Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (July 16 - 17, 2018)

Extreme Rules was certainly a pay-per-view event that happened, and now we've just had to deal with the television that came off the back of it. So what were the WWE Universe craving to see from Raw and Smackdown (and occasionally 205 Live)? As usual the YouTube and Facebook official accounts have been scoured, the numbers have been crunched, and here they are:


1 Ronda Rousey attacks Alexa Bliss (Raw) 2.0m views as of ~4pm ET July 17
2 Paul Heyman responds to Kurt Angle's ultimatum (Raw) 1.0m
3 The Miz holds a funeral for Team Hell No (SmackDown) 868k views as of ~4pm ET July 18
4 Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre (Raw) 853k
5 Bobby Lashley vs Elias vs Seth Rollins (Raw) 779k
6 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 770k
7 AJ Styles vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas (SmackDown) 623k
8 Sasha Banks' backstage heart to heart with Bayley (Raw) 261k
9 Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose (SmackDown) 254k
10 Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler (Raw) 236k
11 Banks & Bayley vs Dana Brooke & Alicia Fox (Raw) 206k
12 Ember Moon vs Sarah Logan (Raw) 203k
13 Braun Strowman backstage interview (Raw) 197k
14 Samoa Joe vs Tye Dillinger (SmackDown) 195k
15 Aiden English asks Lana for forgiveness (SmackDown) 186k
16 Kofi Kingston vs Eric Young (SmackDown) 180k
17 The B-Team vs the Ascension (Raw) 169k
18 Bliss interview (Raw Fallout) 145k
19 Lashley interview (Raw Fallout) 137k
20 Akira Tozawa vs Lio Rush (205 Live) 103k


1 Reigns vs Balor vs McIntyre (Raw) 1.1m (more shares)
2 Orton attempts to pull out Jeff Hardy's gauged earlobe (SmackDown) 1.1m
3 Rousey attacks Bliss (Raw) 1m
4 Heyman responds to Angle (Raw) 921k
5 Lashley vs Elias vs Rollins (Raw) 870k
6 Jeff Hardy pre-match promo (SmackDown) 738k
7 Banks saves Bayley (Raw) 656k
8 Daniel Bryan attacks the Miz (SmackDown) 532k
9 Paige tells Carmella she must face Lynch (SmackDown) 409k
10 Styles vs Almas (SmackDown) 353k
11 Mojo Rawley vs Tyler Breeze (Raw) 343k
12 Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 274k
13 Strowman backstage interview (Raw) 248k
14 Authors Of Pain vs Titus Worldwide (Raw) 242k
15 The B-Team vs the Ascension (Raw) 220k
16 Lynch vs Rose (SmackDown) 216k
17 TJP vs Noam Dar (205 Live) 209k
18 Roode vs Ziggler (Raw) 205k
19 Angle puts Bayley and Banks together (Raw) 177k
20 Moon vs Logan (Raw) 165k

- Rowdy getting rowdy, rinse, repeat. Although, interestingly, despite that YouTube dominance it's not quite up there on Facebook, where the specific viscerality of Randy's DIY body modification technique would likely have proved just as popular on YouTube had it also been separated from the match that preceded it, but the coming together of three hot properties held sway on the social media site. A gap since we last heard from Heyman has helped him stay strong without his client in tow too.

- The prospect of Miz vs Bryan has been SmackDown's hottest property in the last few weeks and that upwards trend continues this week. Shinsuke vs Jeff did a lot better than Shinsuke vs AJ did, but Styles vs Almas held up pretty well given the initial interest in El Idolo had tapered right off. Again a major name has underperformed on Facebook, though.

- Look at that gap between Raw's top four and the rest! Talking of declining interest, the two Sasha and Bayley encounters have made up a little ground in the 24 hours since our cutoff point, the tag match certain to overtake a really badly performing Ziggler vs Roode maybe even by the time you read this, but not increasing by as much as usual on YouTube. The much talked about backstage encounter had only 24k views more than last week's counseling session and would have been #14 last week. Facebook fans seem into something shifting in their relationship even if they didn't get that heart-to-heart.

- The YouTube numbers below #7 are just too poor to determine much of what we can say for certain about the roster's current trending, but it does reveal maybe the week's weirdest change. We've remarked over the last few weeks on how hot Lio Rush's 205 Live rollout has been on Facebook, #10 on debut and #6 last week. So this week he gets the main event and is... #22, when the other non-squash match made the list. And yet on YouTube that bubble is growing so much that, if with a pitifully tiny number compared to normal, it's outdone two Raw matches.

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