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Jeff Jarrett is El Rey de la Montaña, or how I learned to not overthink it and love lucha libre

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Triplemania is right around the corner (Sat., Aug. 25), so let’s catch up on the big show action from Rey de Reyes and Verano de Escandalo. If you want to know which matches are worth watching before reading the review, AAA’s YouTube channel and I’ve got you covered.

Rey de Reyes Part 1 is the entire tournament portion of the show. Match 1 and Match 2 were the best of the bunch and set a good tone for the show. Match 3 had its moments. After that, you are already halfway through, so you might as well finish the 70 minute broadcast.

Rey de Reyes Part 2 had a doozy TLC trios match featuring El Nuevo Poder del Norte against Los OTG’s, which starts at 13:50. If you enjoy TLC violence and awesome teamwork, then I think you will enjoy the match. The mask vs hair main event beginning at 46:00 between El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano starts strong, waffles in the middle, and finishes strong.

Verano de Escandalo Part 1 had two worthwhile bouts. A six-way, starting at 31:00, with Aerostar, Drago, Sammy Guevara, Australian Suicide, Darby Allin, and Golden Magic was full of flippy stuff. El Nuevo Poder del Norte and Los OTG’s fought again, starting at 46:00, and it was another thumbs up.

Verano de Escandalo Part 2 had a super fantastic eight-luchador match to open the show, starting at 10:00. If you pick one match to view, it should be that one. The main event of Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Rey Mysterio vs Jeff Jarrett, starting at 57:00, is something to see just for the spectacle, if you are interested.

To the review we go...

Rey de Reyes

Rey de Reyes took place March 4, 2018. The title is based off the King of the Ring concept. Instead of a crown, the winner receives a badass sword. Look at last year’s winner, Argenis, holding the instrument of death.

Argenis, el NUEVO #ReyDeReyes

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They do a pretty good job of condensing so it is mostly wrestling action. If you are wondering why there is generic rock music dubbed over, I would guess it is to conform to YouTube copyright rules. Most of the entrance themes are popular songs. For example, I think La Parka uses, “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson and El Hijo del Fantasma uses, “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses.

Rey De Reyes tournament

There were four four-ways with the winners in a final four-way.

Match 1 (5:30 in Part 1) featured Rey Escorpion vs Angelikal vs Pimpinela Escarlata vs Dave the Clown. Rey Escorpion was victorious via package piledriver. Move of the match was from Angelikal on a torque-mendous flying corkscrew to the outside. The velocity in which he spun made me go, “Whoa.” Angelikal moved so fast that he is blurry in the screenshot.

Lucha Libre AAA

Match 2 (14:30 in Part 1) featured Bengala vs Mascara de Bronce vs Dark Scoria vs Argenis. Bengala was victorious via sitdown Tombstone piledriver. Move of the match was Mascara de Bronce getting huge air on a flying body smash.

Match 3 (23:00 in Part 1) featured Hijo del Vikingo vs Angel Mortal Jr. vs Dark Cuervo vs Pagano. Hijo del Vikingo was victorious via a 450 splash variation. I think that was an upset, since Hijo del Vikingo is a youngster. Move of the match was the finish, but Pagano was a close second when he leaped from the top turnbuckle into the crowd to clobber his victim.

Lucha Libre AAA

Match 4 (38:00 in Part 1) featured La Parka vs Dinastia vs El Mesias (aka Mil Muertes) vs Venum. Dinastia’s style of mask reminded me of Aldo Montoya. Insert jockstrap on the head joke. Dinastia’s mask is flashier, so maybe a male stripper’s jockstrap. La Parka was victorious via armlock. La Parka kicked El Mesias in the cojones while the referee was temporarily stunned to set up the armlock. Move of the match was nothing.

The final was Rey Escorpion vs Bengala vs Hijo del Vikingo vs La Parka (53:00 in Part 1). Rey Escorpion was victorious via lungblower. Dave the Clown interfered on Rey Escorpion’s behalf. I think it was more about screwing La Parka rather than helping Rey Escorpion, but I’m not sure. Either way, Dave hit a Code Breaker, which sent La Parka right into the lungblower to lose. Move of the match was a running moonsault off the outside apron onto the floor by Hijo del Vikingo.

All hail rey Rey Escorpion with his magnificent trophy sword.

Lucha Libre AAA

All in all, the Rey de Reyes tournament was an entertaining time. Constant motion and plenty of flying maneuvers. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the participants again, except La Parka. He kind of slogged down the action. El Mesias wasn’t so hot himself, but I read that he had two injured knees at that time.

The tournament had its good and its bad. The good was no interference in the first round, no mask tomfoolery that seems to be so prevalent in AAA, young guns making a positive impression, and some cool high spots. The bad was Dave the Clown interfering where he didn’t belong. Over reliance on shenanigans is one of the negative aspects in AAA.

Faby Apache defeated Lady Shani


This match (5:40 in Part 2) wasn’t bad per se, just that there is no reason to watch it in the crowded marketplace of wrestling. They had a much better contest at Guerra de Titanes.

The finish involved interference from an exotico known as Estrella Divina. Lady Shani was in control until Estrella Divina ran down to kick Shani in the head. That led to Faby Apache executing a pinning German suplex for the win.

El Nuevo Poder del Norte defeated Los OGT’s in a TLC match to retain as Trios champs

El Nuevo Poder del Norte consists of Carta Brava Jr., Tito Santana, and Mocho Cota Jr. I don’t know which one is which. Los OGT’s I figured out. That team is made up of Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly. This has been a heated feud, and it played out that way with tables, ladders, beer, and chairs. This fight started at 13:50 of Part 2.

Los OGT’s set a trap by having fakes pose in cloaks before the match. That misdirection allowed them to ambush their opponents from behind. Does OGT stand for Old Guerrero Tricks? Never trust a Guerrero.

Lots of crazy TLC action. Not insane like some of the WWE classics, but crazy enough to be entertaining. One thing that stands out about both these trios is their frequent use of teamwork. There were lots of tandem and triple set ups for nifty maneuvers. Top highlights include a double team powerbomb toss into a table, a five-man Tower of Doom, and a suicide dive into a table.

The finish was a dandy. I believe it was Mocho Cota Jr. who had a face full of blood. Averno was setting up a top turnbuckle attack through a table, but Cota sprang to life for a Spanish Fly. It left a blood stain on the table.

Lucha Libre AAA

4 vs 4: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr., & Hernandez defeated Psycho Clown, La Mascara, Maximo, & Dr. Wagner Jr.

This match (31:00 of Part 2) had a family affair element. The cousins of Psycho Clown, La Mascara, and Maximo teamed together, because they are family watching each other’s back. Dr. Wagner Jr. and his son were on opposing teams. I don’t know if Monster Clown and Murder Clown are related, but clowns of a feather flock together. That left everyone’s favorite Super Mex as the eighth wheel.

This match is mostly a skip-a-roo, although I did enjoy the exotic antics of Maximo and the tearaway pants of La Mascara. There was lots of fun action intended to play to the crowd. For the finish, everyone brawled up the entrance ramp as father and son were left behind in the ring. Hernandez returned just in time to break up the superplex pinfall. Junior Jr. connected on a missile dropkick and bridging German suplex to pin his father.

El Hijo de Fantasma defeated Texano in mask vs hair

Texano wore black pants for this match. That’s new for me. He was flanked by his evil ref buddy, El Hijo del Tirantes. That brought Vampiro out to allow El Hijo de Fantasma’s father to watch his back and also to make the match no DQ. Vampiro was the only one with his actual entrance song. He probably spent the entire music budget on AC/DC’s, “Back In Black.”

This match was a hot fire sandwich. Hot fire to start, stinky meat in the middle, and hot fire to finish.

Fantasma opened up with two suicide dives. If you know King Cuerno from Lucha Underground, then you know how awesome those are. Fantasma connected on a Thrill of the Hunt, double jumping knees, kick to the head, top rope hurricanrana, and a rolling splash.

Things went south after Fantasma accidentally hit his father with a suicide dive. His father legit banged the back of his head on a table. I don’t think that was part of the plan. They probably were going to do a stretcher job anyway, but the table made it look more realistic. Concern then ugly brawling went on for 7 or so minutes. Texano ripped Fantasma’s mask and bloodied him with a fork.

The action picked up again after a back flip crossbody by Fantasma to the outside. Fantasma dragged a table into the ring. He leaped over the table for a Superman forearm smash. Up the turnbuckles they went. Texano blocked the Frankensteiner attempt and switched it to a powerbomb onto the table. Fantasma small packaged Texano. It would have been a three count if not for the extremely slow ref. I think the ref is just incompetent, not taking sides. It didn’t matter in the end. Fantasma took control with a piledriver variation for the win.

To Texano’s credit, he honorably accepted the punishment in the mask vs hair match. Texano took a knee and let Fantasma display his barber skills.

Lucha Libre AAA

Fantasma gave some of the hair to AAA President of the Board, Marisela Peña. I’m not sure why. Voodoo stew perhaps?

Verano de Escandalo

Rey de Reyes was pretty straight forward and easy to understand. Verano de Escandalo? Not so much. Let’s get to it.

Verano de Escandalo took place June 3, 2018. The videos were posted to AAA’s YouTube channel last weekend. No better time to catch up. The event was inside an outdoor bull ring. That added a little flavor to the viewing experience.

There was a running storyline through the show. A new group called MAD recently appeared. They wore masks reminiscent of Rorschach from Watchmen. There might be a closer comparison, but that is what first came to my mind.

Lucha Libre AAA

MAD revealed themselves to be Killer Kross, Teddy Hart, and Juventud Guerrera. Teddy Hart was not at this event. Don’t worry, because MAD grew by a few.

Juventud Guerrera, Kevin Kross, & El Texano Jr. defeated Pagano, Maximo, and La Mascara

This video had funky tunes as opposed to the rock music from Rey de Reyes. It is not what I would associate with wrestling, but it was jamming in a smooth way. You can listen to the music at 4:00 for the good guy entrances if you’re feeling in the mood.

The first of many questions. I don’t know why Texano teamed with MAD. He is tag champs with Rey Escorpion, who was in a later tag match with Cage. Go figure.

Pass on this match. It was mostly a beatdown by the bad guys. The goodies had a cool triple tope, but that was about it.

After Maximo kissed Juventud, Killer Kross double chokeslammed Maximo and La Mascara. Juventud connected on a plancha de estilo zapito. Kross suplexed Maximo and that was that.

Juventud Guerrera promo

Juventud came to the ring without his mask and dressed in shorts, a suit jacket, and fancy loafers. This must have been edited out of order for TV purposes.

He more or less said, “Finally, the prodigal son returns home. MAD is coming to destroy all, coming for all the championships, and coming for all the caballeras.” Does he mean he’s coming for all the ladies? In that case, I’m not sure I spelled coming correctly.

Enter Vampiro. Juventud threw a hissy fit. Juvi said, “MAD does what they want, when they want, because they can.” It sounds better it Spanish with the -emos verb conjugations. Juvi pushed Vampiro. Vampiro dodged a clothesline. Big boot from Vampiro. Clothesline and Juventud rolled out of the ring. I think Vampiro basically said F you. They bleeped over it. He might have also said MFers in English. What a dirty mouth!

Aerostar defeated Drago, Sammy Guevara, Australian Suicide, Darby Allin, and Golden Magic in a six-way match

Australian Suicide is the Cruiserweight champ, but that belt was not on the line.

This is my first time seeing Darby Allin. He’s dressed goofy. He has short cutoff jeans with black tights underneath. The jeans look high-waisted. Isn’t that a fashion no-no for men?

This match (31:00 in Part 1) was about what you would expect from these luchadores. Dives, corkscrews, crossbodies, and such. Plenty of fast action but not much of a story since there were six competitors.

Sammy Guevara started it off by flipping the bird to everyone then superkicking Allin. Top highlights include Allin with a top turnbuckle trust fall to the outside, Golden Magic with a corkscrew moonsault to the outside, and a 450 splash from Golden Magic.

The finish was awkward. Aerostar connected on a rolling cutter on Guevara. Drago clearly broke the pin, especially with the extra slow counts. However, the ref called the match anyway for an Aerostar victory.

After the match, Guevara shook hands with Aerostar then blindsided him with a barrage of punches. Aerostar fought back with great fury. Bring that feud to Lucha Underground.

La Parka promo

La Parka went to the ring. I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He sounded mumbly with the mask on. La Parka might have been trash-talking MAD. I guess this was setting up the swerve for later in the evening.

Los OGTs defeated El Nuevo Poder del Norte in a hair vs hair match

There is not much to say that hasn’t already been said about their match at Rey de Reyes. It was a different stipulation. TLC vs THC. Technically, it was hair vs hair but tables and chairs were involved. The action was the same quality. Lots of neat teamwork and hatred boiling over. Good stuff.

Throughout the match (46:00 in Part 1), they teased hitting each other with beer bottles. In a call back to their Rey de Reyes match, Mocho Cota Jr. once again executed a Spanish Fly through a table to Averno. That wasn’t the finish though. The ref was knocked down. Averno was kicked in the cojones. Cota was going to whack Averno with the beer bottle. Unfortunately for his team, he missed and hit his teammate by accident. Averno chairshotted Cota in the head, then Averno covered the beer bottle beaten dude. The ref came to, and he counted three.

After the match, El Nuevo Poder del Norte honored their end of the deal. Haircuts for the three. Lots of respect was shown by both teams.

4 vs 4: Hijo de Vikingo, Starfire, Arkangel Divino, & Dinastia defeated Arez, Belial, Ultimo Maldito, & Lady Maravilla

To be honest, I didn’t even know this was an eight-luchador tag match. I thought it was every person for themselves. It wasn’t until I visited Wikipedia to copy all the names, after watching the match, that I noticed it was an atomicos bout.

Excellent contest (10:00 in Part 2). It was the best of the bunch in this entire recap. The young luchadores went out and stole the show, in my opinion. Everyone was enjoyable to watch.

Starfire, in gold, caught my eye the most.

Lucha Libre AAA

The announcers said she spent time learning in Japan. She had a stunning double underhook suplex into a Code Breaker. I’ve never seen that before. Starfire also unleashed a tiger suplex, flying tijeras, and a pretzel leg German suplex. I’ve never seen that German suplex variation before either.

The guy in white, Arkangel Divino, did some high velocity twirling around his opponent’s body. That was impressively quick. “Eso! Eso! Eso es lucha!”

El Hijo del Vikingo continued to impress.

That’s a cool photo. Vikingo also had a 450 splash, springboard leg drop, being like Bruce Lee, reversal arm drag into a slam, and moonsault off the rope.

For the finish, Arkangel Divino did more body swinging to transition into an armbar for the win. I highly recommend this match. It might not be five stars in the technical sense, but it is most definitely five stars in entertainment.

3 vs 3: Lady Shani, Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata defeated La Hiedra, Black Danger, Keira


The match (26:00 in Part 2) was alright but nothing worth seeking out. I like Black Danger’s mask. His fuzzy white hair reminded me of an anime character. Lady Shani scored the pinfall on a roll-up with a backward over-the-top bridge.

After the match, Faby Apache ambushed Lady Shani. They have a mask vs hair match scheduled for Triplemania. Faby took Shani’s mask then proceeded to talk shit.

MAD promo

If you are prone to seizures, then be careful with this segment. That’s not a joke. The lights were flashing like crazy.

Killer Kross and Juventud Guerrera came out with a mystery sack head man. Hint: Kross was carrying a guitar. Juvi was wearing his luchador mask this time out. The announcers said it was Konnan’s music playing. The mystery fellow even walked with a limp like Konnan. That is grade A trickery.

The sack head was... drum roll, please... Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett kept calling people trash. Fans, La Parka, Rey Mysterio, Dr. Wagner Jr. A guitar smash to a cameraman followed soon after.

Out came Dr. Wagner Jr. for some mic time. Bien. Bien, bien, bien. If I understood Wagner correctly, well, I can’t type that here. He had a non-PC term for the group in the ring.

La Parka sighting number two. La Parka came out to have Wagner’s back. The two chased away the villains.

El Hijo del Fantasma... Umm, who’s fighting who?

El Hijo del Fantasma entered with a Deadpool mask and gun holsters on his thighs.

It was supposed to be a tag match (47:00 in Part 2) with El Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown against Rey Escorpion and Cage. Fantasma and Psycho Clown will be part of the four-way loser leaves unmasked main event at Triplemania. I guess this was supposed to be the reluctant tag partners storyline.

Psycho Clown grabbed a mic to smack talk his partner. He called Fantasma Casper the ghost. Fantasma returned volley about Psycho Clown making excuses. Hurt knee, hurt neck, the rain. Fantasma pushed Psycho Clown and kicked him in the butt to the corner, so Fantasma could start the tag match. “Observe how a true champion of chocolate works.”

Psycho Clown attacked Fantasma and ripped his mask. That’s when Cage and Rey Escorpion engaged in fisticuffs. They helped rip Psycho Clown’s mask. 3-on-1 until what the announcers made what sounded to be two big returns. Xtreme Tiger and Laredo Kid. They came out to, “Low Rider.” It might have been Barry White’s version. All of a sudden the tag match tuned into a trios match without any official announcement.

The fight was all over the place, and not necessarily in a good way. During the action, the MAD mask showed on the big screen and the lights went out. I don’t think that was on purpose. Anyway, the result was pretty cool as the action was illuminated by a sea of phone lights.

Cage picked up the win after a Michinoku Driver on one of the little dudes.

One last thing for lovers of butt cheeks.

Lucha Libre AAA

AAA Mega Championship: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Rey Mysterio vs Jeff Jarrett

I’m going to change the style up for this match. Time for play-by-play and reactions as I watch live at 57:00 of Part 2.

Ever since I heard Jeff Jarrett became AAA Mega Champ, I’ve been eager to see how it played out. Sometimes the news sounds bad but might be cool in execution. For example, people were ragging on Lucha Underground after initial tapings leaked. Look how awesome that show has turned out. My expectations are not as high for this championship bout. Like a rotten banana vs a mushy banana. Bring on the mush!

To set the scene of my mood, my beard trimmer battery just died. Lucky me, I was halfway finished. That is the first time that has happened. The trimmer is ten years old, so it will take a long while to charge it. Then, I knocked over my glass of water when I sat on the floor. Now, I sit with half a beard and shorts that are wet in the butt. This main event better be good.

Jeff Jarrett entered with Global Force Wrestling gear. I didn’t realize GFW was still a thing. Be sure to pick up your GFW gold today. I wouldn’t be surprised if GFW started their own Bitcoin operation.

Rey Mysterio was out next. I was hoping he would have won, but we already know the result. Dr. Wagner Jr. came accompanied by lady temptresses. Wagner had his Johnny Mundo knockoff coat.

Jarrett kissed up to the ref. A wily veteran strategy. The ref was poking Wagner in the chest. What’s that about?

Time to fight! There is less than ten minutes left in the show. Either this bout was heavily edited or I’m expecting shenanigans of the worst nature. Nothing like hot shotting an anticipated main event with superstar Rey Mysterio to send the fans home happy.

Jarrett bailed out of the ring. He wanted the other two to fight each other while he waited. What a coward. Or intelligent move. Take your pick. Probably a bit of both.

Oh, hey there. Wagner rolled across the ring for no reason whatsoever. I liked it though. Reminds me of how I used to answer the door for the pizza man.

Jarrett’s being a weasel by grabbing feet whenever they are near. Just like an annoying fly that has the entire room to roam but constantly buzzes around your face. I hope they swat that pest.

Wagner had enough and humorously chased Jarrett around the ring. The ref stepped in to wrangle Wagner back into the ring. The announcers weren’t pleased about that.

Mysterio grabbed a mic to make a deal with Wagner about beating up Jarrett. Oh, damn. Mysterio had a sweet big air splash onto Jarrett with a helpful boost from Wagner. Now they are stretching poor Jarrett.

Lucha Libre AAA

Hey, stupid ref. He smacked Wagner’s hand to break the hold. Wagner was chopping Jarrett in the corner and the ref physically grabbed Wagner. The ref blamed it on Jarrett touching the ropes. I think the ref is sponsored by Milano. I’ll never shop there again.

If this match was edited, that frame at 1:04:22 with the fans taking pictures would have been the spot. Wagner’s hair looks puffier and Mysterio was magically back in the ring.

Wagner put Mysterio in some sort of grapevine hold and kicked him in the head with his heel. That is ingeniously devious.

Oh, goodness. I just did a 180 about the ref. Wagner suplexed Jarrett for a pin. The ref stood there dumbfounded and stared off into the crowd. When he finally counted, it was slower than a snail. That was the same ref who was buddies with Texano at Rey de Reyes. Texano teamed with MAD earlier. Could he have put a word in Tirantes’ ear?

The action has finally picked up. 619 to Jarrett. Wagner with a superplex to Mysterio. The ref took his sweet time counting to one then straight kicked Wagner in the face with the tip of his shoe. Maldito!

Wagner pulled his straps down to superpower his slam on the crooked ref. Wagner Driver. “Si! Si! Si!” Another slam to Jarrett and a pin cover, but no referee.

“Cause this is thriller, Thriller night.” La Parka is in the house dressed as a ref. PS. Third La Parka sighting of the evening. 1, 2... He refused to count three for Wagner. The announcers are losing their minds.

Meanwhile, Jarrett has recovered. He kicked Mysterio in the nuts. Same to Wagner. La Parka with the fast count. Jeff Jarrett is the new Mega Champ of AAA. I demand a match against Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania for all the marbles.

Vampiro ran out to confront La Parka. La Parka ripped off his mask to reveal it is actually Konnan. That scourge! Out ran the other members of MAD to beat down Vampiro. Wagner raised his finger like a fake tough guy, so Jarrett hit him with the belt. Hahaha.

Wait, what? Fenix is at the entrance. He is supposed to be buried in a coffin somewhere. Where’s Melissa Santos? Fenix cleaned house then went nose to nose with Konnan. MAD exited. I didn’t recognize Fenix at all. He was dressed in street clothes with his mask. I probably wouldn’t have known if not for the announcers.


Overall, that was an enjoyable 4+ hours of lucha libre. I watched it spread out over four days and never once got disinterested. It wasn’t the greatest, but it also wasn’t bad by any means.

As for the main event of Verano de Escandalo, the wrestling was garbage for a finale to such a big show. However, the entertainment value was a hoot. It lifted my spirits and also lived up to the scandolous name of the event. The silliness of it all had me laughing. Jeff Jarrett played his role to perfection. I went in thinking it would be lame, but they won me over. As of yet, Jarrett is not announced to defend at Triplemania. I’d be excited for a proper one-on-one against Dr. Wagner Jr. If there is one thing Jarrett knows while in Mexico, it is that the people want to see him get his butt kicked. That is a sign of good heeling.

Plus, I always enjoy an invasion angle as it plays out. Looking back on the story after it is completed, that is a different matter.

The MAD invasion should bring all kinds of foreigners to AAA. Look at the long list from La Legion Extranjera. Sabu, Christopher Daniels, Mickie James, and El Zorro are some past names. I’m very interested to see who rolls this time around. There are many Lucha Underground stars who could fit. Who would Pentagon side with? This might even be the storyline to bring Taya back into the fold. Suck it, Vamp.

With Triplemania approaching fast, it seems like a good time to give AAA a try if you were ever curious. The wrestling is not the most polished, but the energy is high, the atmosphere is always buzzing, and it is good for a laugh or two if you don’t take it too seriously.

Who’s with me?