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NOVA Pro Commonwealth Cup Part III live results: PCO vs. Royal, Carnies vs. Donst & Gage, and more

NOVA Pro Wrestling

NOVA Pro make their return to today at 8PM Eastern with Commonwealth Cup Part III in Annandale, Virginia. So sign up (with a ten-day free trial, twenty days with promo code NOVAPRO) or log in, check out last night’s results here (and note that Part II with the opening rounds of the Women’s Commonwealth Cup will appear on VOD soon enough), have a sit-down, and chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch, whether that’s on your computer or through the brand new Roku app that Powerbomb have released for public beta testing.

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Breaux Keller over Eddy Only, Mack Buckler, and Wes Barkley by pinfall with a Falcon Arrow on Barkley. (Scramble Match)

Beau Crockett & DeJuan O’Neil over Laynie Luck & Machiko by pinfall with a spear from Crockett on Luck.

John Kermon over Curt Stallion by submission, reversing Buck Off into a triangle choke.

Stokely Hathaway makes his entrance to kick off the main show. He says he’s a patient person, and he gave Fred Yehi the opportunity of a lifetime but he’s got no response. If he’s gonna sign, he’s gonna do it right here!

Fred takes the contract and stomps on it before offering a handshake and a hug. He’s in!

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams over Fred Yehi over by pinfall with a flash pin as both men traded reversal after reversal. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup Semifinal Match)

Sage Philips over Dominic Garrini by pinfall after a series of butterfly brainbusters. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup Semifinal Match)

Wheeler YUTA over Homicide by pinfall after a one-arm powerbomb despite Homicide kicking out close enough to the wire to cause confusion. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup Semifinal Match)

Arik Royal over Pierre Carl Ouellet by pinfall with a pounce. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup Semifinal Match)

Jordynne Grace over Allie Kat by submissio with the bear hug. (Women’s Commonwealth Cup Finals)

Alexander James over Jimmy Jacobs by submission with the short armscissors / top wristlock combo.

Nick “Magnus” Aldis (c) over Isaiah Frazier by submission with the cloverleaf to retain the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship.

Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) over Nick Gage & “Safety First” Tim Donst by pinfall with a piledriver into thumbtacks on Donst.

Post-match, Beau Crockett comes out and low-blows his fellow Carnies before clobbering them with a snow shovel and running them off!

Gage then swears to never tag with Donst again and Tim challenges him to a fight!

Arik Royal vs. Sage Philips vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs. Wheeler YUTA (Men’s Commonwealth Cup Elimination Finals)

-Arik Royal eliminates Williams by pinfall with the pounce.

-Arik Royal eliminates Philips by pinfall with the pounce.

-Wheeler YUTA wins, last eliminating Royal by submission.

Homicide runs in and attacks, dropping YUTA with Cop Killer and taking the trophy! He kicks the cup out of the ring and claims to be the true winner before recounting his history in ROH and TNA in short and saying he’s going to end Wheeler’s career! Homicide orders ring announcer Bryan to announce him as the real winner!

He goes so far as to threaten the children of the referee that cost him the match before at last taking his leave.

YUTA manages to claim the broken cup and leaves under his own power to close the show out.

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