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Lucha Underground recap and review: A new contender for best match ever in the Temple?

The third episode of season four (June 27) for Lucha Underground was headlined by 3-Way to the Grave between Mil Muertes, Fenix, and Jeremiah Crane. If that was not enough, a debuting luchador tore the house down, Pentagon DARK has a new challenger, and the meaning of Matanza’s key has been revealed.

Let’s find out who will be dying.

Worldwide Underground locker room emergency meeting

Ricky Mundo is explaining to PJ Black and Jack Evans that those weird photos he got from Dario Cueto, in a past season, are actually of a real place in Mexico called the Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas). Black and Evans both have hilarious looks of bewilderment on their faces. Ricky pulls the doll’s string and Rosa (the doll) says, “Hola,” in a creepy high-pitched voice.

The Mayor of Slamtown and La Güera Loca enter the scene. Johnny thanks everyone for coming to the emergency meeting. Rosa says, “You’re welcome.”

After an expression of confusion mixed with disgust, Johnny continues, “The Reptile Tribe has declared war on the Worldwide Underground. Those slimy turd cutters want a war? Well, they got one.”

Johnny tells Jack to take a snake to Slamtown. Jack is hesitant due to hating snakes. PJ says, “Come on man, you’re the dragon slayer.” Evans responds, “PJ, dragons aren’t snakes. They’re fire-breathing creatures that give you honor when slaying. Snakes are just disgusting.” The rest of the crew questions Evans, who excuses himself because he has a colonics appointment. If I understood him correctly, that was a weird thing to say.

Johnny later asks if anyone has seen Angelico. “I owe him an ass beating.”

Everyone leaves, except Ricky. Rosa tells him, “Don’t worry Ricky. Your secret is safe with me.” The doll laughs while Ricky smiles insanely. It kind of reminded me of Homer Simpson’s helper monkey, Mojo, laughing with Lisa.

Jack Evans vs XO Lishus

Mariachi El Bronx play us into the Temple.

Before the show went on air, Jack Evans issued a put up or shut up challenge. Jack Evans said things as only he can. He apologized to the crowd for robbing them of his voice due to a broken jaw last season. That led to his open challenge. You can watch the promo yourself in the online exclusive.

Back to the episode itself, XO Lishus came down the stairs to answer the challenge.

The flamboyant fellow did a split on the top corner ropes. XO told Melissa Santos his name. The XO is pronounced as the letters, not a word.

Evans stepped in to steal the microphone from Melissa before his introduction. He wanted to show Melissa how it is done. Evans introduced himself as, “Mexico’s favorito, el cholo güero de Tepito, the man, the myth, the legend, Jack Evans from the heavens.”

XO won the opening lucha libre exchange and finished with a huge handspring slap.

XO matrixed a clothesline and held the position only for Evans to execute a standing backflip splash. Moments later, XO regained control by pulling the top rope down to send Evans to the outside. XO followed with a flying crossbody over the top rope. That woke up the Believers to cheer more loudly for XO.

The rest of the match was full of athleticism. Highlights include a handspring eye gouge by Evans, a leg drop by XO after using Evans’ back for a step up, a standing corkscrew backflip splash by Evans, and a split leg drop off the middle turnbuckle by XO.

The finish had the two battling up in the corner. XO took control for a top rope X-Factor, which led to a surprising victory.

XO Lishus defeated Jack Evans.

Pentagon DARK in-ring promo

Pentagon spouted his standard material. Something, something, break bones, cero miedo. It was less than a minute.


Cage snuck in from behind to lay a beating. Discus clothesline, ground and pound, championship belt smashed to the head. Cage laid Pentagon out for good by powerbombing him through a table.

”Meet the luchador you can’t break. Because, I’m not a man, I’m a machine, and your next Lucha Underground champion.”

Fenix and Melissa Santos locker room kiss

Melissa is nervous about Fenix being in 3-Way to the Grave. She doesn’t want to lose him. Fenix is the man of 1,000 lives, and they all belong to Melissa. Cue smooch session.

3-Way to the Grave: Mil Muertes vs Jeremiah Crane vs Fenix

Three coffins are at ringside. Two coffins will leave with a body. I believe the coffins are decorated with artwork portraits of each luchador in the match.

Mil Muertes speared a charging Jeremiah Crane to start the match. Fenix then took control with kicks and a DDT to Mil. Crane’s turn for dominance was next.

The fight was even and the action was fierce. Highlights include a flying crossbody by Mil Muertes, a powerbomb by Mil to Crane onto a coffin, and Mil with a crushing shoulder block on Crane’s around-the-ring run.

More highlights include Mil chokeslamming Crane onto a coffin, Crane powerbombing Mil through a vertically angled table against a wall, Mil appearing out of nowhere behind the upstairs sliding doors then battering Crane via vicious door closing, and Fenix with a flying crossbody from the third floor down to the second floor.

The first elimination was set up by Fenix splashing Mil through a table then returning to the ring to suffer a super piledriver through a table by Crane. Crane opened the coffin and it looked bleak for Fenix. Crane pushed him in, but Fenix’s hand was hanging out. Just as Crane was about to shut the lid...

Ivelisse! Ivelisse! Ivelisse!

Ivelisse beat the stuffing out of Crane with hammer strikes. It was payback for Ultima Lucha Tres when Crane attacked her with a hammer. First, she clipped him from behind in the knee. Then she whacked his arm, then the hand, then numerous knee strikes to the head, then a knock on the noggin to gush blood, and one last smash to the head to send Crane into the coffin. Ivelisse was yelling stuff the whole time, but I couldn’t understand anything she said.

Jeremiah Crane is dead.

Day of the Dead pallbearers entered to remove the coffin.

Down to two luchadores in the fight. Fenix had quick momentum until a tremendous scoop slam by Mil. Mil ripped Fenix’s mask to the vocal displeasure of Melissa Santos. Mil removed the bottom turnbuckle padding. Shortly after, Mil did a slingshot maneuver with Fenix’s head positioned under the exposed turnbuckle. That bloodied Fenix.

Mil pulled one of the coffins into the ring and leaned it open against the corner. After some dodging, Fenix kicked Mil into the coffin. Mil was kind of sitting in the bottom and not fully inside. Fenix helped Mil up then dropkicked him properly into the coffin. Fenix tried to slam the lid, but Mil’s arms shot up to prevent closure. Mil was too powerful and forced his way out.

Fenix charged at Mil, who executed an overhead release suplex onto the closed coffin. After some fisticuffs, Fenix attempted a back handspring elbow, but Mil turned it into a type of chokeslam. Fenix sprung up for a rolling popup cutter as Mil was running the ropes.

For the finish, Fenix jumped off the top turnbuckle for a flying ax handle. Mil caught him by the throat to goozle a chokelsam onto a coffin. Fenix was not finished though. A hurricanrana followed by a missile dropkick. Fenix went high-flying once again, and once again Mil countered. This time into a Flatliner.

Mil opened the coffin and placed Fenix inside like a sack of potatoes. The lid was closed.

Mil Muertes won 3-Way to the Grave.

A Grinch-like smile crept across Catrina’s face. Melissa Santos had sadness in her voice as she announced the winner. The pallbearers returned to take the coffin away. Catrina shrugged off Mil for their usual post-match pose. She exited alongside the coffin.

Antonio Cueto and Matanza in the cellar

A standing Matanza was chained to the floor. Antonio Cueto did the talking. Get ready to have your mind explode.

”My boy. I know it’s not much, but it’s better than the cell you’ve been locked in. Right now you must be thinking about how you failed me. The truth is I failed you. When I offered you as the vessel to the gods, I asked to retain a sliver of your humanity. They granted a father’s wish. (Antonio pulled the big key out of his pocket.) So they gave me this key that holds your soul. When Dario took you from me, he said he planned to exploit the monster. But he wore this key close to his heart. He cared for his brother as I care for my son. But this key got Dario killed and has made you weak. One thing I will not tolerate is weakness. So, I know what I must do. You will always be my child, but you are meant to be so much more than this.”

Antonio tossed the key down in front of Matanza. “Destroy the soul of my son and become a god. Do it.” Matanza growled and snapped the key in half. “Goodbye, my boy.”

That episode certainly delivered the goods. Two enjoyable matches bookended by very nice story advancing scenes. In the middle, we found out the next Lucha Underground championship feud. There’s not much more I could ask for.

That was a slamming opening from the Slamtown crew. The funny facial expressions of all five elevated the scene beyond just weird Ricky and his doll. The closing with Ricky Mundo gave me a case of the heebie-jeebies. What do you think his secret is? I have zero clue at this point in time.

P.S. I’m so excited for snake warfare.

XO Lishus has my attention after his impressive debut. There is room for growth as a performer, and the upside is high. Commentary didn’t refer to XO as an exotico, but he walked that walk in every way except trying to kiss his opponent. One thing I am concerned about is that I hope XO doesn’t have lower back problems later in life from the way he sticks his butt so far out.

It will be interesting to see how high up the ladder XO Lishus climbs in later seasons. As evidenced by Sexy Star winning the Lucha Underground championship then an immediate crowd shot of lively ladies celebrating, Lucha Underground is not afraid to capitalize on social issues.

Who’s up for Cage vs Pentagon DARK? I know I am. Will this be the feud when we finally learn if Cage’s catchphrase is literal?

About the main event, is 3-Way to the Grave a new contender for best match ever in the Temple? I think it could be top ten, and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for saying number one. The action was physical and intense. The high spots were high.

I can’t properly rate the emotion. Just as I was getting sucked in to the max, my dog ripped a machine gun fart and gave me an over-the-shoulder prolonged stare like, “F you.” I couldn’t stop laughing. That most definitely affected my viewing mood.

One thing I am mixed on is the appearance by Ivelisse. In a vacuum, it was awesome and badass. In the context of the match, I wasn’t feeling it. I’m not a fan of that strong interference in a match of this magnitude. Ivelisse basically killed Jeremiah Crane. When you go in the coffin, you do not come out. Well, unless magic is in play. It doesn’t matter how crumby a person Crane has been. He deserved the right to finish the fight on his own terms.

The final scene was a doozy. Time after time Lucha Underground continues to pay off in a big way on story details. I never considered that the key was related to Matanza’s soul. It was touching how Dario kept his brother’s key close to his heart. I need to rewatch past Matanza matches through new eyes to examine the effect of the key when Dario held it high. If Matanza was difficult to beat before, will he be unstoppable now that he has leveled up to full god status? I fear for his next opponent.

Share your thoughts about the episode. How would you rank 3-Way to the Grave? Do you think Jeremiah Crane and Fenix will return? How did XO Lishus do in your eyes? Who are you picking for Pentagon DARK vs Cage? Who will you be rooting for?

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