Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (June 25 - 26, 2018)

Another week is in the books, another week of gathering data from WWE's official YouTube and Facebook accounts to determine which people, stories and moments the Universe has been invested in:


1 Braun Strowman overturns Kevin Owens' car (Raw) 1.2m views as of ~4pm ET June 26
2 Kurt Angle makes an announcement about Brock Lesnar (Raw) 1.1m
3 Bayley attacks Sasha Banks (Raw) 876k
4 Team Hell No reunites (SmackDown) 867k views as of ~4pm ET June 27
5 James Ellsworth calls out Asuka (SmackDown) 792k
6 Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins (Raw) 681k
7 Jeff Hardy vs Eric Young (SmackDown) 580k
8 Strowman & Owens vs Finn Balor & Baron Corbin (Raw) 514k
9 Jeff Hardy & the Usos vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 472k
10 Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley vs the Revival (Raw) 456k
11 Daniel Bryan confronts the Bludgeon Brothers (SmackDown) 389k
12 Natalya vs Alexa Bliss (Raw) 360k
13 Natalya interrupts Bliss (Raw) 359k
14 Matt Hardy vs Curtis Axel (Raw) 281k
15 Rusev vs Xavier Woods (SmackDown) 251k
16 Team Hell No interview (SmackDown Fallout) 246k
17 Banks learns she has to attend counseling (Raw Fallout) 225k
18 Becky Lynch vs Sonya Deville (SmackDown) 207k
19 Naomi and Lana meet the cast of GLOW (SmackDown) 166k
20 Authors of Pain vs Rich & Rex Gibson (Raw) 159k


1 Kane saves Bryan (SmackDown) 1.5m
2 Strowman overturns Owens' car (Raw) 1.5m
3 Reigns and Drew McIntyre run-ins on Rollins vs Ziggler (Raw) 1.1m
4 Reigns and Lashley confront Angle over his Lesnar announcement (Raw) 1.1m
5 Bayley attacks Banks (Raw) 870k
6 Ellsworth calls out Asuka (SmackDown) 814k
7 Natalya vs Bliss (Raw) 683k
8 Bryan calls out the Bludgeon Brothers (SmackDown) 625k
9 Reigns & Lashley vs the Revival (Raw) 615k
10 Lio Rush vs Dewey James (205 Live) 585k
11 Alexa and Mickie James promo (Raw) 455k
12 Strowman & Owens vs Balor & Corbin (Raw) 428k
13 Jeff Hardy & the Usos vs SAnitY (SmackDown) 425k
14 Titus Worldwide intervene on Authors of Pain (Raw) 369k
15 Mojo Rawley dresses down No Way Jose's cheeseburger guy Todd (Raw) 365k
16 Rollins vs Ziggler (Raw) 302k
17 Hardy vs Axel (Raw) 285k
18 Naomi and Lana meet the cast of GLOW (SmackDown) 266k
19 Bryan vs Harper (SmackDown) 209k
20 Lynch vs Deville (SmackDown) 201k

- A well timed reminder that whatever subtlety may be going on around him, Braun Strowman doing cartoonish feats of strength is the actual most over thing in WWE.

- Remember that when figures are the same on Facebook the priority is the video with the most shares, and Team Hell No's reunion walked it. Kane ended up doing very strong figures last time around, albeit when pitched with Braun and Brock, so it's kind of surprising even given SmackDown's usually weaker returns and what we've recently found about how slow Bryan's return has been to catch on since Wrestlemania that it hasn't so far been nearer a million views on YouTube.

- I commented last week on how the latest Bayley/Sasha tease had been slow to regain interest but then by the end of the week it made the most ground up among those not already top of the tree, and this week's explosion both ramped the interest back up and so far has had more extra views in the 24 hours since than anything other from the number one, in a generally slow week for next day Raw interest too. How interesting, though, that the untelevised segment in which Sasha was advised of an appointment with Dr Shelby (possibly) made the top 20 while Bayley being informed of the same by Kurt is at #21...

- Ziggler vs Rollins had more views on YouTube then last week, which is at least something, meaning the recently strong Reigns and Lashley being this week's underachievers in a match that actually had story development. Or are they? They're in the thumbnail for Angle's announcement, but both Angle announcing things and the promise - or, in this case, not - of Lesnar are both reliable pulls.

- Another reliable pull that worked out - James Ellsworth taking on women, with an extra boost of Paige in both thumbnails. His last match drew the best numbers a match driven by Becky has ever done - speaking of whom, she appears to be taking up Rusev's mantle of someone who's hugely over with crowds but not on the video services, though she did beat the stars of the actual mainstream female wrestling show on YouTube and wasn't far off on Facebook. And actually Rusev might have suddenly taken the unwanted spot back for himself, his match some way off cracking six figures on Facebook.

- The Man Of The Hour indeed! Lio Rush's 205 Live debut was also its most watched segment on YouTube but only with 73k views, so even on a show that overachieves on the service where this burst of Facebook support has come from is interesting.

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