Not only did he work over Robinson’s broken hand. Not only did he mock his challenger. He actually tossed Juice so hard into the barricade, that it knocked the table that AXS announcers Josh Barnett and Jim Ross were sitting. Good ol’ JR was actually knocked to the floor and Barnett was hot.

Mid match, the former UFC champion chased the US champion around the ring.

Finally, the announcers settled back in and the action was back between the two competitors. When the referee was out of position, Jay White hit Juice with a low blow. But it wasn’t enough for him to win. In a measure of turn about, Robinson landed a stiff punch with the cast (again when the referee wasn’t looking), but that wasn’t enough to put Jay away.

In the end, Juice was able to reverse White’s Blade Runner to roll up the champion and claim his first gold in New Japan.

Robinson, who used to work in NXT as CJ Parker, becomes the third ever US champion. He is the first American to hold the United States gold. Prior, Kenny Omega (Canada) and Jay White (New Zealand) held it.

Way to go, Juice!

Find all the results from the G1 Special here.

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