Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (July 2 - 3, 2018)

4th July week, as celebrated by Jeff Hardy's facepaint and... a pancake eating contest that never took place. Well, it's better than the usual Uncle Sam dress-up or backstage food fights. Here's what subscribers and casual viewers of the official WWE YouTube and Facebook channels have been taking in from this week's TV.


1 Braun Strowman drags Kevin Owens' Porta Potty around (Raw) 1.1m views as of ~4pm ET July 3
2 Asuka vs James Ellsworth (SmackDown) 1.0m views as of ~4pm ET July 4
3 Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre attack Roman Reigns (Raw) 963k
4 The Usos confront Team Hell No (SmackDown) 804k
5 Team Hell No vs the Usos (SmackDown) 645k
6 Reigns & Bobby Lashley vs Ziggler & McIntyre (Raw) 491k
7 Bayley and Sasha Banks argue in counseling (Raw) 470k
8 Jeff Hardy vs the Miz (SmackDown) 442k
9 Reigns & Lashley vs the Revival (Raw) 393k
10 Baron Corbin and Finn Balor argue (Raw) 319k
11 Kevin Owens emerges from the Porta Potty (Raw Fallout) 287k
12 AJ Styles vs Aiden English (SmackDown) 284k
13 Nia Jax vs Mickie James (Raw) 266k
14 Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan (Raw) 257k
15 SAnitY wreck New Day's Pancake Eating Contest (SmackDown) 242k
16 Bayley and Banks' counseling session begins (Raw) 228k
17 Woken Matt Hardy vs Curtis Axel (Raw) 187k
18 Daniel Bryan and Kane come to terms (SmackDown) 181k
19 Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce (SmackDown) 173k
20 Jax announces her Extreme Rules title rematch (Raw) 173k


1 Strowman destroys the Porta Potty (Raw) 1.4m
2 Asuka chases Ellsworth (SmackDown) 1.2m
3 Reigns refuses to tag in Lashley (Raw) 1.1m
4 Seth Rollins attempts to come to Reigns' aid (Raw) 1m
5 Reigns & Lashley vs Ziggler & McIntyre (Raw) 985k
6 Team Hell No vs Usos (SmackDown) 939k
7 Jeff Hardy vs Miz (SmackDown) 638k
8 Bludgeon Brothers interrupt Team Hell No (SmackDown) 565k
9 Rusev puts Styles in the Accolade (SmackDown) 399k
10 Paige books the Hell No vs Usos main event (SmackDown) 397k
11 Jax announces her Extreme Rules match (Raw) 395k
12 Lynch vs Royce (SmackDown) 369k
13 Moon vs Morgan (Raw) 337k
14 SAnitY attacks New Day (SmackDown) 317k
15 Owens' pre-match backstage interview (Raw) 288k
16 Bayley and Banks at counseling (Raw) 233k
17 Corbin and Balor (Raw) 225k
18 Lio Rush confronts Akira Tozawa (205 Live) 185k
19 Authors Of Pain vs Titus Worldwide (Raw) 134k
20 Noam Dar vs TJP (205 Live) 97k

- Of all the things I thought I'd be doing for this feature, Googling the official way of writing 'Porta Potty' wasn't one. While it's not exactly a vehicle being overturned or part of the set being demolished, Braun doing Braun things is still a populist winner and serves to prove that what people are getting out of him and this feud at the moment and why it remains so strong is that Owens is going to be ridiculously bodied in some way week after week.

- Yet more proof that what people really love is Ellsworth being beaten up, or just threatened, by a woman. In fairness any indie promoter will tell you how much regular equally fought intergender matches drive YouTube views, and add to that the uniqueness of WWE doing it even if it is essentially for "weak man LOL" reasons.

- A down week for YouTube views - but not Facebook, interestingly - means an on paper far better week for SmackDown and proof that Team Hell No have an audience out there, maybe one Bryan wasn't getting by himself since his comeback. Roman Reigns being in trouble is another theme of the week, although it seems he and Lashley teaming together isn't impressing anyone any more. That's interesting insomuch as Lashley did a lot better than one might have expected in the Zayn feud but is already dragging down one of the few reliable sources of views. Facebook followers drank in the tease of another Shield bonding session at least.

- As you might have expected taking Sasha and Bayley's issues from the arena to Dr Shelby's office hasn't done much to maintain the momentum of last week. Jax vs James should reasonably have done better too, Nia being in what's meant to be a hot angle against someone who does tend to do well on this metric quite often.

- Yes, Ali vs Murphy was the least watched 205 Live segment on Facebook - a shame not just for its quality but also that the talk around it since meant it didn't come far off breaking into the YouTube list at #23.

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