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CM Punk loses his second UFC fight, and this should be over now

It’s been almost two years since CM Punk was last in the Octagon, where he was thoroughly dominated and beaten in just over two minutes by Mickey Gall. He returned at tonight’s (Sat., June 9, 2018) UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV) in Chicago, Illinois and while he lasted all three rounds, he again took a beating and was again thoroughly dominated.

It seemed to start okay!

But it quickly went south and became clear that Jackson was the superior fighter in every way:

The one thing the commentary team could find to say in Punk’s favor was that he has a lot of heart. Indeed, he took another beating in a fight where he was outgunned and had no real hope of winning but he kept coming back, trying his very best. He never gave up. There’s no questioning his toughness, or his will to continue even in the face of sure defeat.

That’s where the UFC faces criticism for its decision to ever promote this fight at all. Yes, Punk has heart, but we didn’t need to see him take two consecutive beatings to tell us that. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal now.

This should be over.

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