Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (July 9 - 10, 2018)

Another month, another disappointing set of go-home shows for a PPV. Ahead of Extreme Rules, in which most of the matches have normal rules, here's what has proved popular from this week's television on WWE's official YouTube and Facebook outlets.


1 Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley brawl (Raw) 1.8m views as of ~4pm ET July 10
2 Asuka vs James Ellsworth (SmackDown) 1.0m views as of ~4pm ET July 11
3 Team Hell No on Miz TV (SmackDown) 960k
4 Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (Raw) 752k
5 Team Hell No & The New Day vs the Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY (SmackDown) 578k
6 AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown) 482k
7 Nia Jax & Natalya vs Alexa Bliss & Mickie James (Raw) 467k
8 Styles & Jeff Hardy vs Nakamura & Rusev (SmackDown) 415k
9 McIntyre challenges Rollins (Raw) 412k
10 Finn Balor & Bobby Roode vs Baron Corbin & Elias (Raw) 330k
11 Kevin Owens hides from Braun Strowman in Kurt Angle's office (Raw) 309k
12 Lashley confronts Reigns (Raw) 281k
13 Paige adds a stipulation to Carmella vs Asuka (SmackDown) 267k
14 Team Hell No and the New Day meet backstage (SmackDown) 259k
15 Bayley and Sasha Banks in counseling (Raw) 237k
16 Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Sin Cara (SmackDown) 227k
17 Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan (Raw) 215k
18 Woken Matt Hardy vs Bo Dallas (Raw) 208k
19 Samoa Joe attacks Tye Dillinger (SmackDown Fallout) 177k
20 Jinder Mahal attempts to calm Rollins (Raw) 163k


1 Reigns and Lashley brawl (Raw) 1.6m
2 Daniel Bryan and Kane celebrate (SmackDown) 1m
3 Bliss attacks Jax and Natalya with a kendo stick (Raw) 964k
4 Miz TV (SmackDown) 621k
5 Hardy & Wyatt confront The B-Team (Raw) 602k
6 Lio Rush vs Colin Delaney (205 Live) 528k
7 Asuka vs Ellsworth (SmackDown) 495k
8 Owens vs Strowman set by Angle (Raw) 410k
9 McIntyre challenges Rollins (Raw) 358k
10 Styles vs Nakamura (SmackDown) 354k
11 Balor & Roode vs Corbin & Elias (Raw) 340k
12 Rollins vs McIntyre (Raw) 300k
13 Reigns backstage interview (Raw) 291k
14 Almas vs Sin Cara (SmackDown) 280k
15 Moon vs Morgan (Raw) 278k
16 Riott Squad ruin Tyler Breeze's shirt (Raw) 249k
17 Styles & Hardy vs Nakamura & Rusev (SmackDown) 245k
18 Ten man tag (SmackDown) 207k
19 Kalisto vs Tony Nese (205 Live) 190k
20 Rawley vs Jose (Raw) 172k

- Look at that gap between Raw's numbers one and two! With Braun absent another reliable views winner, Roman Reigns getting into a brawl, is well clear while SmackDown's two big draws of recent weeks, Team Hell No and intergender, draw similar numbers for their matches to last week, another preview of Bryan vs Miz giving their first segment the kind of boost... that the innumerable Styles vs Nakamura matches haven't given that combination. Maybe everyone knew it wouldn't lead anywhere.

- A good week all round for Alexa getting the kendo stick out, backing up the theory that violence between women is what sells. The second week of counseling not giving Sasha and Bayley their usual second day boost backs that up. Make war, not peace!

- No idea how My Two Rotundas proved so popular on Facebook, it looks like a standard ramp-to-ring staredown. It's not like any party has done that well in recent weeks. A Seth match heavily underperforming there is far more expected.

- It could be that the Facebook hordes have untapped love for Colin Delaney, but given Lio Rush's 205 Live debut made the top ten it seems they have an unexpected new hero. Notice which of this week's three matches didn't make the top twenty? Yep, the actual cruiserweight title match, which only drew 67k views.

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