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Cup of coffee in the big time: Can we thank Ronda Rousey for WWE all-women event rumors?

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With rumors of an all-women WWE event bouncing around, we may be seeing yet more impact of Ronda Rousey in the promotion.

“What if it flops?” has been a recurring theme when all-women shows have come up in the past. As though a single failure to draw at the level of a standard WWE show would be death for the idea forever.

Having Rousey means having a mainstream star who draws attention like no one else on the roster. The blowoff match in the Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey feud taking place on the show seems like a no-brainer — especially if the “late September or October” date holds. Simply have Bliss retain the title at SummerSlam and let Ronda get her revenge and win the belt as the lasting moment from the show.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks can fit right in on the show — preferably with no reference to the therapy sessions ever made again.

Assuming Asuka beats Carmella at Extreme Rules, toss a rematch between Asuka and Charlotte on the show and you’ve got three big matches to anchor the card.

There’s no doubt the talent is there to easily put together a three hour show with payoffs to larger storylines and great matches ... same aim as any other show. So, while historic, the show would not need to be presented as a gimmick. And, while bringing up some NXT women for the show might be nice, I’d personally like to see WWE stick to the main roster to show exactly how strong the talent level is.

Prior to her entry into the world of WWE, there were plenty of reasons to question the impact Rousey would have. But with her stunning — albeit few — performances so far and her ability to attract attention, I have little doubt she has provided a comfort level for WWE higher ups to actually entertain the idea of the event.

Now, to see if anything actually comes of it all.

Usually I try to say something kinda cute to lead into a gif and end the column.

But, I mean, just look at this cutter instead: