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Congratulations to newlyweds Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Mundo

A little less than one year ago, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Mundo were engaged. It has been a busy year since then. The duo has been wrestling all over, including TNA and Lucha Underground’s season four. Mundo’s movie Boone: the Bounty Hunter has been rocking the screen. Mundo also was a participant in the upcoming season of Survivor.

With all that on their plate, this past Friday was the date they will remember most as the two took a walk down the aisle to make their union official.

Here are some enjoyable photos of the wedding and other festivities.

The best one first.

Check out the awesome cake from Sarah Stock’s montage.

DDP was in the house.

With best men like Dolph Ziggler, Zach Ryder, and the Miz, how could a party go bad? There is probably a whole roll of film with them making funny faces.

Zach Ryder and Chelsea Green raided the married couple’s wardrobe closet.

I’ll leave it with a photo of the two as kids.

Congratulations to the married couple. Best wishes for the future.

If enough other cool photos pop up (such as Prince Presley as ring bearer?), we’ll be sure to share the jolliness. Until then, let us know how high Taya and Johnny rate in your pro wrestling couples power ranking.

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