Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (July 23 - 24, 2018)

A major announcement, a storyline farewell and the true beginning of the road to Summerslam - a busy week for WWE TV and another week to recap what the public are responding to by examining the next day views on YouTube and Facebook's official accounts:


1 Stephanie announces Evolution (Raw) 1.3m views as of ~4pm ET July 24
2 Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley (Raw) 985k
3 Randy Orton explains his attack on Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 864k views as of ~4pm ET July 25
4 James Ellsworth is fired (SmackDown) 786k
5 The Miz & Mrs is launched by Miz mocking Daniel Bryan (SmackDown) 738k
6 Jinder Mahal tries to help Braun Strowman (Raw) 695k
7 AJ Styles is attacked by Samoa Joe (SmackDown) 538k
8 B-Team vs Deleters of Worlds (Raw) 521k
9 Seth Rollins & Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (Raw) 506k
10 Kevin Owens gets his Summerslam match (Raw) 499k
11 Carmella vs Becky Lynch (SmackDown) 408k
12 Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Rusev (SmackDown) 328k
13 Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Karen Lundy & Samantha Simon (Raw) 272k
14 Constable Baron Corbin presents Balor with his new "changing room" (Raw) 256k
15 Samoa Joe vs R-Truth (SmackDown) 243k
16 Authors of Pain beaten down by Titus Worldwide (Raw) 235k
17 Aiden English and Lana fall out (SmackDown) 192k
18 The New Day vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 184k
19 Asuka vs Billie Kay (SmackDown) 180k
20 Balor vs McIntyre (Raw) 175k


1 Reigns vs Lashley (Raw) 1.1m
2 Bryan interrupts Miz (SmackDown) 1m
3 Strowman attacks Mahal (Raw) 1m
4 Samoa Joe attacks Styles (SmackDown) 962k
5 Rusev vs Almas (SmackDown) 783k
6 Evolution announcement (Raw) 686k
7 Banks hugs Bayley (Raw) 633k
8 Orton explains his actions (SmackDown) 617k
9 Asuka vs Kay (SmackDown) 482k
10 Rollins & Balor vs Ziggler & McIntyre (Raw) 333k
11 B-Team vs Deleters of Worlds (Raw) 285k
12 Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs Ryan Depolo & Chris Robinson (205 Live) 281k
13 Natalya vs James (Raw) 279k
14 The New Day vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 249k
15 Authors of Pain beaten down by Titus Worldwide (Raw) 249k
16 Carmella vs Lynch (SmackDown) 246k
17 Rusev lashes out at English and Lana (SmackDown) 237k
18 Corbin's gift to Balor (Raw) 200k
19 Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali vs Hideo Itami vs TJP (205 Live) 190k
20 Moon vs Morgan (Raw) 193k

- An interesting mix this week, a clear leader on YouTube but any one of two or three segments could easily have claimed supremacy on both shows had the cards fallen differently. Reigns vs Lashley's match - for a Universal title match at SummerSlam, let's not forget, so for actual big stakes - not cracking a million views immediately having topped the list for two of their previous unofficial physical encounters is very interesting.

- A lot went on this week but SmackDown still held their end up well. Randy Orton often gets good views but the popularity of his promo is still somewhat surprising, even if many of the other big segments this week involve those who don't always land good YouTube numbers like Joe and Rusev. Miz vs Bryan remains as hot as you'd hope. The YouTube popularity of Carmella continues as Becky finally gets pushed up to a number that reflects her crowd overness while two of Raw's three ongoing storylines failed to make the top 20 at all (Ember Moon against the Riott Squad #21, Natalya vs Mickie #23). Sasha and Bayley's storyline advancement rest week has hit their post-cutoff gains but them being together is good enough for the Facebook audience, unless they're still all in on that LGBT theory.

- Isn't it interesting that neither outlet uploaded Owens confronting Braun, just what came next as the throwaway? Interestingly, though, the video in which he gets to fight for the Money In The Bank case is picking up more views than the few videos above it in the list, bar Roman-Bobby and Evolution. The Facebook part of the Universe is a little more keen on this week's example of Braun throwing his weight around in return.

- A big week for the B-Team at last, and just as their title winning story seemingly ends. Again another poor week for Mojo Rawley, who for the fourth week in a row has the least watched segment among the YouTube TV uploads.

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