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Jeff Jarrett wins AAA Mega Championship on wild night for lucha libre

WWE Hall of Famer and forgotten Bullet Club member Jeff Jarrett not only being inserted into the main event of AAA’s Verano de Escandalo on Sun., June 3 but defeating Dr. Wagner Jr. and Rey Mysterio to become Mega Campeon should have been the craziest thing to happen in Monterrey and the world of lucha libre over the weekend.

But it’s Jarrett, so getting a promotion to book him as their champ out of nowhere just months after it seemed like his entire career was in jeopardy somehow doesn’t feel that remarkable.

So how about Impact Wrestling and AroLucha’s Konnan, in his role as the leader of MAD (Masters Association Destruction), showing up in disguise as La Parka to ensure Jarrett pinned Wagner, and thereby helping screw his real-life nemesis Vampiro?

No? Well then what about the guy who ran in to chase MAD off? I mean, Fenix not only had his only public split from AAA in 2016, but he’s also set to make his wrestle for the other big lucha promotion, CMLL, this weekend!

As my friend Rev. Claire said in the Cageside offices... “Lucha libre’s getting weird, y’all.”

You can follow AAA on their Twitch channel here. Verano de Escandalo is currently only available for subscribers, though.

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