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AJ Lee was almost too excited CM Punk made weight for UFC 225

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UFC is still doing their official weigh-ins in the morning, for now, which means CM Punk hit the scales ahead of his fight tomorrow (Sat., June 9) against Mike Jackson earlier today. You can watch all the “excitement” (still ongoing two and a half hours after it started) below...

The key takeway for pro graps fans interested in what/how Punk is doing is that both he and Jackson came in where they needed to for their welterweight bout: Punk at 169, Jackson just hitting the limit at 170.5.

What’s more interesting, or at least more fun, for us fans of what the former WWE Champ calls “the fake world”, is how his wife April “AJ Lee” Mendez reacted when a fan tweeted her a clip of her hubby on the scale:

“Chick Magnet”, indeed.