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NOVA Pro Commonwealth Cup Part I live results: Royal vs. LaRoux III, PCO vs. Gage and more

NOVA Pro Wrestling on Twitter

NOVA Pro make their return to today at 7:30PM Eastern with Commonwealth Cup Part I in Annandale, Virginia. So sign up (with a ten-day free trial, twenty days with promo code NOVAPRO) or log in, have a sit-down, and chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch, whether that’s on your computer or through the brand new Roku app that Powerbomb have released for public beta testing.

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Lucas Calhoun, serving as ring announcer for the pre-show, kicks the stream off with a quick promo putting the live stream over.

Bobby Shields over Solo Darling by pinfall with a Gory Bomb.

Breaux Keller over Travis Huckabee by pinfall with a delayed powerbomb out of the corner.

Isaiah Frazier over Mack Buckler (c) by pinfall with a swinging double underhook DDT to win the CRAB Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Arik Royal over Logan Easton LaRoux (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Stokely Hathaway comes out to cut a quick promo complaining that Catch Point vs. Dream Team is happening everywhere from Evolve to Beyond to NOVA Pro.

Dominic Garrini over Jonathan Gresham by pinfall with the jumping piledriver. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Stoke hits the ring and throws the Catch Point handshake up with Dom in celebration.

Fred Yehi over “Safety First” Tim Donst by referee stoppage after Stokely Hathaway interfered and allowed him to lock the Koji Clutch on and hammer his head with punches. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Stokely comes out and cuts a promo explaining himself, saying he took Catch Point away from Fred and he walked out, but he respects him because he bet on himself. He did the same years ago and if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be standing here today. He’s been doing good, but what if he was doing great? Hathaway reminds us that he’s why TJP was the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Timothy Thatcher was Evolve Champion for 500+ days, and why Catch Point appeared at Axxess on WrestleMania weekend, and together, they could make some BIG TROUBLE.

Angelus Layne comes out to cut a promo and says after several weeks of therapy she’s been cleared of her back injury. Her obvious choice for a partner was Harlow O’Hara, but she had prior commitments, but don’t worry, her partner is the Queen of Dinosaurs, Terra Calaway! And also Veda Scott is teaming with them.

Angelus Layne, Terra Calaway, & Veda Scott over Allie Kat, Faye Jackson, & Jordynne Grace by pinfall from Scott on Kat after some shenanigans involving Veda’s mascot head.

Sage Philips over Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall, reversing a diving senton into a crucifix pin after Jacobs had hit four of them without deigning to pin him. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams over Curt Stallion (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Homicide over Beau Crockett by submission with a kneebar. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Wheeler YUTA over Alexander James by submission with a deathlock STF. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

Pierre Carl Ouellet over Nick Gage by pinfall with a diving moonsault. (Men’s Commonwealth Cup First Round Match)

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